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Avatar n tn I also have shown some irritation to products with petrolatum. Neosporin daily lip treatment, Palmers lip balm, Aquaphor, and Blistex lip renewal seem to help but don't completely alleviate the symptoms. Neosporin night treatment, carmex, vasoline, chapstick, burts bees, other blistex have all made the symptoms worse! With all of those products I have experienced the red swollen, peeling lips. Please keep posting anything that you've tried that helps!
Avatar n tn my face is an absolute mess after using dermalogica medibac kit for 2days, ive completely broken out, my skin feels like grit on my chin and upper lip, its completely red everywhere, ive been holding ice cubes to my skin to try and calm it, i dont know what to put on it? aloe vera gel? E45? nothing? what happened with yours?? hope your feeling better!
Avatar n tn What i have found to be a great help is Aloe vera. We have a Aloe Vera plant in our house, snapping off a leaf and putting the 'goo' on my face really helped alot with the dry skin. Also washing my face with water with oilatum in it, helped soften the skin. So i would recommend the Aloe vera, it makes any dry skin turn slightly brown and fall off. -Still wishing i would de-swell though :-( -As many of you all i'm getting given from the doctors is drops, with no success.
Avatar n tn The bit in the corner of the left eye got better or in fact it all moved to the crease of my upper eyelid between the eyelid and the eyebrow, on both eyelids and there it stayed for the next few weeks. All the time I was applying the aloe vera gelly and some aloe vera gelly and propolis creme. It stung a lot when I applied it but I thought that must mean it's doing some good.
Avatar n tn Then put moisturizer next, your skin will harden, the moisturizer will remove the dead skin as it makes it soft. A plant from aloe Vera or Shea butter from Karite tree cures eczema. Apply the natural juice onto your skin and leave it on for 15 minutes, if a deep cut appears on your finger. Apply it to inside the deep cut. Don't shake hands with anyone, cause it spreads from persons to person. Good luck!
Avatar n tn so I'm going back to the nutrition center were I found out about Urea and see what else they have available with all these ingredients. Could you name the Urea based cream you are using? I've found that an aloe vera extract with colloidal silver helps in healing the deep lesions and cuts and if bad enough anti-biotic oinment and bandaid to help with the really deep, bleeding, painful cuts.
Avatar n tn I went around to a friends house, and as i was walking up the path to the front door i notices their garden was full packed with aloe vera plant. I had never noticed this before in all the times i am over there, and i thought, hey maybe that might help take the itching away.
Avatar n tn It happens everytime after sex with this individual...I've been putting vaseline on it this time, it helps with the pain a little.....and it's in the same place of my inner vaginal lip, the right side....Help!
Avatar n tn I have now discovered Aloe Propolis cream... it is totally natural and I pop a little in my ears if they feel dry or itchy. It hasn't cured completely yet... but these things take a while... but it is definitely helping and is something I will continue to use always. If you need a supplier I can recommend one. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Hi, Just a thought but it may help to try to eliminate yeast build up in your body, there are also some good detox therapies to try. If you don't find out exactly whats causing it maybe you can still manage it with the therapy. Be careful and research your detox remedies careful, especially if you have allergies. There are a lot of natural ways to rid the body of fungus, yeast and mold. A good site to research is www.****.com . Hope this helps........
Avatar n tn I've been dealing with vaginal fissures for 4 years now. I'm thrilled to find this thread and know that I'm not alone. No doctor seems to know what the problem is ...nor do they seem to concerned.
Avatar n tn Do you also get a lot of yeast infections-like occurrances? I have an appointment with a NEW GYN on the 27th so hopefully I'll finally get an answer. In the mean time Desitin(diaper rash cream) works for coating the problem area. Good enough for my baby is good enough for me.
Avatar n tn Well that's what I hope-related to some kind of yeast thing, and not HPV-which would mean I have to wait until it runs it's course with me. My doctor actually told me to stick with the gold bond if it works, but that's treating the symptoms...sigh. I just had a run of anti biotics after a surgery, wouldn't that take care of any kind of BI/yeast/uti??
