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Avatar n tn Canker sores are in the mouth, not on the lip itself. Therefore: 1. Could this be a herpes 1 lesion that just showed up now? From my limited knowledge of HSV, my understanding is that they typically don't bleed. Yes, it could. Sometimes they'll bleed if rubbed. 2. Is this just an odd canker sore in an odd location? Doubt it. 3. I'm worried if it is contagious that I should not be kissing on my kids or husband. I don't want to pass it to anyone.
Avatar n tn im 14 and i have a white blister on my top lip and i know this isnt std or herpies etc my mum says its the cold but it wont go away what is it?
Avatar n tn He just had to get a shot last week b/c he had sores all over his belly from biting and scratching. Now he has a fat bottom lip. He had the same thing in February, got a shot and it went away. I read that fish based foods can cause allergies. He only eats chicken flavored food but I had just given him a salmon flavored treat a day or so before the lip flare up. Anyway, I know that the vet will not want to give him another steroid shot so soon after the other one.
Avatar f tn I have had horrible cold sores for 14 years. B4 that, nothing. My initial outbreak was on my nose. Huge blister massive facial swelling that led to hospitalization for a month and diagnosed with herpes encephalitis. Since then only massive blisters, size of a plum. Cannot see shape of nose. When out brake frms on my lip it's so large it swells to the bottom of my chin. B4 I would have an out brake once a year, now it's almost every month.
Avatar m tn I stopped right there out of shame and went away. I love my wife and kids and never cheated on her ever. I really regret what i did. I was really missing my wife and should have controlled my desires. was i at risk? Skin to skin or wound contact for few seconds a risk? Can i get herpes here? will i need to test? Its been nearly 4 weeks..i saw no blisters and all I fear to touch my wife..i fear i may give her something like herpes..please help me I will never betray her.. i pray to God..
Avatar f tn I actually have simplex 1 in my eye! I was an orthodontic technician and worked on kids with braces and it wasnt uncommon for their saliva or particles of food caught in their braces to go flying when removing wires and things like that. Well there was a girl who had cold sores in her mouth, her saliva went in my eye, and two weeks later I got a horrible eye infection which lead to three weeks of being completely blind due to a cold sore right over my pupil!
Avatar m tn I am on week 10 (test came back negative for 1 +2 but I had symptoms, not the classic patch of blisters or sores. Just a painful bump on my penis for like three weeks, pain urinating , chills (no flew, I almost never get sick). Never got a swab because it was a bump. Both docs that I went to said it did not look like it and one removed it surgically. Anyways, back to me. Got involved with a woman that seems not to know that she was HSV-2 positive.
Avatar n tn Well its freakin 5 hours later and i have little blisters forming not on the inside of my lip but on the outside of my lip....they are now tingling, hurting and burning all over my lip just like all the herpes symptoms! I have been with the same man for 13 years and I am completely appauled when i look in the miiror as well as totally freaked out and lips felt funny within 10 minuets of popping the first one i should have called my god damn dr and never popped it.....!
Avatar f tn Thank you, one more question is the virus in your saliva too and not only on your lip and when are you actually contagious...are you contagious before the tingle or is that the start of it being contagious. I'm pregnant and due in a couple weeks and now I'm nevous about it spreading.
Avatar f tn I am familiar with the liquid as my older child went on it for two months because he was getting cold sores constantly. It worked, he rarely gets them, maybe one small one since then. their md does not want to start my younger one yet because of his age and potential side effects to the liver etc.. It seems that peanut butter, which he eats constantly causes him to break out with them. In my constant research it appears this is true due to the lysine vs arginine.
Avatar n tn about a month ago I noticed about 3 small bumps on my lip. I made out with a girl about 4 or 5 days prior to noticing them, however I suppose it's possible that they were there before and I just didn't look. They are painless and haven't changed really since I've noticed them. I am worried that these could be hsv, although from everything I've read it doesn't seem to be the case, but I don't have health insurance so it's hard for me to see a doctor.
Avatar f tn Also forgot to mention I have no had any cold sores. I have had a pimple on the bottom lip line a week ago but my doctor said it was a pimple because it had white puss.
Avatar m tn She had total of 11 sores on her face. Mostly around her lip. Around the edge of her lips. They were some what small. over the last day or so they have erupted into big oozing sores. 2 at the top but not on her lips. 3 or 4 below her lips. 1 on her nose and for head and a massive oozing sore about the size of a dime on her ear lobe. No fever at all. Went to doc and they ere not concerned, the said it will go away on its own. It seems like herpes but Ive never seen anyone get it this bad.
