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10996785 tn?1432816577 But Vytorin, that I took afterwards, has it beat, at least in my case, because I wound up in the E.R. with kidney problems - the pain was just unbearable. Although it brought my total Cholesterol down from 265 to 160. Although my Cholesterol is high now for the last three years after giving up on Statins altogether after a brief encounter with Crestor.
10996785 tn?1432816577 She told me that lipitor has a bad side effect that can permanently damage muscles in your body, that can lead to kidney failure. I'm not saying Lipitor is bad. It does have this side effect that can effect a small amount of people. However, I without a doubt, feel as if this is my problem. Lipitor and Trazodone have combined to almost stop me in my tracks. I realize that some people may not like the talking about lipitor in this way. Some people may not think my problems are as bad as I say.
Avatar n tn LIPITOR can cause serious muscle problems that may lead to kidney problems, including kidney failure. You have a higher chance of muscle problems if you are taking certain other medicines with LIPITOR Liver problems. LIPITOR can cause liver problems. Your doctor may do blood tests to check your liver before you start taking LIPITOR, and while you take it.
Avatar n tn Side effects of Lipitor may include stomach upset, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, tiredness and may cause liver and kidney problems also. Allergic reaction to medications usually include rashes or swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat that may cause difficulty in breathing or swallowing, which may require treatment right away. If the symptoms recurred despite the steroids,it is best that you inform your doctor about this for proper evaluation.
1583640 tn?1296677630 I've been taking 80 mg of Lipitor for 10+ years for my heart without any problems. Recently I began experiencing debilitating muscle cramps and spasms in my upper thighs. I can literally feel the muscles rolling and tightening under my skin. Nothing helps them. They occur mostly at night, but bending my leg too much can also trigger an attack. My pharmacist says its from the Lipitor. My doctor says its from Vitamin D and Magnesium deficiencies.
Avatar m tn I recently ended up in Emergency room with breathing problems and heart beating strangely. I had teh following test performed and these are the results. What are these telling me? ECG Sinus rhythm with premature atrial complexes ST & T wave abnormality, consider anterolateral ischemia, abnormal ECG X-Ray of Chest Lungs are markedly hyperinflated. Emphysema.
414131 tn?1202534491 I am experiencing various problems mostly with memory. I am 49 and was diagnosed a year ago with diabetes. My A1C was 6.5. I was very tired. I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. All I had to do is sit down and start to relax. My brain was not working so well either. My memory was becoming almost a thing of the past. I was having what I call random access bad sectors. It would strike randomly and I never knew if I would recover what I just forgot.
Avatar n tn What is the problem: Lipitor. Lipitor and other statins have a long list of adverse health problems including liver damage, kidney failure, heart failure, cataracts and diabetes.
Avatar f tn Having spent a lot of time at Ford hospital as a kid for UTI's, this is not new to me. However, I am now 58 (living in Idaho with very few good doctors), and I have had kidney stones 3 times in the last year and 3 UTI's in the last 2 mos. I am put on Cipro, things clear up, and in no time, I have the same symptoms of a UTI and am put back on Cipro. I have all the symptoms of a UTI, but my doc suggested maybe a fallen bladder, which I don't have the symptoms of.
Avatar f tn Having spent a lot of time at Ford hospital as a kid for UTI's, this is not new to me. However, I am now 58 (living in Idaho with very few good doctors), and I have had kidney stones 3 times in the last year and 3 UTI's in the last 2 mos. I am put on Cipro, things clear up, and in no time, I have the same symptoms of a UTI and am put back on Cipro. I have all the symptoms of a UTI, but my doc suggested maybe a fallen bladder, which I don't have the symptoms of.
Avatar m tn I have been taking the same blood pressure medication Cozaar 25 mg for the last 3 years with no problems and Lipitor 20 mg the last 2 months. When I was younger I was told that removal of the kidney would possibly solve my high blood pressure problem. I been running a blood tests once a year with not health problem in relation with the kidney but colesterol. Should I consider having this kidney removed while i am still young (58 years) to protect theleft kidney?
Avatar f tn Lipitor can cause serious muscle problems that can lead to kidney problems, including kidney failure. You have a higher chance for muscle problems if you are taking certain other medicines with Lipitor. Especially telling if there are muscle problems like weakness, tenderness, or pain that happen without a good reason, and if your husband also has a fever or feel more tired than usual.
Avatar f tn liver, gallbladder etc unremarkable means no problems nothing to worry about. atheromatous calcification is commonly called plaque build up on the atrial walls of heart..ask your doctor he will probably put you on a cholestrol lowering drug such as lipitor. symetric means the same on both sides,,,nephrograms are a picture or xray or recorded immage of the kidneys, I am uncertain what the report means as to drainage into kidneys..hope this helped a bit ..
Avatar n tn These do not sound like side effects from lipitor.
Avatar n tn Taking Lipitor, Niacin and baby Aspirin 81mg to control cholesterol! Recently took a blood test and noticed elevated Creatine PhosphoKinase at 268! I exercise, diet and take medications mentioned as part of an overall plan to control cholesterol and blood pressure! Is this elevated CPK of 268 something to be concerned about! What is considered a dangerouis level of CPK?
Avatar n tn Is there anything that would help this? I'm on Plavix. asprin and lipitor. I am worried that other vessels could be unusually small and could block easily. I allready have 2 stents in my heart. I donated a kidney 3 years ago and wonder if that could have an affect.
