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Avatar n tn The newest treatment for age spots is an alpha hydroxy acid gel or beta hydroxy acid gel. Retin-A cream, alpha hydroxyacid peels, and liquid nitrogen therapy are other options. In case the symptoms persist then pls consult a dermatologist. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
Avatar f tn The newest treatment is an alpha hydroxy acid gel or beta hydroxy acid gel. Retin-A cream, alpha hydroxyacid peels, liquid nitrogen therapy,chemical peels and laser treatment are other options.Pls discuss these options with a dermatologist. Hope it helps. Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries. Kind regards.
Avatar m tn Sir, I am suffering from Vitiligo or Leucoderma of lower lip(half of that). I advised with a Dermatologist. He advised me the following medicines - 1. OCTAMOP 10mg 2. MELGAIN 3. PLACENTREX GEL Please advise me is the treatment on right tract? How much time it will take to cure permanently?
Avatar m tn I've been to the doctor today (a different one) and she's prescribed doublebase gel and hydrocortisone for around the lip. I'm really stuck and stressed out about it and i need help! Can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn After taking antibiotics I had sore gums and an ulcer inside my bottom lip, I have had this before and it has cleared up quickly with Daktarin oral gel. This time also had a dry circular area on the outside of my lower lip. I just assumed it would go away but 4weeks later it had peeled a few times but was still there. After reading the posts on this site I was looking for something to try and thought about the Daktarin.
Avatar f tn About 12 days ago I noticed my bottom lip started to swell. I had just used a new lipstick, the kind that stains the lips then you put on a clear coat. I have been using this type for many months. The lip was stinging, & burning along with the swelling. I also thought this was a reaction to some antibiotics I was on. I have never had this happen before. Now, 12 days later my lips are not swelled but they still have blisters that burn, even water from the shower burns them.
Avatar n tn So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated. About 2-3 weeks after that, I started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes. I could not apply the most mild lotion to those areas because it would burn, but it was so dry I wanted to do something.
Avatar m tn Well on my upper lip not my lip but my upper lip i got raw flaky red skin i had it for about 7 months now, I tried everything too heal it and it seems like nothing works? Even topical gel,When i take a shower it gets dry real fast. All i can do is use moisturizer too help it. When my skin heals it cracks and falls off, It does the same routine every time for the past 7 months. And it does not ITCH or anything and its not eczema!
Avatar n tn I am not sure whether the incompetent and dry lip have contribute to my lip condition. Recently i buy a lip gel from pharmacy(Mentholatum lip gel) which has improve my lip a bit but still will felt burning and dry sometime even the gel has been applied. Indeed, my main concern is the pigmented lip as it turn my lip unattractive. What drugs can i use to depigment my lip?
Avatar n tn The most commonly used would be Silica Gel or Topical Acyclovir Cream. Before embarking on a course of therapy, however, it would be wise to consult with a dermatologist, for if the infection leads to actual wounds, additional therapy, such as occlusion therapy, may be warranted. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. two days ago, I noticed some cold sores around my lower lip and mistakenly applied wart gel on it. It burned and later developed a dark looking spot around the area. what do I need to do to remedy this problem. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I really did not have acne problems before this began. I have been using duac gel and it reallt has not gotten much better. I have been told that laser treatment would be a great choice. What is the average price range for the laser removal of ingrown hairs? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Infected facial hair follicles (in-grown hairs)</a>.
Avatar m tn Vitiligo is a known side effect of accutane and could present similarly. High dose accutane therapy has also been associated with some amount of malignant potential and it is prudent to have a biopsy done to rule out the same. However there are also other less serious likely possibilities not related to accutane such as infection, inflammation, micronutrient deficiency etc, that could present similarly.
Avatar n tn In the past members noted above have discussed the potential for Testosterone Replacement Therapy for their low testosterone after doing tx. I just got test results back showing I am at the borderline of low normal, and low....about 300 ng/dl. After doing a LOT of reading about T ranges, and replacement, symptoms from low 'T', etc. I am beginning to think this may be a major part of my post-tx problems. The sx for low Testosterone are plentiful, and can be overwhelming.
Avatar n tn I have read that it's best to only use water-based products in or near our nose because petroleum based products CAN be inhaled and end up in our lungs cause nasty problems. Some names of these products include Ayr (made in a gel form), as well as KY jelly. It's also very useful to use a saline nasal wash. For more information about saline nasal washes, see this webpage: Best of luck!
