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518117 tn?1429279873 I have to be because I am a 2 time cancer survivor. Anyway, just had blood work and my glucose level has shot up. I had to fast before the blood work, so my glucose level should not have been elevated. I have never had a problem with my glucose level until now. I am reading where Lipitor is causing diabetes and there are lawsuits against it. I don't need anymore health problems than what I already have. I am quickly learning best to research these meds before side effects do set in.
Avatar n tn Has he talked to a doctor about his symptoms, and has blood been drawn to determine if there are adverse reactions with the Lipitor? I'm 67 also, had a heart attack nine years ago, but have a lot of stents in between, so your husband and I have lots in common! I also recently experienced increase fatigue, some unintended weight loss and I'm short of breath, and a stress test last week indicated new blockages, I'll see the doc next week to see what's next for me.
10996785 tn?1432816577 Allergy's from detox, pneumonia, and a stroke. with the stroke, which is considered small and deep in my cerebellum, my vision and balance was effected. My balance was already damage from the benzo's and alcohol abuse. Lately some of you might have read my last thread that I haven't been feeling well. Actually I haven't felt well for a very long time. I did see my PCP yesterday and we all agreed that the trazodone was the one med that was making me very sluggish.
Avatar f tn 100mg Niacin Before Bed: Metropolol and Lipitor. I ALSO drink two glasses of red wine in the evening. My question is, am I "over doing it" with a bad mix, or is this acceptable and/or beneficial? Thank you!
Avatar f tn When someone is on this drug are they not suppose to have blood work done every 6 months or so.I tried several times to speck to his Dr. and explain to me how or why there was something wrong with his liver even before it got really bad if he had to go for blood work every 6 months or so...To my surprise his DR will not see me.
Avatar m tn Three months ago, I had a complete blood work up and my dr. told me then that my total cholesterol was 236 and that at that point he decided mot to put me on meds for it. He told me just to start an exercise program and diet, all of which I have done. I returned yesterday for follow-up blood work and to my surprise, the total cholesterol had risen to i think 263.
Avatar n tn I have started combining my blood draws since the best vein I have has been degraded from the chemo and all the bloodwork I have had done lot these past almost 6 years. You want a reminder of that number SIX post diagnosis BC...
Avatar m tn My father is 51 years old now and in August 2008 had a heart attack,the doctor advised him to use lipitor,lowplat.mepresor and loprine, his ALT and AST count in november 2008 was 30 and 22 respectively, by the use of lipitor his ALT ans AST count raised to 2246 and 1280 ... clearly above normal... doctor advised him t leave the use of lipitor. my question t you is ... by leaving lipitor will the count decrease?? or what should be done??
Avatar m tn You can take the Lovastatin and still experience the same results that you would with Lipitor. The key to lowering your cholesterol is increasing your exercise, and decreasing the fat in your diet. Eat Cheerios and oatmeal, they can also help lower cholesterol. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn I had a adverse drug reaction to lipitor. very bad muscle pain and stiffness could hardly walk was kept on it for over a year with no test type of blood testing and only after much complaning was I taken off it to see if it was causing the problem. got better right away, still have some stiffness and loss of muscle strength.
Avatar n tn My mom's been on Lipitor for about 2 and a half weeks and her body is still trying to get use to her medication..... are there any symptoms that she should beware of that are normal?
Avatar n tn i've been on niaspam and my dr. thinks I should change to lipitor because of the new drug studies on lipitor. I am a perfect weight, and i'm 63 with no incidents of heart attack but my arteries do show significant arterilosclerosis. I feel healthy and seem great so far! any advice appreciated.
Avatar n tn How long until I can expect to see improvement? My liver enzymes were always within normal range and blood work shows no elevated white count or anemia. Thanks.
Avatar n tn He said there is overwhelming evidence that statins work and do help people live longer and better. I asked the same question about niacin, which I also take to supplement the Lipitor. He said that niacin can have an effect in reducing cholesterol and/or raising good cholesterol, but studies do not show it affects long term outcomes. He said some studies have shown a slight benefit, however, most do not.
Avatar f tn My PC has now decided it is probably my lipitor I was on creator for two years with no issues. This lipitor is the devil. Praying that my body is healed soon. Have missed work the summer and time with my family. And health care physicians think your crazy all testing is negative except ct of abdomen did show inflammation. Hope your feeling well soon. !
Avatar f tn 3 Of the 19342 patients randomized to one of the two antihypertensive regimens 10305 were further randomly assigned atorvastatin 10 mg daily or placebo to form the lipid lowering arm of the study. Mean age of participants was 63 years and baseline blood pressure and lipid subtraction values were identical in the 2 groups. The study was stopped prematurely after median 3.3 years of follow up. Compared with placebo there was a 35% relative reduction of LDL-C in the atorvastatin group.
