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Avatar n tn Ouch..I was told by a couple of people that lipitor can cause liver damage. Also alot of other things I have read out here also suggest possible liver problems... ie..contained in the yellow diarrhea is undigested food..
Avatar f tn Now my heart doctor is trying it at 10m. Every other day. Now the itching is gone but and the weakness in my legs . But bottom of my feet feel funny! Not pain ! Not hot! I take my Lipitor at night. I go to the gym a few times a week.
Avatar n tn I had this discussion with my cardiologist two days ago during my routine exam. At his suggestion he doubled my lipitor three months ago to 40 mg/day. Previously, overall cholesterol was 148, but the most recent test since the increased dose was 113, with LDL at 60. He was pleased and said the goal is to see LDL's under 80. He confirmed what I have been reading from other sources about statin drugs.
Avatar f tn 10 mg/day of atorvastain (generic versin of Lipitor.) I started having muscle aches, so I take Co-Q10 every night (200 mgs.) It helps, but truth be told, I'm always in pain all over my body; I just suck it up (I have high pain tolerance.) But back to the subject of my post: Since I started the statin, but stomach and bowels are a mess. I've always suffered with IBS, but through diet and exercise it was well under control for the past 20 years.
1158582 tn?1262955218 My husband has been on Lipitor for about a year now. He takes it at night before bed and for about the past 2 months been waking up with nausea that lasts about 30 min. Occasionally he even has some vomiting. I was wondering if anyone would know if this could be connected with the Lipitor or if anyone else has had a similar experience with this drug?
Avatar n tn I tried it for one solid year. Different products, you can get them in health food stores. I eat healthy and exercise every day. After one year my cholesterol only had dropped 20 points, from 306 to 286, LDL (bad cholesterol was 231) With numbers that high the natural stuff usually does not help. I finally caved in and took the 20mg Zocor my doctor put me on, that was 4 yrs ago, no side effects whatsoever, and my cholesterol is now nearly perfect.
Avatar f tn There is also the brain which requires fat to ensure new connections (millions of new ones every day) are kept intact. It's no wonder people get memory problems when their cholesterol is too low and to me this shows there is a minimum that the body can reach before side effects show. Cardiac rehab in the UK used to educate patients to get LDL to 114 or lower. Now it has been raised to 155 being sufficient.
Avatar f tn The Lipitor package insert recommends that a test of your liver function should be done prior to and at 12 weeks following both the start of therapy with Lipitor and any increase of dose, and periodically (for example, every six months) thereafter. If there are any changes in your liver function, drinking alcohol may make it worse.
Avatar n tn As of April 05, I came back with elevated AST levels on a blood test, and my family doctor decreased my dosage to 10 mg of Lipitor every other day. Should I continue to take Lipitor after my cholesterol is under control? My family doctor is urging me to go off the Lipitor, but my cardiologist seems to want me to keep taking it. Professionals giving a patient conflicting advice can be frustrating and confusing.
Avatar n tn As far a diet, you should avoid all fatty foods, don't eat red meats (steaks, burgers), chicken breasts are best to eat for meat and so is fish, increase your vegetables and fruits a lot, don't eat junk food, no processed foods (hotdogs, bologna, prepackaged meats, canned meats -- no no's), do eat oatmeal every day (it does help). The Hep vaccine would have nothing to do with your ALT now. The liver is a remarkable organ and can repair itself - remarkably so. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn I am taking Lipitor and the last week i am having pains and tightness in the back of my legs and also pain on both sides of my buttox hurts when i sit down also. Is the lipitor causing these pains never had any before?
446474 tn?1446351282 The agency singled out atorvastatin (Lipitor), rosuvastatin (Crestor), and simvastatin (Zocor) for the new warnings and restated a warning about mixing lovastatin (Mevacor) with HIV and HCV drugs. Today's FDA safety communication follows label changes announced Tuesday that added cautions about new onset diabetes and transient memory problems for users of any of the cholesterol-lowering drugs in the statin class.
Avatar m tn I ask because the Lipitor fullpage ads in national magazines say DO NOT BREAK TABLETS and they Lipitor website from Pfizer also says on the meds page DO NOT BREAK TABLETS but my doctor told me to break the 10 mg tabs in half and take just half each day. I wrote to Lipitor's PR department in NYC, a very polite letter, and they so far refuse to answer my emails, preferring to stonewall me, er, pillwall, me, which I do not understand why they would do that. I am a customer. I buy their pills.
Avatar n tn No other associated symptoms such as sweating, nausea or shortness of breath but it is very uncomfortable. I walk every day but these episodes never happen while exercising. They've happened in situations where I've been under some stress and also times when I've been completely relaxed. Had my physical in December and my doc said that my mechanical aortic valve (put in seven years ago) was clicking away loudly. BP and all blood work normal except for slightly elevated cholesterol.
