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1640131 tn?1301492494 what type of neurological syndrome could cause trouble swallowing, numbness in lips, tongue and lower face?
Avatar n tn lips and tongue are numb and tingly on the right side like they're waking up from a shot of novacane. My mom is been having this symptom for at least a week now and she wants to know what can cause this symptoms.She's only fifty years old and never had this problem before.She went to the doctor and he said it could be the beggining of facial paralysis. Could it be something else?
Avatar n tn tingle in gums, inside lips, numb left side of lips, red raw looking line inside lips on top and bottom. left eye blury lips swell, face swell This happened to me. Then a week later, to my husband. Then a few days later it is beginning to happen to my son. Each of us have experienced similar, yet different. My husbands eye hurt, blurred, turned very red. I took Benadryl once I started swelling. I gave my husband Benadryl once his eye started hurting and lips started feeling weird.
Avatar n tn I am 29 and I have been feeling a numbness in my jaw,lips and cheeks everyday for 4 months now. I have already had a cathater ablation due to SVT on my heart last sept and I am having the SVT again.The doctor says this is separate an s I am now seeing a neurologist.What could be going on with me? I am so scared!!! This discussion is related to <a href=''>Numb face</a>.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am a 40-year-old female. I woke about 10 days ago with numb lips. They were gone the next day but came back a few days later and have been near constant for about six days. The numbness moves around in my lips and also it moves around to various parts of my face. In my face, it's not full-on numbness, but more a stiff feeling, which comes and goes. It extends to the ears, the forehead, and to the chin.
Avatar n tn i don't have this complaint all the time but my lips go flaky and abit swollen and lined and a bit numb i thought it was to do with the hay fever i get at certain times of the year but now i'm not so sure wondered if anyone knows what this is caused by
Avatar f tn three years ago, I devloped thrush, even though I was 16 and there was nothing wrong with my immune system. Along with thrush, my lips burned, were very red, raw, were numb and the natural lines in my lips became small cracks which a yellow pus came out of. The infection (or whatever it was) spread a little farther than the edges of my lips. I went to the doctor who was able to cure the thrush but could do nothing about my lips. He gave me different topical creams, none of which seemed to work.
Avatar n tn It didn't go away, but changed into a mild metallic taste for a day, and is now a strong salty taste that has degrees of taste ranging from mild to extremely salty. It seems to be coming from my lips, and they dry out and started to crack until I put lip balm on. I am healthy otherwise except for an bad sinus problem that I will be seeing an ENT about. I smoke a half a pack a day drink way to much coffee.
Avatar m tn Note that when you get a shot from the dentist your lips go numb. A good home remedy is to brush with baking soda, use hot water and Epsom salt hold in mouth for 1 minute, and use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash. After 3 days if no better see dentist.
Avatar m tn anyone ever have their left arm go numb or hurt a bit when stressed or having anxiety?
Avatar f tn Hi, every year for the past 3 years i've been getting a tingly sensation in my lips, sometimes its like a burning sensation and sometimes my lips feel quite numb and rubbery. Also the lower part of the top and bottom lips become very red - almost like a rash, and they become quite dry and very fine layers of skin begin to peel away (Not cracked or bleeding but definitely dry.) The thing is it seems to only happen in February. I first got this problem when I went to Berlin.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to get shingles on your lips. 3 days ago, there was a tiny miniscule bump near the bottom of my bottom lip (but not in the corner, not like a cold sore). It was almost like a little pimple. Then 2 days ago, I saw three tiny little liquid filled blisters where that original bump was. This morning I woke up and the blisters had popped and in it's place, a light honey colored "crust".
Avatar n tn Anyway, I went to the doctor this morning and she said swelling like this (tongue, lips) is called angiodema. She said if I continue to expose myself to this allergen (whatever it may be) the next stage could be anaphylaxis. I'm really scared. I have 2 little kids and I'm terrified of something happening. I can't avoid the allergen if I don't know what it is.:( Please help.
Avatar n tn I believe it started from using a medicated chap stick which made my lips feel numb at first, then chapped from the inside, tiny bumps, then burning, then weeping. Allergic reaction, I think? Ibuprofen and the triple-antibiotic seems to help with the uncomfortable pain.
Avatar n tn I bought some monistat 7 today. I showered and used it, but after using it my vagina lips swelled up and that has never happened before from using yeist infection cream. Its happened after rough sexs which is normal.But, do you have any idea why my lips swelled after using the infection cream? Is it supposed to burn and itch as well?
