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Avatar f tn The customer reviews of the products were also helpful. Since I live alone I would rather have what I MAY need vs trying to run out to get it in a time of need. When the order arrives, I plan to put my ‘stuff’ into a RED ‘care box’ right next to my bed just in case I FORGET where I put it. I’m learning as I go along here. Nervous – yes –I take a lot of deep breaths – my therapist wants me to reach out more – and say what?
Avatar n tn Usually, I just get one little cluster of blisters on the R side of my bottom lip. Lately, starting stating back in December, I've been getting very intense outbreaks (about once or twice monthly) sometimes involving the L side of my bottom lip, and just recently, my entire bottom lip and areas of my chin. This is very unusual for me. I'm also going through a divorce so my stress has been very high.
Avatar m tn But now I need an understanding of this, we chat about it but I can tell he is embarrassed so I started to research it online. I've had a lot of mixed reviews but would now like some honest mature advice. Can we make this work? If we kiss, am I at risk of life long outbreaks of coldsores? If we have sex, am I doomed to a life time commitment of genital herpes?
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, I'm a 28 year old heterosexual male that shared a pipe with a female, received oral sex, and had protected vaginal sex all on May 2, 2012. I tested for STDs twice before finally specifically asking for a Herpes test during early August. All results were negative with the exception of HSV-1. Symptoms (6/12 - Now): Intermittent discomfort under left armpit, small white patch on the lining of my top lip only this week. No genital symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi, if she did not have a lip sore at the time, chances are quite low but possible. Thats way condoms are recommended with people of unknown status. If your concerned then get tested 3 months post exposure.
660300 tn?1224793961 I had my Wisdom Teeth taken out 2 weeks ago...ever since then my right lip and chin have been completely numb...I went back to the Oral Surgeon who wants to wait a month to see what happens, I have a follow up appointment in November right before Thanksgiving. Is there anything I can do to help? Based on common experience, how long does nerve damage "usually" take to heal? I feel like I am in the dark...I cannot stand it...
1840891 tn?1431551393 There is a new place in my town that offers a salt wellness therapy. I guess the room is filled with salt and you breathe in the salt airs and it is healing. I was curious about it because I know salt does heal wounds, but I guess I won't be trying that!
Avatar n tn Before accident was suffering from depression, reviews, then after accident, emotional/physical problems brought poor work evals. I've been in downward spiral since accident, got more sore,gained weight,more depressed. I haven't worked for a year. Had Rheumatic fever at 5-6 yrs. old which created heart murmur.
764075 tn?1234499199 One patient had numbness in the right lip, hand, and leg, weakness in the right hand and arm, and word-finding difficulty. The other patient had headaches and seizures, although the latter may have come in part from medication for the headaches. In both peripheral neuropathy and encephalopathy the key physiologic change is the inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis). The hepatitis C virus probably does not inflame the blood vessels directly.
709415 tn?1229284553 Just as of last week for the first time, they told him it made them happy to see blood and he started biting his lip. Then for the first time, (after other non harmful attempts in the past," he used a house key to cut up his arm. He then ran out of the house and to the shopping center that we live behind. He went into a business and asked for help and then ran out.
Avatar n tn For all of you suffering out there at the moment because you are currently on the drug... Stick in there... you can do it... some things that worked for me were CARMEX lip treatment. It may seem gross, but if you smear some in your nose with a Q-Tip, you'll feel much better. Keep at least five containers of CARMEX around the house and with you at school or work.
Avatar n tn 125 mmg levoxol, am tired a lot and my upper lip is numb. No dental work in recent past, do have some allergies, and have good mental and physical health. Would a sinus problem cause my upper lip to be numb? (Teeth are all mine and attended to regularly) Thanks........
Avatar m tn Even the best sub programs only require to see you initially once a week, and if therapy is invplved (hopefully), then it should be about an hour to an hour and a half once a week. Then, once you're stabilized, usually after 30-90 days, they will want to see you twice a month. I'm SURE you could swing something like that? I agree with Sarah too, about asking your PCP for help. What kind of doctor was your appt with?
Avatar n tn I am ordering Mario Badescu control cream, and i baught burts bees lip bulm, to see if that works, and under my eyes it looks like i have water pockets under them, all awollen. Seems alot of people have this condition, and hardly no remadys. I am not allergic to anything, I havent tryed anything new, I dont have Eccema, If i can find any remedys i will let every one know.
