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Avatar f tn hi i have my bottom lip a little swollen on one side, not real bad but a little bit and it tingles a bit and hurts but not bad just more of a tingle and burning feeling. there is no sores that i see. It started yesterday. What could this be, its only on one side. I don't think i ate anything that i haven't eaten before and no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn you know....BUT ANYWAY, one side of my vagina is extremely swollen, and itches occasionally, and sometimes burns, but this is very little. Why? Can I just put patrolleum on it? What is this?
Avatar n tn Her upper lip on the right side with the cap has been huge I have been icing it all throughout the night and morning but why would only her lip be huge ? Her cheeks are not swollen and the icing doesn't seem to be helping. Does this happen offten?
Avatar n tn I noticed that when i wear lipstick and drink out of a bottled water, my lip starts to swell on one side and then increase until it hurts. I am wondering what kind of allergic reaction could i have to cause this. This has happened four times this year.
5190611 tn?1364921737 Any who, yesterday I came back from work and didn't because I wasn't very hungry so I drank some milk and started on my homework and my lip started to tingle and then it started to swell from the left side and when I woke up, my whole upper lip was swollen and still is. Usually I would wake up with my lip feeling tingly and then it would swell or it would do that around 10:00 am or around 11:30 but never has this happened at night before.
Avatar f tn Like I said before one side of my vaginal lips is swollen, the left side, its only swollen where the lip meets the clitoris, my clitoris look a little purple but doesn't seen to hurt anymore. It stings to wipe to hard, and it only bothersome when I walk. When I'm sitting down I have a burning feeling only in the clitoris region! Please tell me if you have had a similar experience, or maybe if you might think it could be something!
Avatar n tn I have a dried lips I have put everything on them this has been a problem for 3 months. Also my lips are swollen and the redness and dryness more on one side of my mounth. I also have a area on my lower leg that is red and dry Have been for same amount of months. It the same size approx. about 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. I have put antibotic cream and all kinds of lotion and it is still there. Also on the left side of my mouth is the worse place. and my jaw also sore on that side.
1315373 tn?1274196785 And while I was watching my movie I felt itchy down there so I was itchying and it became kinda sore while itchying and I realized it was irittated and I turned the lights on and my lip is very red and inflammed swollen only the right side. and im really freaked out does anyone maybe know whats wrong?
Avatar n tn I believe that I probably have some sort of infection but not sure. Only one side of my vagina lip is swollen, hard and has little bumps. I'm trying to keep dry. What is wrong with me? I notice this happen on Saturady night after I had sweated a lot and didn't take a shower for a few hours because I was at work. I shaved and maybe it got irretated or something. Please help.
Avatar n tn so a few days ago my lips were very chapped and i kept biting at them and picking then i noticed the one side of my lip was kind of silcky feeling and i didnt understand it so i left it alone.. then the next day my lip was quite swollen on that side.. and its only half of my lip on the bottom right.. then today i wake up and my lips ten times fatter and is starting to scab where the silcky feeling was.. whats going on? what should i do?
Avatar f tn I had the same problem a few times last spring and summer and now it seems to be the same thing. My top lip would get swollen either on one side or the entire lip at night. It would usually be back to almost normal by afternoon the next day. It started out slowly with just minor tingling sometimes, then progressing into a lot of swelling and taking longer and longer to go down with each time it occurred. Occurrences also go more and more frequent.
Avatar f tn yesterday my boyfriend ate me out (oral ) and he was being to rough he was biting licking and everything , it hurt buh also felt good then he start sucking like he was trying to give me a hickey on my vagina nd he was on my clit now my left vag lip and left side of my clit is very swollen . I put ice on it last night and lip went down a little but my clit is still tripled it size I think it ripped a lil idk but it sometimes bleed a little .
1945970 tn?1324215554 My Lilly has the swollen lower lip issue also. She's had an all-around allergy shot and some anti-biotics to take, which really disrupts her digestive system. I give her some plain, Greek yogurt to help her appetite, but she still loses weight during the meds. I started reading around about the commercial foods causing allergic reactions. Lilly has a high white-blood cell count, so I guess her immune system is compromised. I've switched her and my 2 boys to gluten-free and grain-free food.
