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678451 tn?1226429577 Lipitor is one of the best medications and a dosage of 10 mg is a low dose. Take Lipitor at bedtime. Daily would be better as your body has to adjust to the medication. Your doctor may move you up to 20 mg daily as your body adjusts.
Avatar f tn 100mg Niacin Before Bed: Metropolol and Lipitor. I ALSO drink two glasses of red wine in the evening. My question is, am I "over doing it" with a bad mix, or is this acceptable and/or beneficial? Thank you!
Avatar n tn Why can't I do that with the lipitor? I have been trying to swollow them but by the time I get them down they are pretty much dissoved. I can't find an answer on line.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Lipitor 20 mg for several months to reduce my cholesterol level. I usually have a beer before and a couple glasses of wine with my dinner. Can Lipitor interfere with my liver's ability to remove alcohol from my system? What is the interaction between the liver's ability to remove alcohol and cholesterol at the same time?
1583640 tn?1296677630 I've been taking 80 mg of Lipitor for 10+ years for my heart without any problems. Recently I began experiencing debilitating muscle cramps and spasms in my upper thighs. I can literally feel the muscles rolling and tightening under my skin. Nothing helps them. They occur mostly at night, but bending my leg too much can also trigger an attack. My pharmacist says its from the Lipitor. My doctor says its from Vitamin D and Magnesium deficiencies.
Avatar n tn It took my combo of meds about 6 weeks to kick in although I started feeling better about a week after taking them.I am bi polar so I take 2 meds. Hang in there and give it time ok?
Avatar n tn 25 mg of Coreg twice a day, and I've been prescribed Lipitor to get my cholesterol under control. For the lipitor I was started out at 20 mg per day, but over the last year this dosage has been decreased more than once. Late last year I went from 20 mg to 10 mg a day. As of April 05, I came back with elevated AST levels on a blood test, and my family doctor decreased my dosage to 10 mg of Lipitor every other day. Should I continue to take Lipitor after my cholesterol is under control?
Avatar n tn People taking lipitor are recommended to avoid alcohol in their diet because it raises the triglyceride levels, another lipid which is a risk factor for heart disease. Going to soft drinks would be far more beneficial for your body obviously but if this is impossible I would switch your lipitor to the mornings. Lipitor, unlike some statin drugs, can be taken any time of the day.
Avatar m tn I was started on Lipitor in 2000 after some small calcium deposits were discovered in my coronary arteries on a screening CT scan (I was asymptomatic). Cholesterol was about 190. Lipitor dosage is now 5 mg daily, and all my lipid levels are normal, and BP is 115/70 untreated. I've since lost weight and improved my diet. (Height 68.5", weight 155 lbs). I exercise regularly, never smoked.
Avatar m tn and Stent, 10 mgs at first and now 5 mg at night, just before bed time, and since i started taking them, on the 10 mg dosage i had deep lovely surrealistic dreams about all kinds of things, like a movie in my brain every night, fell joyful and happy upon waking, and now with the 5 mg dosage, breaking pills in half as per doctor's orders, I still have very vivid dreaming all night long. I love it.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed as having high cholesterol in December 2003. I was initally placed on a low dose of Lipitor - 10mg. This dosage continued for about a year, at which time a blood test revealed my ALT was 61 U/L and Total Bilirubin was 1.4 mg/dl. Doc wanted to monitor this. In a repeat exam a few months later (my fault I waited too long for the re-check), my ALT levels increased even higher to 90 U/L, at which time I was pulled off of Lipitor.
Avatar m tn I had exactly the same problems and I was on Statins at the time. It got so bad that one time as I was trying to pay the clerk in a store, I stuck my hand in my back pocket to remove my wallet, I had to leave it there due to the intense pain I was experiencing - he had to come out from behind the counter and pull my hand and the wallet out off the pocket himself.
Avatar m tn I ask because the Lipitor fullpage ads in national magazines say DO NOT BREAK TABLETS and they Lipitor website from Pfizer also says on the meds page DO NOT BREAK TABLETS but my doctor told me to break the 10 mg tabs in half and take just half each day. I wrote to Lipitor's PR department in NYC, a very polite letter, and they so far refuse to answer my emails, preferring to stonewall me, er, pillwall, me, which I do not understand why they would do that. I am a customer. I buy their pills.
Avatar n tn But frankly it's quite common for Americans to have cholesterol levels that high (and that's why Lipitor etc is prescribed so often). If you've recently gained 8lbs, then maybe you are overweight anhd/or have been overeating? As an aside, have you ever heard of goose liver pate, or 'Foi Grois'? It's a French delicacy made of grossly fattened goose livers enlarged several times beyond their normal size.
