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Avatar f tn The Lipitor package insert recommends that a test of your liver function should be done prior to and at 12 weeks following both the start of therapy with Lipitor and any increase of dose, and periodically (for example, every six months) thereafter. If there are any changes in your liver function, drinking alcohol may make it worse.
Avatar n tn Dear Jay, In general there are no hard and fast guidelines for drinking and taking Lipitor. Usually moderate consumption is OK. Moderate alcohol consumption is considered 2 drinks a day and binge drinking is 5 or more drinks in a day, so you are somewhere in-between those two. One of the main potential side effect of lipitor is an elevation of liver enzymes which can also be elevated by alcohol.
Avatar n tn Can I safely take Lipitor and Trilipix at bedtime after consuming alcohol?
Avatar n tn I think the concept is, it's your liver. Alcohol is a KNOWN poison to the liver in all forms. If you want to POTENTIALLY damage your liver further...drink. If you want to make SURE you don't contribute...DONT. I don't know that pot is as bad as alcohol but I would think in just being responsible and realizing that liver damage is a serious thing...I'd keep ANYTHING down to the absolute bare minimum possible. The people who do drink are going to tell you it's Fine.
Avatar n tn Many doctors are not very informed about alcohol and avoid challenging their patients on alcohol usage. I have read a lot about heart disease and alcohol. I too drank 3 to 4 drinks almost every night and was suprised to find out that much is considered heavy drinking from a medical standpoint. I think that 1 glass of red wine each night might be heathful, but anything more is not. I found that I had settled into the 3 to 4 drinks per night habit and couldn't cut back to one drink.
Avatar n tn , or vomit, stop the Lipitor immediately and call your doctor and get seen. As far a diet, you should avoid all fatty foods, don't eat red meats (steaks, burgers), chicken breasts are best to eat for meat and so is fish, increase your vegetables and fruits a lot, don't eat junk food, no processed foods (hotdogs, bologna, prepackaged meats, canned meats -- no no's), do eat oatmeal every day (it does help). The Hep vaccine would have nothing to do with your ALT now.
Avatar n tn People taking lipitor are recommended to avoid alcohol in their diet because it raises the triglyceride levels, another lipid which is a risk factor for heart disease. Going to soft drinks would be far more beneficial for your body obviously but if this is impossible I would switch your lipitor to the mornings. Lipitor, unlike some statin drugs, can be taken any time of the day.
190885 tn?1333029491 For me if there's any possibility of me ever having kids I would definitely not drink around them and I'm just gonna tell them that alcohol is bad and ruins lives. I'll tell them that if you want to grow up and be a successful member of society... a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Nurse, a Pharmacist, Scientist or an Engineer... You should not drink. And if you really think about the world pretty much every successful person ever has not had a drinking or alcohol problem...
Avatar n tn Usually once the offending agent is removed, there is no further damage, although you may feel different symptoms as the nerves try to heal and regenerate. Alcohol is toxic to nerves and can cause neuropathy. It can also cause muscle cramps and pains like you describe but usually associated with recent ingestion of alcohol. If the neuropathy is truly getting worse, then there may be an alternative cause to alcohol.
Avatar m tn I smoked for 11 years but now I only smoke when I drink alcohol, which is on the weekends (even though I drank almost every day for two years in college). I'm on 20 mg of Lipitor and 100 mg of Toprol and a baby aspirin everyday. 2 years ago I was admitted to the hospital because my heart was beating fast for an extended period of time and I was having bad palpitations. It released chemicals normally released during a heart attack.
Avatar n tn If a person is diagnosed w/a swollen fatty liver, and stops alcohol input and watches his/her diet and loses weight with exercise, will the liver return to normal?
Avatar n tn , at 50%. I am taking Plavix 75 mg, Lipitor 80 mg, Aspirin 85 mg, and Ramipiril 2.5 mg. and also have to wear a Nirto patch 2 mg. since having the angioplasty. In addition, I take 15 mg of codine for an unrelated problem with my foot to control pain. I have been having many side effects and need some expert advice.
Avatar m tn My usual ALT score is 16 and my AST varies between 22 and 36. I am also on Lipitor. Should I refrain form drinking or is the statin a possible cause for AST increase. My results have been preety stable for 10 years. Thank you!!