Avatar n tn I'm a bit concerned by my swollen tonsil on my right side that I've had for more than three months now. I've also recently been treated for a sinus infection that lasted about 2 weeks (given two series of Azthromycin) which seemed to knock the sinus thing back, but over the past three days the tonsil has become a bit more prominant, and it's starting to hurt a bit when I swallow.
307874 tn?1242759398 The neuro said I had a stroke at one time on the right side. It should be on the left side. So i do not know what is wrong. I have been thinking it could be ms. So - I just had a EEG and waiting on the results of that. I dont see my neuro until June again. I wonder if he will yell at me for asking for a lp? I guess it will have to be his idea. I have been having twitching and jerking like spells now.
Avatar f tn i had unprotected oral sex and now this morning one side of my mouth is swollen is this caused by and std?
Avatar f tn Ive just found another big lymph node on the back of my neck on the same side this one doesnt move and doesnt hurt! I it feels absolutely terrified that this could be cancer!
Avatar m tn Since my last exposure, around 6 weeks ago, the girl I have been dating just recently had some blisters appear on her lip line and we believe it maybe Herpes because it has been 3 weeks and it's still healing on her lip. Well anyways we both decided to get tested for STD's and sure enough I wanted to get tested for Herpes as well since I did not know my HSV 1 or HSV 2 status, she doesn't either, we both got tested at 5 weeks post our oral exposure.
Avatar n tn Well I had one on my right lip on the border of my lip and skin, and it was pretty red and it was a white head. After a few days I got sick of it and popped it, and then washed my face and put some neosporin, so it wouldn't get infected, and now it's healing.
Avatar f tn my middle age cats bottom lip is swollen on only one side. does not seem to be in any pain. eating and drinking normally.sleeping and playing normally.
Avatar n tn then i noticed my left side of my virgina lip is swollen where as the end was laying flat on one side. then i started itching. so i stuck my finger in and noticed that i pulled out this white clumpsy discharge. i used nyastin itching cream which the itching stopped but when i was showering my vagina lips started burning with soap. when i looked i had some minor bruises on it.
279234 tn?1363108849 Sometimes I choke for no reason at all (on my own saliva). At one time, the doctor noted that I had no gag reflex on the one side but eventually it came back. Santana-I'm talking with my doctors about Sjogrens. I'm not sure if they are going to try to get my old lip biopsy results or not. They are in a different state where I use to live. I do have swollen glands in my neck that stay swollen. Sometimes they are painful, other times they aren't but they are always enlarged.
Avatar f tn Today my bottom lip started swelling on one side, thought it was going to be a fever blister but never did form one and then went away, now most of my top lip is swollen even worse than the bottom one earlier today. I also noticed I now have two itchy welts/bumps one on my head and one at the hairline on my forehead, and another on my side. I have had a few random welts like this before along my waist and sides but just always thought they were bug bites, but now I don't think they are.
Avatar n tn I have a dry, rough patch on the right side of my top lip and dry, rough patch on the left side of my bottom lip. It feels a little like sand paper when I rub my lips together. I went the the doctor and she told me fever blister, but I've had those before and I KNOW it's not and it doesn't hurt or ooze. I then went to a dermatologist and he said it was dermatitis and gave me a mild steriod ointment, which hasn't worked. I called him back and he is baffled now.
Avatar n tn I have allergies to foods, but it usually results in hives around my body and sometimes swelling of the tongue and throat (which I'm already at the E.R when it begins), but never has one side of my lip swelled and not went down. I have no hives or any signs of an allergic reaction. Could it be irritation as I was playing video games and biting the bottom left side of my lip and proceeded to eat salty foods? Is it normal?
Avatar f tn Hello. I have little bumps on my lower lip and I need help. I woke up one morning and my lips felt itchy, then I looked at the mirror and I saw these tiny little bumps on the right side of my lip, actually it's on the border and down to my skin. But it's not noticeable until you look at it very closely, and it makes that side of my lip swollen. My lips are also very dry and chapped. The bumps side of my lips feel tingling, burns a little and is itchy.