Lipitor and elevated liver enzymes

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Avatar f tn Have been on Lipitor 40 mg. and Zetia 10 mg. for some months (and had been on Lipitor for years) - familial h/o elevated cholesterol but my grandparents ate salt pork every day and fresh biscuits and lived to the ripe old age of 92 and 91 respectively. My Mom, on the other hand, died at 62 of either primary (brain) or secondary malignant melanoma (although she was healthy until this time).
Avatar n tn Recently i have diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes. it is going up since february 2008, my ast and alt levels are now 107 and 111 respectively.even though i stop taking lipitor still my liver enzymes keep on going up. My doctor suggested for a liver biopsy. My questions are: What is the cause of this elevation. any of medicines interacting with this. should i go for the liver biopsy test even now Please answer my questions, that will be highly apprciated. Sincerly, Joseph.
Avatar n tn my sister-in-law had elevated liver enzymes and couldn't think of any meds she was on that would raise her numbers. She decided to lower her consumption of diet cola thinking the aspertame might be causing probs and her numbers did go down. When my liver numbers tested higher, I also cut the aspertame and my numbers went down. Is it a coincidence or not, I don't know.
Avatar f tn I'v had elevated liver enzymes for several years too. I'v had a biopsy and ultrasound and everything inbetween. They haven't found anything wrong with my liver. My doctor said he isn't worried about sense the biopsy came back normal, but he just wants to keep an eye on it to make sure the levels don't increase dramatically. I think that some people just have higher than normal levels of these enzymes in their system.
Avatar n tn My ex-husband is an alcoholic and began drinking again heavily over a year ago after six years of sobriety (the relapse led to our recent divorce). He is also on Lithium, Prozac, and Neurotonin. He experiences frequent stomach pain, diarrhea, occasional vomiting, and his stomach is extremely swollen. About a month ago, he saw a doctor and his liver enzymes were "moderately" elevated.
Avatar f tn I also have elevated liver enzymes. What meds r you in?
Avatar f tn So definitely,your enzymes are a lot elevated. Elevated liver enzymes are found in hepatitis,fatty liver,alcoholic liver disease,obesity,diabetes(uncontrolled),mononucleosis,autoimmune hepatitis,metabolic liver disease,gallstones,tumors of liver,pancreas and bile ducts and side effects of medicines like certain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), cholesterol medications, antibiotics or anti-seizure medications.
Avatar n tn I have taken Lipitor for 7 years and never had elevated enzymes. I had a total hysterectomy in October 2007 and when my enzymes were tested in January 2008 (twice) they were 90. My doctor ruled out Hepitis and ordered an Ultrasound of the Liver. It came back showing my liver was enlarged and all I was told is we will retest in a while. I AM WORRIED TO DEATH! Could it be my hormone patch? It is the only new thing I am taking. Will my liver go back to normal size or will it stay enlarged?
Avatar n tn However, my blood work did show elevated liver enzymes about three times the norm.My question is, can elevated liver enzymes cause these or other symptoms.
Avatar n tn In any case they the enzymes need to be followed and if elevated to a certain level the lipitor (and alcohol) stopped. Usually the enzymes will recover to normal with the stoppage. Of course we always recommend you follow your doctor's advice for your specific situation.
Avatar f tn ” Unfortunately, I was not able to find any “official” definition of what a “substantial quantity of alcohol” means either from the FDA or Pfizer, the drug company that sells Lipitor. One of the side effects of Lipitor is a slight chance of liver damage.
Avatar n tn , or vomit, stop the Lipitor immediately and call your doctor and get seen. As far a diet, you should avoid all fatty foods, don't eat red meats (steaks, burgers), chicken breasts are best to eat for meat and so is fish, increase your vegetables and fruits a lot, don't eat junk food, no processed foods (hotdogs, bologna, prepackaged meats, canned meats -- no no's), do eat oatmeal every day (it does help). The Hep vaccine would have nothing to do with your ALT now.
Avatar n tn The indication to stop a statin is for liver enzymes (AST) greater than 5 times normal. If you liver enzymes are that high, you should indeed stop the statin or consider trying another type of statin. The need for a statin also depends on other things like your cardiac risk factors and your cholesterol prior to starting the statin. I am not aware of a synergistic benefit between coreg and lipator.
Avatar m tn 5 years prior to that, I was also on Statins for cholesterol which elevate liver enzymes and my levels were AST 30 0-40 and ALT 49 0-55 I have been on Lipitor 10 to 20mg for years, although I do not drink any alcohol because that also elevates liver enzymes, and being on statins I did not want the risk of raising them more.
2121656 tn?1395678349 Also, my other question is, If it's the lipitor (generic) or metformin that's causing my high liver enzymes and I've been off of them, shouldn't my levels be returning to normal instead of climbing each time I am tested? I would like to thank you for all you do. This is a great forum to get experts advice and help ease one's mind when scared and confused.
Avatar n tn Does your doctor also check your liver enzymes every 3-4 months? Stopping 4 days ago is to early to tell if its the Lipitor I'd give it another week.