1475202 tn?1388955435 I built towards a good career but in my spare time I was drinking quite heavily. This pattern continued for more than 20 years and for the last couple of years before I quit if I was awake I was drinking, sadly I didn't know who I was without it. Nearly four years ago I was diagnosed with cirrhosis. I tapered my consumption to zero in less than a week and never touched it since nor will I ever again. Since then life is absolutely wonderful, I can't believe what I was missing.
Avatar n tn Funny, but we had a discusson yesterday on hep c and alcohol where cigarette smoking came up. So I had did a little research and planned on posting a new thread on cigarette smoking/hep c in the near future. I guess this is as good a time (and thread) as any. :) Here's yesterday's thread on alcohol:
1995824 tn?1330382649 It is very common with us. I went on Lipitor and it helped greatly. My doctor monitors my enzymes and if they start to spike we'll try something else. Look for Mike Simon's threads on this they are very informative. Statins are our friends we just have to be more careful.
Avatar n tn i'm 30 years old and have suffered from this for about 10 years now. for me its brought on by stress, warm environments and drinking alcohol. my fingers and thumbs become red and very warm. whats odd is that my palms remain unaffected during an attack. cool water and elevation seem to be about the only things that help alleviate the symptoms once they have started. no medications have helped. this happens with my toes and heels also. ...its quite the bummer.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 500mg metformin myself and I have not experienced any weight loss. I am actually taking it for diabetes treatment. But it has not helped with my weight loss.
Avatar n tn About a month ago my liver function readings were elevated, so my Doctor took me off Lipitor to see if it was the Lipitor or alcohol consumption causing them to be high. He told me to come back in one month to be tested again. Even without the Lipitor, they went up some to 74 AST and 142 ALT. Now he wants me to go to get a GI Specialist. I asked if this was for more testing, he just said no, but they would be better off determining what medication you should be on.
Avatar f tn 1- Tobacco (smoking) 2- Alcohol (drinking) 3- Uncontrolable high Glucose level (Diabetes) Try to answer yourself and take adequate serious and responsible measures
Avatar m tn No drinking alcohol, damages liver; 3. No drinking tea, causes diabetes and high blood pressure; 4. Rice, sticky rice, wheat, causes diabetes; 5. Fat, causes hyperlipemia/hyperlipoidemia; 6. Bean curd, damages liver and kidney via the chemicals used to make bean curd, e.g. magnesium chloride; 7. Noodles, fried products, whose production involves use of white vitriol; 8.
Avatar m tn Alcohol, even in small quantities deactivates antibiotics. Drinking and taking an antibiotic is an excellent method of developing a chronic incurable multi-drug resistant infection.
Avatar m tn For example, an older person may begin taking Lipitor for high cholesterol and Prilosec for acid reflux. These two medications can cause tinnitus as an adverse effect. This individual also is has seasonal allergies causing frequent nasal congestion, another cause of tinnitus. In addition, the natural aging process can cause deterioration of the cochlea in the inner ear which can cause or contribute to the development of ringing ears.
Avatar n tn As an aside, while I chose not to include the doctor that originally prescribed this med in this decision, all my MD's are on speed dial, I have a supply of the drug if the effects become unbearable. I have also completely stopped drinking any alcohol and seriously cut back on caffiene. I might also mention that I'm currently not working [not directly related to depression or meds] so I do have the time to "check out" as needed.
Avatar n tn I went through 6 months of these symptoms in 2007, then a couple months in Spring 2008, and then recently for the past 4 months off and on without drinking or smoking anything. I get terrified by any left arm, hand, or chest ache, but don't show classic signs of heart disease such as angina when doing physical work like climbing up stairs, getting hot and sweaty in the gym, and climbing up 4000 to 6000 feet mountains. No chest pains, no arm pains while exercising.
Avatar f tn The quickest way for you to cut your TGLs is to stop drinking. Alcohol metabolizes as sugar and increases TGLs. Stop drinking and your number should drop. Also, cut out all empty carbs such as breads and pastas as well.
233616 tn?1312790796 The rise in diebetes fro soda pop alone is staggering, and we have to reteach a whole generation of adults and children why drinking sugar is cutting 20 years off their lives. Certainly for those with NASH the revarsal stats are suffcient to take a closer look, and again once that reversal has occured one should withdraw the drug. My question to Dr. Been is, how long and at what doses did these plaques occur at that rate.