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Avatar m tn Then, recently, I had a bunch of dental work, and one particularly bad procedure left me with two large, painful cold sores on my lip, despite my taking 2 g of Valtrex 12 hours apart. The baby is now about two years old. I am determined to avoid transmitting this to her, but her hands are in my face all the time, and I'm worried about her. Whenever I think she's touched my mouth, I wash her hands right away, and I compulsively watch my own hands.
Avatar n tn Hello. My toddler has a chapped lip too, just the upper middle part. It's been chapped for 1 mo. Dr. said it is NOT herpes, just chapped. Carmex turned her into lip balm addict. She pick constantly just to get more. Then I read about the camphor in it and pharmastist said NOT to use it for chapped lips b/c it's really desgined to dry out cancer soars, which she doesn't have. Pharmastist and Dr. both rec. vaseline -- white pet. jelly.
Avatar n tn I have HSV-1, and had tingling sensation on my bottom lip, which I observed was a cold sore crusted, anyways, I dropped my toddler off to daycare, and kissed him on his cheek, saying bye. I then realized that I tried to kiss him with the left side of my lips, as opposed to the right side, but my son turned his cheek slightly, causing my whole lip to come in contact with his cheek. Now I'm worried.
Avatar f tn I did not have appear to have an oral outbreak (cold sores) at that time. There were possibly some canker sores that resolved themselves within a day. Now more than 3 months later, I have what looks like a canker sore but I am not sure if its intraoral herpes. There is one ulcer (white/yellow inside with a surrounding red halo) that is about oval shaped about a cm below the gum line. It is a bit painful when touched but otherwise not. It has been there for about 2 days now.
Avatar n tn We had her tested but were told by some on this forum that the test would not be accurate on a toddler. We are certain that she has oral herpes based on the repeated red spots on her lips. Sadly, she has had 8-12 minor outbreaks in the last 11 months. My question is this: On about three occasions when she has had a minor outbreak, she had complained about pain in her genital area. The first time, the doctor said she had a UTI after taking a urine sample.
Avatar m tn pick safer places to kiss him - the top of his head ,his forehead and his cheeks ( unless he has an active rash on those areas ). you also can make a game out of kissing him for when you have cold sores - teach him "hollywood" kisses as I like to call them - very loud and overly exaggerated air smooches on both sides of the face like they do on award shows. It's a good way to protect him when you have an active cold sore.
Avatar f tn Its two small very painful and tender blisters which look almost like bug bites but they do not itch but they feel much like cold sores and are not open yet. I have had HSV 1 orally for as long as I can remember. When I was a child I frequently had outbreaks on my lip. When I was 15 I had an outbreak on my nose and then again when I was 22 I had another outbreak on my nose.
Avatar n tn He thinks there are cold sores on top lip, and a reaction to lip balm on bottom lip. I do not agree with his assesment. Since her lips swell and tingle after eating certain foods, I think an allergy is more likely what it is. She was allergic to all berries as a toddler. She broke out in rashes, but outgrew that allergy. He refused to give her an epi-pen which I wanted to have on hand, just in case. She discontinued the lip balm anyway. Just started using neosporin lip balm instead.
195469 tn?1388326488 Some people, though never get cold sores. Those that do, usually do not just simply get the lesion on the lip, nose, chin wherever. The lesions often are prompted by a physical "stressor" such as a major event, stress in life, a respiratory infection, menstrual cycle, etc. Before the lesion shows there is a brief shower of the virus into the blood stream - a viremia. Often people who get the sores have a day or so of fever (also called fever blisters), headaches, myalgias.
Avatar n tn Here is my dilemma. I'm a widowed female. Met a guy (unknownHIV status), on 1 occasion he preformed oral on me, and ejaculated on my chest,frottage. Next day noticed a scratch on my breast and worried about HIV exposure. next- oral on me, frottage and I perf.brief oral on him with no ejaculation in my mouth, on himself & my sheet.1 day aft 1st- 2 sores between my breast that hurt & lasted almost 3 wks.HSV? on your chest?