Avatar n tn I am taking Lipitor and the last week i am having pains and tightness in the back of my legs and also pain on both sides of my buttox hurts when i sit down also. Is the lipitor causing these pains never had any before?
Avatar m tn I was started on Lipitor in 2000 after some small calcium deposits were discovered in my coronary arteries on a screening CT scan (I was asymptomatic). Cholesterol was about 190. Lipitor dosage is now 5 mg daily, and all my lipid levels are normal, and BP is 115/70 untreated. I've since lost weight and improved my diet. (Height 68.5", weight 155 lbs). I exercise regularly, never smoked.
Avatar n tn What I can suggest is that you pose this question to your healthcare provider and have some blood work done to check your levels. I believe that is where you should start and I wish you luck in finding the answers.
446474 tn?1446351282 The agency singled out atorvastatin (Lipitor), rosuvastatin (Crestor), and simvastatin (Zocor) for the new warnings and restated a warning about mixing lovastatin (Mevacor) with HIV and HCV drugs. Today's FDA safety communication follows label changes announced Tuesday that added cautions about new onset diabetes and transient memory problems for users of any of the cholesterol-lowering drugs in the statin class.
390388 tn?1279639813 I'm always thirsty. A couple months ago and off and on I have had alot of hard chest pains and very awear of my heartbeat, Light headed, Shortness of breath to breathlessness. I sweat very easy (whether hot or cold), and have hard but brief headaches. Now I'm very tired alot. The chest pains have eased up and my face is no longer flushed all the time. I feel wiped out though. The High numbers have always been high and the Low numbers have just came about in the last year.
Avatar m tn However, Friday nights can be a completely different story, and that is an understatement. Is this something I should be concerned about? My most recent blood work indicated normal enzyme and triglyceride levels, etc. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Blood work is as follows: M born 2/4/76 - 5'9" - 185lbs diagnosed with IBS and Panic disorder for 7 years..Took Paxil for 6 years.Tear 2001 results weight- 190lbs: Sed Rate-1, AST-25(0-40), ALK PHOS-68(24-140), Total Bili-0.7(0.1-1.2),ALBUMIN-4.6(3.5-5.5),Globulin(CALC)-3.0(2.2-4.1),Total Protein-7.6(6.0-8.5)WBC-6.6(3.7-10.5),RBC-5.57(4.1-5.6),MCV-83(80-98),Platelets-301(155-385), glucose-93(65-115) Dec 2002 quit chewing tobacco/ Gained 30LBs weighs 210lbs.
Avatar m tn Statin medications like lipitor seem to have benefits beyond just cholesterol lowering (anti-inflammatory and blood vessel lining function, etc) and seem to improve outcomes in people with coronary artery disease down to very low LDL levels. They also seem to work as an adjunct to dietary changes.
Avatar n tn What is a "atatin"? I am taking Pravachol--a cholesterol lowering medication---is that drug considered a "statin"? I had been on Zocor 40MG for a month--but they made me terribly nauseated----so the doctor changed the med to Pravachol 40MG daily---these also make me nauseated. I have been on these cholesterol lowering meds for 2 months---there is no sign of liver damage---blood work is done after a month--and my "bad" cholesterol has come down significantly.
Avatar m tn I switch my statin to lipitor 20mg about a month ago and I have noticed that my upper arms muscles gave me a very unusual pain especially when I stretch them even a little. Since than I have gain almost 2kg. What should I do. My next medical appointment is in July. To go to the emergency or to seek for another doctor?
Avatar n tn I received blood work results back from LabCorp and my "Creatine Kinase, Total Serum" was totally out of range -- according to the Lab the normal range is between 24--173, mine is at 6,626! What does this mean and is it dangerous? I have read that this enzyme has to do with muscle damage in the heart and liver. My AST (SGOT) was at 194 and my ALT (SGPT) at 56. I went to the doctor on Friday who took blood for a second more broke down reading. The dr.
1806721 tn?1510192923 In the past 6 months, besides rapid weight loss, I also experienced fatigue, weakness, cold feet, dizziness, sudden drop of blood pressure, increased thirst and trips to restroom, low grade fever on and off with left side abdominal pain. My doc thought I had UTI and ulcer b/c my urine/blood test show staph and h pylori infections. Two months ago, my fasting glucose was 92 (normsl). However, I also heard that you may still have high blood sugar even though the fasting level is normal.
Avatar m tn do not recommend lower levels, the NCEP who is managed by the National Lung and Blood Institute which is managed by the National Institute of Health which is managed by the FDA who is managed by the US Department of Health and Human Services make the recommendations and the drug companies have nothing to do with it. You would have to believe that the Feds are being influenced by the drug companies, that doesn't make sense. Most importantly are my numbers. TC141, HDL45 LDL 61.