363243 tn?1331037450 Hi coco727272, I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I am not African American, I am of Sicilian decent. I also have had problems with hursutism. I had something called laser hair removal on my face to remove upper lip hair, chin, neck and "sideburn" hair. It is really very effective and permanently removes hair as the laser kills the hair's root. You'll probably always have some hairs because you can grow new ones at any time in your life but it kills the hairs that are there.
Avatar m tn In addition, he said, both daclatasvir and sofosbuvir are likely to be approved soon, with an indication for therapy in combination with the standard HCV drugs, pegylated interferon and ribavirin. There would then be nothing to stop doctors from using them together off-label, while avoiding the other two, which are associated with a host of adverse effects.
Avatar f tn At least really limiting all of the above. I also just read about oxygen therapy. It's supposed to be excellent for cluster tension headaches. Do a search on 'oxygen therapy for headaches.' Xanax is so addictive and comes with a list of side effects. I hope that isn't all your husband is taking and if he can he should try not to take it. There should be other options such as a naturopath and trying acupuncture.
190559 tn?1280615967 To make matters more complicated, our daughter reacted a bit when my husband and I expressed some doubts about the borderline finding, and she withdrew her permission for us to be involved with her health information and treatment decisions. Now the docs want to use electroshock therapy on our daughter! I have read that this treatment has had a comeback in the last 25 years, but it still carries some risks.
Avatar n tn I went to the allergist because I indicated that the last two times I had mint I had a swollen lip and the secodn time was painful as my lower lip swelled and hardened. I had to take benadryl both times. Then last night I used sesodyne toothpaste tarter controlled with whitener. My upper lip swelled a bit and I had to rinse immediately and go to bed in stress. I woke up fine so it was only a small amount.
Avatar f tn I don't dye my hair and have stopped using my shampoo, conditioner makeup and soap. I was using Vaseline Lip Therapy mega times of day. I have stopped using that after reading about petroleum products being an irritating. My lips are better but I am starting to think it is something else in the long list of PPD products. How can I find information on the printing dyes containing PPD? Any ideas?
Avatar n tn my face is an absolute mess after using dermalogica medibac kit for 2days, ive completely broken out, my skin feels like grit on my chin and upper lip, its completely red everywhere, ive been holding ice cubes to my skin to try and calm it, i dont know what to put on it? aloe vera gel? E45? nothing? what happened with yours?? hope your feeling better!
Avatar m tn I read a few artices about vit D and immunity and it looks like it upregulates innate immunity and downregulates addaptive immunity. There are so many research on this subject so there is no doubts that it is the truth. The question is how it works on our virus.
Avatar m tn I am currently on medication for depression and anxiety (Sertraline 100mg for about 6 weeks now) and receiving therapy. I had previously been on the SSRI called Aropax for about a year and a half when I was 25. (This left me with brain zaps which I get occasionally and also may be a possible alternative cause of the blurting). I have never brought this up my my doctor as I've just kind of accepted it as probably a residual effect of the bad trip but I do hate it!
Avatar f tn My first experience with BRP and migraines started 6 weeks after I suffered whiplash in an auto accident. That was 11 years ago. I have had blood tests, MRI's, allergy testing, massage therapy, ultrasound therapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, nerve testing in my neck & arms and taken Neurontin, gabapentin, and trazedone. Acupuncture worked for a while as did the drugs. However, I felt like I was in a mental fog with the drug treatments.
211940 tn?1267884866 once a week to physical therapy, twice a week to acupuncture, 600mg Advil 3-times a day and ice as often as I can remember. The physical therapy is minimal stretching. It is the most frustrating thing but it does seem to be getting better - I've been suffering for appx 4 months, I still have pain at night, but it's getting a little better.
Avatar n tn The weirdest thing for me was the frozen neck and lower lip. It didn't hurt so much, it was numb from the surgery.It went away after 1 week. It is all OK now. But after a few days I got gas in my chest and I couldn't burp since my throat area was numb. I got a bit of anxiety about that but my husband would burp me like a baby and then I would be fine. So for the next 3 days I would need to get burped! I fet crummy from the anestistia for the first 10 days and then it lifted.
Avatar f tn Then bang on the third day into my vit d therapy i was hit with heart palpitations,fatigue,fast heart hate,high blood pressure,tight chest,thirst,panic and frequent urination. Has anyone had these symptoms and has anyone fixed them by slowly building your dose up over time ?????