1583640 tn?1296677630 The data in the last few years have shown that these patients with elevated liver-function tests are at a greater risk of vascular events, and we wanted to see if that were true," senior investigator Dr Dimitri Mikhailidis (University College London Medical School, UK) told heartwire . "Indeed, there was an increased risk among these patients, and we found that they also had a bigger benefit and that they improved their liver function with a statin.
Avatar n tn How long until I can expect to see improvement? My liver enzymes were always within normal range and blood work shows no elevated white count or anemia. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Zocor is in the same class as Lipitor, and both medications have the potential of affecting the liver. The golden stools (i.e. "clay-colored") can be indicative of biliary obstruction, which can also be a sign of biliary duct disease. At this time, I would certainly consider a visit to your physician. Blood tests to evaluate the liver enzymes as well as an ultrasound to evaluate the liver, gallbladder and biliary ducts can be considered.
Avatar f tn 1 yr. maint. CA at 6, feeling good; but AST and LDH came back elevated. Spoke with onc. and she suggested I see my PCP to take me off of Lipitor ASAP (which I have been on for several years)My platelets were also elevated and she said that could would to othe elevation of LDH, and of course the toxicity of the chemo on my liver is her main concern. She does not seem alarmed about it, but of course, I am a nervous wreck.
Avatar f tn Our doctor switched my 57-year old husband from 20 mg Zocor to 10 mg Lipitor in Dec. 2011 due to elevated LDL particles. He also takes Dutroprol 100/12.5 and 40 mg Benicar for BP, 81 mg Aspirin, and 2000 mg Metformin for Insulin Resistance. He currently weights 260 lbs. at 6' tall, down from 275, and he's continuing to lose weight by following a lower carb diet and exercising. Seven months after starting Lipitor, his GGTP tested high at 87.
Avatar n tn About 5 weeks ago I got my blood tested and my liver functions were high... not real high just elevated. My doctor took me off Lipitor for 4 weeks and the next test was even higher (74 AST and 142 ALT). . My doctor sent me to a GI specialist. He gave me some additional tests but seems convinced that I probably have chronic hepititis that has just been around for years and I didn't know it. My thoughts are that the chance of that are slim to nothing.
Avatar m tn I am a 60 yr old female with elevated liver function, AST 325 and ALT 384. Had cscan, blood work checking for Hep A,B,C, several viruses and everything is normal. What could be causing this? Do not drink, do not take tylenol, however was on lipitor. I've stopped lipitor and all vitamins, am on a bland diet and still no change in the liver enzymes. Any idea?
Avatar m tn Lipitor, like a lot of statins, can cause elevated liver enzymes. I don't know about the cold medicine but I'd suspect Lipitor first. I believe the proper protocol is for doctors to check liver enzymes before starting a patient on a statin drug and then checking again in a couple of weeks because liver enzyme elevation is not an uncommon side effect of these drugs. Since Comtrex contains acetaminophen I guess it is possible that it could raise enzymes depending on dose.
Avatar n tn You have had a very thorough workup for your symptoms. You note elevated liver enzymes. It is certainly true that Lipitor can elevate liver enzymes, and that is why it needs to be monitored. Typically, if the enzymes are elevated to more than 3 times the upper limit of normal, then the Lipitor is discontinued. Without examining you, I cannot say what is going on.
Avatar n tn When no cause for elevated enzymes was found, Dr. thought it might be Zetia. Went off that and enzymes continued to be elevated. They have dropped some, but remain around ALT 172 AST 92. I do not drink much alchohol. Maybe a glass of wine every few months. I am not jaundiced, not in discomfort. My medications include, levoxyl, nexium (recently begun because of acid regugitation),cytomel, xanax. I have in the past taken paxil and effexor as well as I suffer from anxiety.
Avatar n tn Last year the same tests resulted in SGOT of 63 and ALT of 68, but I was on lipitor at that time, and the doctor took me off of it because he suspected it was causing the problem. I have not taken any cholesterol meds in over a year. My cholesterol is good but not great. HDL 38, LDL 131. I am overweight but muscular. I am 5'9" and weigh 230, but my body fat % is only 15 %. I am trying to lose down to about 200-210.
Avatar n tn If this happens, it will cause bile to back up within the liver and can cause inflammation and elevations in enzymes (from what I've heard). But if gallstones are blocking the flow of bile, I think it's almost always associated with severe pain. I had pain from mine a few years ago, but haven't in a long time. My GI figured out I had gallstones because I would get pain in my upper right quadrant (and the center of my lower back) especially at night after a greasy meal.
Avatar m tn They need to be multiplied by 4 times for them to be significant. Lipitor is known to cause an elevation of liver enzyme levels. If the enzymes are marginally elevated without any symptoms, you can wait and watch and have the levels re checked. Regards.
Avatar n tn I am not sure if that is why my liver function tests are so elevated. I was on Lipitor for 7 months and then stopped taking it due to all the research done on it. My doctor wanted to run a liver panel and lipid panel to see where things were at as she wanted me to re-start the Lipitor. Much to my surprise, my enzymes were very abnormal. About one week prior to the lab tests I had a horrible stomach flu,(at least that is what I thought at the time). I am not sure what is going on.