Avatar n tn Treatment of Fordyce spots includes CO2 laser or electro desiccation, TCA chemical peels(temporary treatment),diathermy or laser vaporization. For your dry lips, avoid licking the lips as saliva evaporates quickly resulting in them being drier than before. Drink plenty of water and take multivitamin supplements(esp vit B) and do not apply lipstick or other cosmetic products for some days. Use a humidifier to moisturize the air in your home and apply shea butter or Vaseline on your lips.
1176841 tn?1330836060 Hi, what you are talking about doesn't sound like MS to me, but I'm no medical expert. There are a few things that can cause this type of sensation in your mouth and if it keeps up, be sure to talk to your doctor. I hope your symptoms pass - that has to be so irritating.
1911791 tn?1322379916 It mostly happens with my hands, but also with my legs and entire arms and even lips. It's hard to tell if something is touching the part of the body or not. And very hard distinguishing texture. I'm dying to find out what it is...
Avatar f tn I too felt some sort of relief that only I knew that I had a numb chin and lips. The tingling does seem to indicate that the nerve is tryng to knit together again as I have definitely felt an improvement over the past few days so feel fairly optimistic that it will correct itself almost entirely. I have tried gently massaging my chin when I shower and although it may not be much help it feels as if I am doing something to improve things!
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Avatar f tn I have been battling bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections on and off for many years. Several years ago my husband developed an irritation on his lips that causes them to be painful, hard to open his mouth wide, feel as if they are sweating and a bit numb of sorts. A steroid creme helps to calm them down a bit. About a month ago, I developed the same condition on my lips. I wasn't experiencing a full blown yeast infection at the time, but developed one about 5 days ago.
Avatar m tn Pain went away but then the next night i smoked up and i got immense chest pains and started having a panic attack and the pain in my abdomen came back but not as bad as the previous night. My arm went numb and my left eye was blood shot and i thought i was having a heart attack, at the age of 20. Go to the doctor, "it's your weed smoking that's causing the inflammation in your cartilage in your chest", there's a name for it but i forget what it's called.
1035252 tn?1427231433 it freaked me out a little, but I just brushed it off because it's happened before. Then my FACE started going lips, my throat and neck, the inside of my I called the on-call doctor to see if I should worry, and I experienced (the best way to describe it) confusion...I couldn't QUITE remember my name...I couldn't remember the words to describe what was happening to me...
Avatar f tn This has happened to me before, and also happened to my brother at the same time. Beginning on my top lip with a kind of fuzzy feeling of dryness, within a couple of days my lips were red, cracking, itchy, and when examined closely in a mirror, covered in tiny white pinpricks. Not quite bumps but texturally different. It was painful to eat or even open my mouth.
Avatar f tn This happens every time, sometimes it also happens in my face if I eat something that is to hot my lips go numb and then so does my face??? I'm worried about what could be wrong here?
Avatar n tn i found these two really read painful bumps on my vagina it cant be from shaving because i dont shave the lips or just outside of them!!! im scared!! it hurts really really really really bad! but i havent been sexually active in three months! wouldnt it have shown up earlier if it were genital herpes or warts??? it isnt crusty or anything, and today is my first day noticing it! could it be from masturbating??? help!
Avatar n tn On the inside of my mouth, my lips feel shriveled and the end of my tongue feels irritated as well. Have discontinued mouthwash and switched toothpaste. Used Avon's lip plumping lipstick and when not using that, used Bert's Bees lip balm. Stopped using both. Feel like my lips are tingling, like they might be swelling. Sound like anything common, or do I need to see my physician. What to do???????
Avatar n tn I made it to the car and when I got there things got worse my hands and feet started tingleing my lips too and my heart started beating really fase and I was sure I was having a heart attack so I called the aid car. They arrivied and gave me oxygen because I was hyperventilating and asked me how I was feeling and asked me if I wanted to sit there with them for awhile but I kept feelign worse so they took me to the ER and I was shaking and terrified when I arrived there.
Avatar m tn Hello! Numbness typically does not last for more than 8 to 10 hours following teeth extractions. If the symptoms continue, contact the dentist, as additional examination may be necessary. You have expressed serious concern. If you judge this to be a medical emergency, seek immediate medical attention. I hope you feel better soon!
Avatar f tn I have something similar going on with my lips they started out like a bad case of chapped lips! which ive never suffered with before. That was 3 months ago and about $350.00 later 4 trips to the doctor and nothing has changed i've tryed every chap stick on the market.