Avatar n tn remedy that was suggested by a collegue, to use ALOE VERA straight from the plant. I know it sounds bizarre, but if you are getting ready to go to bed, just massage a little on the area, not UP INSIDE but just on the area-mine is usually on inner lips-it soothes it a bit. Who knows it helped me.
Avatar n tn the only home help i can find that helps the slightest is that sun burn with aloe vera but it doesnt help anymore. my mom is taking me to the doctor tuesday but i have a feeling their gonna tell me the same thing as the others above me. i know its not posion ivy or anything but i cant afford any other cremes since money is tight. nd is isnt on my feet.
Avatar f tn ( I too have been diagnosed with BRP, and the only relief is from ice--but that feels so hopeless to me. Are there any other cures/solutions? I can not bear the thought of having to endure this torture the rest of my life. Makes me want to cry!
Avatar n tn I could really use some help, I just lost my insurance so I don't want to go running to the doctor, also I just was at the doctors and found out I have HPV could this have something to do with all the itching and tearing also?? Please help me I'm going crazy here!
Avatar n tn I find lathering up my hands with lotions that contain aloe, vaseline, or moisturizers help, also running my hands through really hot water. But the hot water will make matters worse because it causes the hands to swell up. Cortizone and benedryl creams work if you catch the itch in time. It has a lot to do with over hand washing as well. I have been told it is allergic reactions aka contact dermatitus that also leads into ezema.
530191 tn?1214166411 I was currently attening an online program for radiation therapy and was very loaded down with school work. So, I'm guessing I was pretty stressed at the time. Well, the next morning after that I noticed two or three red itchy dots on my arm. I thought they were mosquito bites. However, they kept popping up every where. One morning I woke up and my eyes and lips were swollen. One of my friends had had hives before and told me that they looked like that.
Avatar n tn Greaves specifically mentions Cyclosporine, and there is another therapy with a new drug called Plaquenil. Good luck, and please continue to share ideas and helpful treatments.
Avatar m tn I spray the tub down with bleach/water after getting out and noticed when I spray the faucet part some of it turns black (black mold?). Could this be a bot fly? What do I need to do to get rid of it. Now that the dermatologist was no hope (second doc I've seen, first gave me Pemethrin which did not work) I was thinking of ordering some Stromectol / Ivermectin and Green Kleen Green online.
Avatar n tn The makers of this evil product are Jhonson and Johnson and I have talked with them several times and they give me the run around and basically tell me in a nice way that they do not care and to call your doctor and lawyer. So I did. But, good news for me is that I am a lawyer...right here in the New York City where they are. Too bad for them. They have been accused of taking bad claims that women have left concerning the bad,horrific reactions they have had off the message boards....
Avatar n tn Also if you wanna use a holistic remedy, get an aloe vera plant and apply the gel that's in the leaves of the plant... it eases the soreness & reduces the irritation in general. You can also get aloe vera gel from good health food stores but I reckon the plant itself is the best thing. It's interesting what was said about the duct because I'm pretty sure the last time I squeezed one a duct as was described, came out so hopefully that one won't come back!
Avatar m tn I just got out of the military so I guess the VA hospital wanted to rule out everything that ISN'T wrong with me, lol. So all the bloodwork and tests came back that I was perfectly fit, with no physical "conditions" so to speak. So, I'm now kind of leaning towards the "Restless Leg Syndrome" conclusion...
Avatar n tn 8 mg per tablet) for 5 years - I take about 24 tablets per day (all at once - like the feeling along with the pain killing effects) I must give these up - for I understand this is addiction - and must find another way to deal with pain. I guess nurofen is much like tylenol (2? 3? 4?) - dont know which one. So on Sunday I took 24 and on Monday I took 12 - felt lousy today and took another 12 - the plan is to stay on 12 for 3 days and then go to 6 for 3 days. Do you think this is feasible?