Avatar n tn I am somewhat confused by all the tests that keep showing normal when I still experience pain on certain days, exhaustion on some days, and it seems like about once every 3 months I'll have a day where every joint in my body hurts, in particular, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. My pain is real. It is not just in my head as some Drs have suggested, and I know I'm not faking it...I just feel less pain on some days then other days. To me any patient who feels pain is not normal.
Avatar n tn My only side effects have been constipation (which I take a stool softener for every other day) and a little dry mouth. Sometimes my heart beats a little faster, as well. Compared to the horrific pain I was in, this is a small price to pay! I hope you can convince your doctor to try the Elavil. I think you'll be glad you did. It has truly saved my life. For four months I thought I was dying. Actually there were times that I prayed to die, because I had no quality of life.
Avatar f tn June,09 my AST was 69 and ALT 53 and Dr. said to cut down to 1 every other day. I started taking 1,000MG Vit D 2x day in Aug. and probably 2 ibufpofin tablets daily for 2 months for knee pain. Now my ALT is 93 and AST is 88. Could these new pills cause this problem> Dr. said cut it all out for 3 months and retest.
Avatar m tn He has never heard of anxiety being a side affect of statins. Is this common? Is there any other statin close in chemical make up to Lipitor that I can take?
Avatar n tn If you are having muscle aches and soreness, I would try pravastatin 40 mg initially every other day. if this is tolerated, then try daily. Slowly increase the dose to get the desired LDL effect.
Avatar f tn He has alway kept himself extremely fit and runs every other day and lifts weights. His doctor started him on Lipitor 20 mg. After a few months he can hardly move-- his joints ache and he is getting new joint injuries daily-- (knuckels are swelling--arm muscle injury won't heal--).. His doctor stopped the meds, waited a week, then started at lower dose. Same results, He went from a vibrant energetic man to a slow limping man in a few months.
Avatar f tn for some months (and had been on Lipitor for years) - familial h/o elevated cholesterol but my grandparents ate salt pork every day and fresh biscuits and lived to the ripe old age of 92 and 91 respectively. My Mom, on the other hand, died at 62 of either primary (brain) or secondary malignant melanoma (although she was healthy until this time). Father has heart disease but had quad bypass surgery after age of 65 and he is now 89 or 90 (can't remember).
Avatar n tn I am now on 100 mg every other day and expect the results back this afternoon. I am on quite a few BP meds to control MVPR, atherosclerosis, and a high systolic BP: Cardizem CD, Zestril, Catapres TTS2, Lozol, Plavix and a few other things: Folic Acid, Vit. E., Lipitor, and Premarin (.3 mg/day). Do you know if the heart/circulatory system meds would increase the intensity of the dilantin? I already checked with my pharmacist and he says nothing pops out at him except the Premarin.
242516 tn?1368227505 Before you run out to ask your physician for the CRP test, consider if you're willing to foot the cost of crestor or other statins yourself because at this time you'll be paying $1-$4 a pill, every day. A cost that's pretty difficult to swallow in these economic times. Crestor: Lipitor: Thousands of articles on the research:
Avatar n tn I've been taking Zocor for two weeks now and so far no side effects whatsoever, but I take it every other day am scared to take it every day.
Avatar n tn As a rule, I generally do not eat eggs or red meat but I have started a stricter diet and I have begun exercising 20 minutes every day. My brother happens to be a cardiologist and he suggested that since my EKG and blood pressure were fine, I might want to see what the diet and exercise do before I take anything. His opinion of Lipitor is that it is handed out like candy.
Avatar f tn I read it could be the sign of a serious disease or illness. I take HBP meds every morning 5 mg. and had been on Lipitor but went off it many times over the past decade because I intuited that it was harmful for me even though it did lower lipid levels. My doctor will look at me studpidly and say nothing and change the topic or refer me to another doctor. I need answers and I see that others have written on curezone and this site for help. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I had every heart test and everything was fine. They have me on 325mg of aspirin a day as well as 80mg of Lipitor and a multivitamin. My question is - not that I plan to get drunk or anything, but is it ok to occasionally drink? And when I say drink I dont mean getting sloppy drunk but I would like to know if its ok to have a few every now and then ( more than 2 ). I am not an alcoholic or anything but we do alot of activities in the summer and fall that include alcohol from time to time.
Avatar n tn I started Lipitor at 18 and had 3 vessel CAD diagnosed at 28. WIthout the Lipitor, I'd be toast....Lipitor however is not strong enough. I take Crestor and Zetia and they are keeping me alive.
1742220 tn?1331360327 clean up the room (make bed, straighten up junk basket, put Old People Pills in pill holder (Lipitor! Lipitor! i'm sorry fellow lipitees but i did not believe i was old until i was prescribed LIPITOR!!!!!!!!) i know, free advertising to the 3 ppl who read my js. The real problem is, as somme of you have suggested, how high my BLOOD PRESSURE IS GOING BECAUSE IM SO GODDAM UPSET ABOUT BEING ON LIPITOR!!!!! are you ok, Meegy? yes. ::swallowing, regaining composure:: Hi.