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Avatar m tn The more common causes that you will read on a forum like this is 'inflamation' caused by viruses like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus. So, you can have 'hepatitis' withou a viral infection.
1583640 tn?1296677630 I can't really say which one in the end caused it, although, I was on Vytorin at the time, but I had taken over the years Lipitor, Pravachol, Zocor and the last Vytorin, however, not even close to the dosage dimi8 is taking.
Avatar n tn I am taking Lipitor 20Mg once a day. I have been off my diet and eating all the wrong foods. I am Constpated & Bloated and have heartburn. The Side effects of Lipitor are the same. Does Lipitor bother alot of people with IBS. Can this just be a coincidence or is it the Lipitor I stopped for a few days felt a little better but still had side effect. Went back on the lipitor and still have the IBS symptoms.
Avatar n tn , or vomit, stop the Lipitor immediately and call your doctor and get seen. As far a diet, you should avoid all fatty foods, don't eat red meats (steaks, burgers), chicken breasts are best to eat for meat and so is fish, increase your vegetables and fruits a lot, don't eat junk food, no processed foods (hotdogs, bologna, prepackaged meats, canned meats -- no no's), do eat oatmeal every day (it does help). The Hep vaccine would have nothing to do with your ALT now.
Avatar n tn Truth is that dermatologists (or GP's for that matter) know practically nothing about hepatitis c and its treatment. Even my Cardiologist keeps asking me if it's OK that I take the statin Lipitor, when every hepatologist I've spoken to isn't concerned at all. Do yourself a favor and get your derm advice from a skin specialist and your liver advice from a liver specialist.
446474 tn?1446351282 The agency singled out atorvastatin (Lipitor), rosuvastatin (Crestor), and simvastatin (Zocor) for the new warnings and restated a warning about mixing lovastatin (Mevacor) with HIV and HCV drugs. Today's FDA safety communication follows label changes announced Tuesday that added cautions about new onset diabetes and transient memory problems for users of any of the cholesterol-lowering drugs in the statin class.
Avatar m tn On the basis of these study findings, it also appears that in patients with hepatitis C and well-compensated liver disease, these agents can be used in a manner that is comparable to that in patients without chronic liver disease. These findings are very much supported by a recent liver expert panel recommendation to the National Lipid Association.
Avatar n tn I've had trouble lowering my choleseral- was put on lipitor. My choles went down but my liver reading went from 35-78 in 6 mo. 2 wks ago I went to Gas. spec., had many blood tests done. My local Dr was surprised that spec. said I could go back on lip. without consulting her. I called spec and asked if recent work-up was sent to my local dr. He said no- not yet but while on the phone he read results to me. I have Hepatitius C.
Avatar n tn My cardiologist has already discussed Lipitor and if looks at these numbers (I'm seeing him in a few weeks) he'll probably tell me to get right on it. I could probably bring things down with a better diet but don't seem motivated enough these days. I don't ever remember my Tri's being that high before treatment. I did have that neck scan a few years ago and they found moderate blockage which cardio said is not unexpected given my age.
Avatar n tn this sounds like a drug-induced hepatitis (DILI) triggered by the statin. These can cause an autoimmune-hepatitis and almost always should get better as long as the offending agent is discontinued. the ALT is getting better which is a good prognostic sign--the bilirubin always lags behind. it can sometimes take several months for total resolution. the INR is OK so I think she should fare well. I have seen similar cases.
Avatar m tn Gastrointestinal Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital Abstract Hepatitis C associated hypolipidemia has been demonstrated in studies from Europe and Africa. In two linked studies, we evaluated the relationship between hepatitis C infection and treatment with lipid levels in an American cohort and determined the frequency of clinically significant posttreatment hyperlipidemia. First, a case-control analysis of patients with and without hepatitis C was performed.
Avatar m tn The drug Ritonavir also inhibits CYP3A and when they used it together with Telaprevir, the drug levels of Telaprevir increased by 15 fold. Co Pharmacokinetic enhancement of the hepatitis C virus protease inhibitors VX-950 and SCH 503034 by co-dosing with ritonavir. Kempf DJ, Klein C, Chen HJ, Klein LL, Yeung C, Randolph JT, Lau YY, Chovan LE, Guan Z, Hernandez L, Turner TM, Dandliker PJ, Marsh KC.
Avatar n tn I do not drink since retiring from the Military in 93 and I have not smoked now for 8 years and a few days. I take Metformin and Avandaryl for my Type II diabetes. I take Lipitor 10mg for cholesterol, and Enalipril as part of my diabetes regimen. I am slightly woried that I am getting the usual interpretation from my Dr. which seems to be totaly different for each Dr. that I see and have tests completed by.
Avatar n tn although for some it is much sooner...for several possible reasons. and yes the cholesteral drugs and some others can be very bad for people with liver diseases like hep c. they are to be avoided at all costs, unless it's a life or death thing that only your liver dr can tell you if it's ok for you... the instructions on those meds say not to take them if you have liver disease. they can excellerate the progression of the damage rate going on in your liver...