Avatar n tn However since this drug is excreted through the kidneys ,then this should be avoided in persons with known kidney problems as this may decrease excretion of the drug and increase its blood levels.As in your husband's case a creatinine of 2.6 suggests an underlying kidney problem most likely secondary to the diabetes.At that point,his medications could have been modified. What is your husband's GFR? Would you know?
17568 tn?1424977159 In July 1999 I developed hypertension which I have never had any previous problems with BP. Normal readings have been 90-120 over 50-70. I went on a diet and exercise program and lost 42 lbs. and the blood pressure appeared to drop for a few weeks. I should also mention that cholesterol was over 600 and triglycerides were over 800. I was put on Lipitor and Norvasc in July 1999. By November the weight was down, the cholesterol was 200 and the triglycerides were 480.
Avatar f tn Is there a relation to this and liver or kidney disease? I have this every day now -especially at night . Meds- none new but I do take atenolol rapid heart beat .Ambien. lipitor, prozac.325 mg. aspirin, daily. The finger tips bother me most. Both hands started at the same time so I doubt because of this that it would be carpal tunnel? i was tested for diabetes recently and it was negative =.there is a family history .
Avatar n tn But, at the end of all that about two years ago I wound up in the ER with severe kidney problems. The doctors said, don't worry about it, just muscle pains and sent me home. Since the pain (enough to climb the walls) started at night and I took the Vytorin at night, I concluded, it must be the Statins and I quit taking them and, just as I thought, no more pain. Now I am taking Crestor 5mg's because the cardiologist said, I should be taking them again.
Avatar n tn I later restarted Lipitor at a lower dose because all research and studies strongly suggest statins, and especially Lipitor, have beneficial effects upon cardiac, vascular, and brain function, and at the lower dose I haven't had any ill effects... but again, I can't say (and my docs can't say) if my original symptoms were because of Lipitor or "adjusting" to a new metabolism or what... That's the total of my two cents... please give us an update and let us know how he's doing!
Avatar f tn I agree with rexx. Having cirrhosis and asking laymen for medical advice as to what drugs you should take in my opinion is a poor idea. Only a liver specialist can determine what drugs are safe for someone with cirrhosis. Especially now that you have gotten rid of the cause of your liver disease and don't want to add any further damage.
Avatar n tn one problem i'm having now is that i get terrible swelling in my feet by the end fo the day and iam getting leg pain, maybe from swelling pressing on a nerve? its more in the right hip area, ' i have developed other kidney problems since the heart condition became know to me, but one has nothing to do with the other. I don't think. at least my kidney dr said no. i have had blood in my urine on 5 occasions now with no infection. so iam scheduled for a kidney test april 25.
Avatar n tn Acute onset of bone pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, persistant nausea and headaches, profuse sweating,Cystic acne on face and underarms,itching,skin burning,abdominal distention,low grade fever on exertion, dizziness and lightheaded.Had been on Lipitor for 2 years,liver enzymes always normal. Have been off med for a month now. Nausea intolerable.Little or no relief from meds.Skin changes not responding to Keflex. Symptoms progressing.Unable to complete simplest tasks do to lack of stamina.
335728 tn?1331418012 Unless your diet is so bad it is causing malnutrition the most likely cause of low protein in your blood is poor absorption of nutrients or kidney or liver problems. Primary doctors usually do regular checks for liver function when you take statin drugs (like Lipitor) to control cholesterol. Previcid could be decreasing nutrient absorption. That is also what happens in celiac disease - or if you are gluten intolerant. Your blood calcium could be low just because your protein level is low.
329165 tn?1515475590 Since then I have been on Adco-Simvistatim and then my numbers got worse and GP changed it to Lipitor and later Crestor and Aspavor. I am still on Lipitor 10mg and I am 1,67m and keep my weight around 60kg. I used to exercise a lot (Taebo, spinning, aerobics) but since my heart surgery in 2008 I could not get myself back to the gym and became very inactive. Turns out it is easier to become unfit, than fit!
Avatar n tn I would like to add that I my BP is stable at 148/102 (no idea why it is elevated), medications I take are Hyzaar 100/25 q.d., Toprol XL 150mg q.d., Lipitor 10mg q.d. and Aciphex 20mg q.d. Other problems going on are microscopic hematuria, bilirubin in urine (dipstick shows +++), occasionally I have gross hematuria.
888256 tn?1241021861 About 3 yrs ago i found out i have kidney problems. I would never have quessed that at all. My right arm and hand was numb and tingling....Well it hasn't happened in a while now but it's been doing it all over again. Why would that happen again? Plus my arm gets so weak i can't lift anything at all with it. Right now i'm on neoral,periat,lipitor,sertriline and coversyl. I've been on these for quite some time now. I really hope you can help me with this.
Avatar m tn As background, I have a family history of cardiac issues including high LDL and genetically low HDL, somewhat resistant to exercise. I did try Lipitor (starting dose) a few months ago. Got good results. But stopped taking it to see if some symptons (muscle soreness/fatigue) I was experiencing was related to the Lipitor. Experiment inconclusive so far. In any event, I'll be back on Lipitor, another stain or Red Yeast pretty soon. Thanks for any help you may have to offer.
685623 tn?1283485207 Dogs, cats, birds and other small mammals (ferrets, gerbils and hamsters) may develop serious stomach and intestinal ulcers as well as kidney failure. 2) Acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol) When it comes to pain medications, acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol) is certainly popular. Even though this drug is very safe, even for children, this is not true for pets—especially cats. One regular strength tablet of acetaminophen may cause damage to a cat’s red blood cells, limiting their ability to carry oxygen.