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Avatar n tn I have been trying to loss 60 lbs for the past 2 years and had no result. I have a friend in Tampa Fl. that is on B12 shot and has lost over 50 lbs. Please email the information to ***@****. Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn We are now looking at a very expensive therapy, Xolair (Omalizumab) injections at $750 a pop. Before taking the plunge I am seeking personal experiences with this ************** for autoimmune urticaria so that we can make a more informed decision. I have read a number of studies and understand that immediate and delayed anaphylaxis has occurred on rare occasion in clinical trials. Any stories would be helpful to know.
Avatar n tn to begin a weight loss program here in Tampa , FL which includes the B-12 shots. My goal is to lose 30 lbs. I have heard nothing but good results from the prrogram. The lady who answered the phone said she has lost 21 lbs in 1 month. I plan to exercise and follow the program step by step. TRUST, if I don't see results I will let you all know!! I am very excited.
Avatar n tn I'd also like to know if anyone is using subcutaneous injections with success rather than intramuscular. SC injections can be given with an insulin needle, it is less painful and the needles are cheaper so I'd rather do that than IM injections. Those little buggers kinda hurt. I'm on day two of the vlcd and I've lost about 4 pounds so far. It was getting bad, I was up to 334 before going down to the 500 calorie diet. I must have gained 10 pounds in the gorging phase!
Avatar f tn This is much more invasive than the injections but the itch is so crazy I think that all of us are willing to do anything to get rid of it. It is a horrible itch! Also, since I've been in a few car accidents, my neck is straight (I've lost the natural curvature of the neck), and my trapezius muscle is tensed up. My shoulders are like bricks. The pain management doctor is going to give me some trigger point injections to relax the muscle.
Avatar f tn I had Pituitary Tumor Surgery in June 2003 at Tampa General Hospital Well I was very tired for the first 3 years now I have a little more energy But I have been having trouble sleeping at night. I cant seem to get on a regular schedule. I don't know if others have had this problem I did go to the VA But I was told I do nt have sleep apnea. So its not that.I was divorced soon after the surgery my ex wife did not like me not being able to work.