Avatar n tn Se a dentist regularly so I know it is not my teeth. I take the following medications. Lipitor (for cholesterol), Diovan (high blood pressure), Prevacid (GERD), Ambien (insomnia), an 81 mg coated aspirin, and a vitamin everyday. I have tried discontinuing everyone of these medications, one at a time, for one mnth. To no avail. HELP! I think I am going crazy.
Avatar n tn Last year the same tests resulted in SGOT of 63 and ALT of 68, but I was on lipitor at that time, and the doctor took me off of it because he suspected it was causing the problem. I have not taken any cholesterol meds in over a year. My cholesterol is good but not great. HDL 38, LDL 131. I am overweight but muscular. I am 5'9" and weigh 230, but my body fat % is only 15 %. I am trying to lose down to about 200-210.
Avatar n tn On July 1 I had two vaccinations for a trip to Kuwait and Dubai - one for Typhoid and one for Hepatitis A. In addition I take the following medications regularly daily - 10 mg Lipitor, 12.5 mg Hydrochlorothiazide, 81 mg Aspirin, and a Multivitamin. Question: With the above information what would you suggest I do next?
1995824 tn?1330382649 It is very common with us. I went on Lipitor and it helped greatly. My doctor monitors my enzymes and if they start to spike we'll try something else. Look for Mike Simon's threads on this they are very informative. Statins are our friends we just have to be more careful.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who is SVR for about 10 years now and he's not even allowed to take Lipitor for the rest of his life, so the dr said.
Avatar n tn I always feel my tummy very swollen and bloated (and very big of course) HOpe to hear from you guys for any advice. Thanks and god bless.
Avatar f tn I do continue on the Lipitor, because of a family history and my own grossly high level (due to both heredity and PCOS) with my Rhumotologist approval. This drug may effect the liver in only a slight way. Your doctor has to evaluate the risk of taking it and you developing a cardiac or stroke like symptoms verus liver issues. You never stated what kind of liver testing was performed. Are your LFT'S (liver function tests) grossly abnormal? Did you have a CT scan of your liver?
Avatar n tn …This study discloses a link between daily cannabis consumption and fibrosis progression rate in patients with hepatitis C and supports our experimental data demonstrating the profibrogenic role of CB1 receptors.
577132 tn?1314270126 My situation is the same as yours my cholesterol and triglycerides are through the roof. The doctor insisted I start Lipitor at a very high dose compared to what I've seen others on.......I kept insisting I couldn't take it because of my liver but he was like honey at this point you really have no choice. Now it's back to watching LFTs again. My BP was always historically very low and at the check up he prescribed the lipitor it was 180/ I figured he probably was right.
1475202 tn?1388955435 I have several articles that state that cirrhosis can regress. All of my articles focus on Hepatitis C and suggest that when a patient achieves Sustained Viral Responder status (SVR or "cure") that the liver histology does improve - even in cirrhotic patients - a stage or two. I recollect seeing similar results in cirrhotic patients with different underlying diseases but I don't have any of those articles on hand.
Avatar n tn However my cholestorol and bilirubin are elavated. Am taking lipitor for the cholestorol. Also H pyroli was found in my stool and i for which i was given some antibiotics. Recently apart from pain in my breast area, am loosing weight with wrinkling(more on my finger nails and feet)and generalised increased hair growth. I also have very poor bowel movement. Please let know what i should do because am very scared at the moment....
2054929 tn?1333949470 I don't know for positive, but I do not think opiate drugs, per se, will mess up your treatment as long as you stick rigidly to the Hepatitis C treatment schedule and Hepatitis C medication schedule. However, you need to talk with your Hep C treating doctor about taking opiates while on treatment. In fact, the treating doc needs to know all medications and supplements you are on, prescription and over the counter.
Avatar m tn 08 CMIA thanks god My questions are 1_Is that enough or I must be re-tested six months post exposure are my tests results conclusive can I resume unprotected sex with my wife because I read a story on the net mentioned by hiv positive guy he claimed that he was negative and slept with positive girl and tested comb and elisa tests 2 month , 3 months , 4 months , 5 months all results came back negative and when he repeated the test 5 months and a half the result was positive is that true and
Avatar n tn Even without the Lipitor, they went up some to 74 AST and 142 ALT. Now he wants me to go to get a GI Specialist. I asked if this was for more testing, he just said no, but they would be better off determining what medication you should be on. I drink daily about two beers and then 3 drinks total of 10 to 12 oz of liquor. I have measured it so this is very accurate. How high are these readings? I am also on a very restrictive low-carbohydrate diet. Could this be causing the problem?
Avatar m tn When patient has high blood pressure, he is given beta-blocker which causes elevation of cholesterol and triglyceride, he then is given lipitor which causes muscle pains, he then is given pain killers which cause constipation, he then has to be given laxative, etc. etc. The patient takes more and more drugs yet more and more symptoms show up. At the other approach. --It lacks random, multi-center data back. --It is too slow. --It makes too many demands on the patient, e.g.
Avatar f tn I phoned the endocrinologist, who thinks I may have had acute hepatitis, and she is also happy for me to stop taking the Fosamax. I'm due for another blood test in another month - so the saga drags on..