Avatar m tn I don't see how your results are clear if you have cold sores since cold sores are indeed herpes. Anyway, what you are describing as far as with the twitchings mainly in the legs is what I am dealing with to this day (now 6 months since encounter). This is far too common to just pass off as anxiety in my opinion. And nobody seems to have a good answer. I'm thinking about going to get blood tested again very soon. Hopefully, i will get some closure.
Avatar n tn Starting this off I will say that I was tested for everything under the sun 2 years ago when I got out of an abusive relationship (and pregnant). Everything then was normal. I had my regular woman's health appt a few weeks ago and they did the HPV and the swab STD tests (chlymidia, etc..) & they came back normal.I hadnt had sex in 2 years until last weekend. I had way too much to drink & not only had sex with my boyfriend, but VERY rough and unprotected sex. YEs I know it was stupid.
3115375 tn?1343780737 but, prior to when I showered I found a white head looking thing on the outside vaginal lip-between the lip and my thigh area.
Avatar f tn I am constantly biting the skin in my lower lip, upper lip and cheeks. Its almost subconscious at this point. I have had OC's in the past that were extremely annoying because they never ended. Light switch on and off 50 times, etc. After a few years of this I finally got pissed because deep down I knew this meant nothing. In fact, I got so mad I said to myself I was stopping and I did.
Avatar n tn Hey, you two, here's a couple of big hugs from a stranger in the same situation first. I know how confusing, scary and frustrating it can be. I went to "Affordable Dentures" in Spokane, Washington to have mine made. Even for being affordable they were quite spendy. My mother put most of it on her Care Credit insurance and the other half she paid for with her debit card. I'll tell you about my experience so far, k?
Avatar n tn I had surgery in 1996 to remove a small tumor from my pituitary gland and they had to go under my upper lip and thru my nasal passage for it. Since 96 I have dealt with a fissure. It never completely healed. It gets so bad I have to use a sterile bobby pin to grasp the scab and peel it out. I also use quips to help clean it out and apply neosporin. I've been living with this for 16 years...and it's no better.
Avatar n tn I have to spend half the week curled in bed with stomach pains while trying to nurse and care for my toddler. It is depressing beyond all means. From reading others around the internet world I know this is a viable problem and is not a simple "stomach virus". Does anyone have some answers for what this could be, possible medications to treat it, and prognosis? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Let whatever is in your nose and sinuses drain slowly out of your nostrils, while the hot water of the shower falls on your chest. Put a finger across your top lip if you don’t like the salty water getting in your mouth. After about 20 seconds, snort inward, so the mucus goes into your throat, then do some hawking, and spit it out of your mouth. Repeat once or twice. Then, close one nostril, and blow out the open nostril as slowly and gently as you can.
Avatar n tn My scalp has gotten really really itchy over the past few years, to the point where there is always sores all over my scalp from scratching so much. I have been checked for lice several times but def. do not have it. The Fatigue and intense leg pain has made life unbearable, ive had to stop working. i can hardly take care of my toddler not to mention maintain my relationship with my husband.
Avatar n tn She took a look at my eyes and she said it looks just like his sores on his body thats on my eyes. She let me try some of his steroid cream and his strong antibiotic ointment and it has cleared up almost completely overnight. Im relieved finally! My eyelids were so bad that they were bleeding, red, swollen, and a layer of skin peeled off on top of my eyelids and underneath them everyday.
211940 tn?1267884866 Since I am pregnant, I can't take ibuprophen or get x-rays so I really don't know what to do. I also have a toddler that I lift a lot so maybe that's causing it. Anyway, I'm not so happy that other people are having the same pain, but relieved to know that I'm not crazy. I don't think it's carple tunnel - I don't have any numbness in my hands - at least, not yet.
Avatar m tn No actual bites, rashes, bugs, sores, or anything of the nature is ever visible. Occurs more at night, while laying down than any other time. The sensation occurs throughout my entire body, no area is exempt from this sensation, and it seems to be completely random, at times I'll feel it on my arm, then my face, then leg, then arm again, etc, no pattern.