Avatar f tn Ok, I've last seen person B in Oct 5 2009 and noticed that i got blisters on my lip a week later after being with him. On two occasions, the first, i noticed a scab on his groin. second time i met up with him few weeks later, i noticed he got something that looks very similar to herpes and they are next to his eyes. He said that he gets them from the sun. A STD lab work was done, they were all negative except this one. A Herpeselect type speccific test was done.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am on Pegetron and Rib 1000 daily and am on week 16. I have noticed that I am getting sores in the corners of my mouth. The skin breaks very easily and has been, for me, impossible to heal. Is this a side effect and if it is how can I treat it ? I have tried chapstick so it doesn't get irritated but it doesn't stop the sores from hurting. Any ideas ?
Avatar f tn Thanks Grace. Found a blister on my eye lid.... now i'm quite worried. Only because i don't know about ocular herpes. I seen her (The doc) today and she couldn't tell me what it was that is going on. Strep swab negative. Didn't do any other testing. I got home and my eye was itching like crazy.. I looked at it and I have a 1 mm clear blister in the crevas of the top eye lid..
Avatar m tn 12/16/12 – (12 hours later) noticed rough dry skin spot (flaky cold sore like, but this spot never bubbled up blister wise) on side of lower lip. I also had an area of raised aggravated skin above lip on face (just kind of raised skin with no blisters & this area never opened up or lesioned). Also had a very thin linear open crack on crease of skin between eyes on forehead (developed a day or so later I think).
Avatar f tn my kids are too the point they dont want me to eat at all. another thing i keep getting sores well yellow things around my mouth upper lip or lower lip 2 times now its turned into staph and had to get it drained under anthestia. also i got weak and dizzy back in november and since then i been weak on my right side the side is funny feeling to my upper right leg and my right arm. i ben having headaches as well and i really never had them before. i dont have heartburn or anything else.
Avatar n tn The next day a very dark dry scab showed up on the left side of my lip. It was very sensative. The next few days the skin on my lips was splitting & peeling. As I pull the skin off, it hurt and would leave open skin. Does anyone know what this is. My boyfriend has a very bad yeast infection I believe. He never got help for it. So when I go get cured, he gives it to me over and over again but this time I don't know what this is. My lips feel like plastic.
Avatar m tn And ask if it is positive, to get it typed. Even if you have herpes on your lip, so does the majority of the US population have HSV 1 infection, most of it oral. And they kiss their kids all the time. Best to avoid kissing when sores are present, but the kind of kiss you would give you children is not the kiss you would give a lover, and so transmission risk are very very different.
Avatar n tn I was taking a shower the other day and felt something painful and hard on my right inner lip on my vagina. I totally freaked out. I just went to my GYN three weeks ago and was tested for everything (I've been with the same guy for 4 years now) and everything was negative. I've been putting warm wash clothes and taking warm baths every night, so hopefully it'll go away soon.
Avatar n tn I think your description fits the sort of lumps I get on my fingers. They don't come on the palmar surface of my fingers, just the sides and tops... and never on the back of the hand, only just to the joint where the finger meets the hand (MCP joint). They measure between ~2mm and ~8mm in size (usually 3-4mm), are red and slightly raised, and aren't filled with fluid. Clumping around the joints is more likely than on the shaft of the phalanges. They're painful (well...
Avatar n tn or a scab on your lip that is herpes and little bumps show up on your fingers be careful. For the rest of us keep the stress low and pay attention to what you are contacting with your hands.
Avatar n tn Then I noticed a bump on her upper lip. I am not sure if it was herpes (it was the same color as her skin and didn't really look blistery, but hey, it seems from photos I've seen, herpes doesn't look the same on everyone), but lets just say that it was.......I waited to get to my next destination, and wiped it with some dry toilet paper, and a few hours later, tried to wipe it with soapy water. I don't know how effective this is, but is seemed like something to do.
Avatar m tn cool, i did read somwhere not to share towels if you have genital herpes, wel shouldnt share towels anyways, so its impossible for one with hsv II to have a shower, using a towel (wiping on the sores), then another person say with a cut on the lip,nose or face, using the same towel to dry their face, this would be impossible to pass on right?
Avatar n tn Now, the child didn't know any better...but I am very concerned about getting herpes either on my face or on my lips. The only area that the lips actually touched was my forehead, but I don't know anything more about oral herpes in that you shouldn't kiss/share food with a person who gets them. Am I at any risk at all? A friend of mine put sanitizing solution in my hair within roughly 20 minutes of the child kissing my forehead.
Avatar f tn The next night I went to the toilet and wiped my bottom and it stung. I had a look in the mirror and there was 2 red sores just on the inside of both cheeks one on each side directly across from each other they werent open sores just looked like chaffing. I waited a week and they pretty much healed in that time. Anyway I still went to the doctor and she said that the marks where the sores were dont look like herpes as the skin wasnt broken at all.
Avatar n tn After two days I could see a difference. Now it has been two weeks. He doesn't itch any more. The sores have healed, the flaking on his eyelids have healed. I took him to the doctor this morning for something else and I told the doctor about the "miracle cure". He blew me off and made it seem like it was going to heal on it's own anyway. Whatever! Thanks to everyone who posted about the control cream. You don't know what this has meant to my son.