1168718 tn?1464987135 , then, they give me a gel to use, ( it is itchy and it is super cold to put on) , needless to say, I am looking gfor something else, maybe the pill for hormones ??? , my question to you all is ...... When a HOT spell lasts more than a few minutes, and it turns into HOURS and HOURS, and you can't seem to breathe because you are so hot, and wiping the sweat off the lip thing too, and changing clothes alot as well, is this more of what you folks are talking about ???
Avatar n tn Now there are many hairs coming out from the location where the mole used to be, so that might also contribute to my feeling of it being raised, but I doubt it. The picture I've added is an image of the scar, right near the lip (I think it's fairly obvious, though it could resemble acne). This is about a week and two days after the scab came off, I've been applying my silicone strips pretty much 24 hours, and have recently begun using vitamin E oil and Cream as well. Link: http://imageshack.
Avatar m tn you aren't having ob's at this point so it's either treating ob's as they occur ( episodic therapy ) or daily suppressive therapy to reduce shedding and recurrences in general. ask your provider why 21 days and ask her to support her treatment with documentation as to why it does absolutely anything at all for you. there's no reason to just treat for 21 days at this point.
Avatar n tn Eight years ago I had a rash around my lip that I treated with a steroid cream, which then caused Perioral Dermatitis. My dermatologist gave my minocyline for 1 month and metro cream which completely cleared it up. Three months ago the dermatitis came back, I was not using any steriod cream at the time, but I believe it flared because of a new concealer I was using to cover a little redness around my nose.
Avatar n tn Then to top it off one of them was on the inside of my bottom lip and I kept accidently biting it with my front (beaver) teeth which after about the third or fourth time is terribly painful. It is enough to make me quit eating but you can't do that with incivek. My sinus stuff (even with rx antihistamines) has caused enough irritation to cause little sores in my nose too. How attractive is that? It is a good thing I am already married. I have a rash now on my arms and the small of my back.
3225924 tn?1347209584 Here are a few of my post-op suggestions that I posted the other day: - help with meals from friends or family - shower seat (you can get one for $15-20 at a big box store -- totally worth it) - hand-held shower sprayer, with suction attachment to hang shower head at proper height for sitting on your shower stool - chair in the bathroom to sit on while you're brushing teeth, etc.
1840891 tn?1431551393 It's very painful and quite debilitating. I complained to my PCP about how I couldn't take NSAID's, and she suggested I try Voltaren gel, a topically applied NSAID. She said if used as directed only very minute amounts would be absorbed into the general circulation. I googled the drug and immediately found an alarming FDA safety report at
442340 tn?1326821017 There is this stuff - usually in the toothpaste aisle at the store --- Called ORALBALANCE My mouth would dry out something fierce... and it really helped. Heating blanket for the nights when you get the chills Cold Gel Packs for when you get too hot A fluffy warm robe A soft slinky kimono robe Comfortable clothes -- like jammies or sweats and baggy stuff Silly stupid comedy Movies Games... Something to keep you occupied COFFEE --- Buy yourself a starbucks card NOW...
Avatar m tn unfortunately though i had unprotected oral sex (she had almost degenerated coldsore, gray appearance crust under her lip) after 1 week and half of that night i developed painful urination, itchy and tingling sensation at the tip of my urethra, i ran to urologist, he said it's probably NGU, because he haven't seen signs of herpes which are blisters on penis, he also didn't see discharge from penis, he then sent me to er to check if i had prostate infection but it came out negative, he did urin
495402 tn?1220621003 by Dr John G. McHutchison...... Q: What would you recommend for a patient who develops cheilosis with cracks at the corners of the mouth during peginterferon/ribavirin therapy? A: According to anecdotal responses from the Care & Counsel listserve articipants, various options may be helpful. Ms. Corbett, one of the cochairs for this series, recommended Kenalog (triamcinolone acetonide) in Orabase.
Avatar m tn physical therapy, steroid injections in spine, etc I also find gabapentin and tramadol to be somewhat helpful with the pain, but not the numbness. The question I have is, what else can I do to get a clearer diagnosis? What have you all tried?
Avatar n tn Yesterday (Monday) it was the same and I applied vaseline lip therapy which is in a tube. Monday nght i went to sleep and today I woke up (Tuesday) to real chapped and dry lips. Like it stung and it hurt to even move my lips. I washed my face and applied protreloum jelly. It sorta help with the stinging but it didn't. I went online and got freaked out by most of the things and I steralized my tooth brush and then exfoliated my lips.