Avatar n tn I suspect messed up sinuses due to extreme dry air that comes with running the forced air heat all the time. They are bone dry in the morning and kind of irritated all the time. That may be the cause. But, I got up this morning and didn't smell it until I was up about an hour and had turned the computer on. I usually smell it the strongest when at the computer, which is about 6 years old.
Avatar n tn MOST TROUBLING QUESTION Asthma Dr. said I should go from Lipitor 5 mg to Crestor (dosage not yet mentioned) after 1 more blood test. Long time ago, cardiologist said no need to change when another MD suggested. (I think Crestor has big marketing push). Is there any advantage to Crestor given my figures?
Avatar n tn I would get your thyroid levels checked again, What were the last results? FT3, FT4,TSH etc? You shouldnt really be on Lipitor if you have thyroid problems as Lipitor interferes with Synthroid sometimes. Also when are you taking your Synthroid and what dosage? There is an alternative to Lipitor (known to cause constipation) and the medication is called Crestor (tosuvastin) which is a little easier on the stomach and bowels.
Avatar n tn (Ate a lunch of liver and onions, by supper ache had disappeared???) All ok until first part of Jan 2001. Still off Lipitor. This time aspirin alleviates pain for a while. Back in March-Sept nothing, not even codeine alleviated pain. Have had all kinds of possibilities suggested on internet from lack of calcium, iron deficiency, B12 deficiency, etc. Any other possibilities. B.P. is perfect. No other problems.
Avatar f tn I took Zocor for a while and had to stop because of muscle cramps in legs. Now I've been on lipitor 10mg for a few years. One time the doctor increased the dosage to 20mg and my wrists cramped so she put me back on 10mg. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn 83, i went on a diet and did another test on the 09th April results came as Total 263.70, Trig 178.90, HDL 40.98 and LDL 197.20, my doctor gave me lipitor 40 mg, took for 25 days with a very serious diet and did another test 110.98 total cholesterol 99.20 TRIG, HDL 37.80 and LDL 66.90 i am a smoker less than a pack a day, however, there is no heart disease in the family and my blood pressure is always 120/70 or slightly lower.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, my doc took me off the 300 mg rhthmol and just put me back on the old 225 mg rythmol dosage. The 300 mg dosage increased my Q-R-S duration to over 120 ms and he didn't think it would be safe long term at this level. With luck the 225 mg, which kept me in NSR for 5 years, will continue to work at least a few more years before a cardioversion is needed. While in the hospital, I talked to an EP about my situation.
Avatar n tn Went to an endocrin. for 1st time ever cause the FP said no big deal. He adjusted the dosage down to 175 mcg, everything good as of March, 2008 and Cholesterol down too. This December, the blood work showed what is in the subject line. Again. It seems cyclical, or maybe due to heart and strain from knee replacement 20 months ago and strong reaction to Lipitor subsequent, that the body is slowing down. Will set up an appt.
Avatar m tn valve replacement 2001, redid bypasses. I was on 40mg Lipitor and 500mg no-flush niacin for a number of years with moderate sucess. I subscribe to the Cleveland Clinic Heart Newsletter. In the July 2007 issue there was suggestion that 1,500mg niacin was a good statin supplement. Starting in July 2007 I followed this suggestion, taking 1,500mg slow-release niacin with the Lipitor. I have biannual blood tests.
Avatar n tn My cardiologist told me my lipids are 10 time higher than normal. I have CAD and had a MI in Jan.99. I have done very well with very little heart damage. I am followed closely by my MD. He is starting me on slow niacin 125mg 3 times a day for 2 weeks, 250mg 3 times a day for two weeks, and 500 mg 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Blood test will be done after the last 2 weeks. He said we may have to go as high as 4000 mg. a day. This concerns me as niacin can affect the liver.
Avatar n tn My LDL was 33 at one time but my doctor cut my Lipitor dosage. My LDL is now 41 and she seems happy with that.
Avatar m tn It looks like your father could benefit from being on thyroid meds. However, in addition to TSH, his doctor should be checking free T3 and free T4, the actual thyroid hormones. TSH is a pituitary hormone, and as such, can be influenced by many factors besides thyroid hormone levels. Hypothyroidism does cause cholesterol changes. Persuade your doctor to check FT3 and FT4 when he runs labs again in three weeks. Just a warning from personal experience...
Avatar f tn so I was advised by the pharmacist to stop that and I have only taken the new statin twice and tonight was the second time taking it. Is simvastatin something that can be eased up to a higher dose to do the exact same thing atorvastatin does for the bad cholesterol? Because I have had no problems with simvastatin and I'd been 10x's better taking that over this new one that has since already given me problems that has triggered my anxiety.
Avatar f tn I am on atenolol twice a day, alos 80mg;. lipitor,furosomide and lisinopril.