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Avatar n tn The first day I got the Lipotropin Injections my side hurt and I got a migran. The migran and headacks have went down but my side still hurts. So I gess I will talk to the doctor when I go to get my weekly injection. By the way we can get them and take them home if we chose to.
Avatar f tn One day while biting and picking at my lips I noticed that one part that I was biting on the bottom of my lip started to hurt, since I never realize that I pick at my lip and bite it, I noticed that everytime I bit that area it hurt but if I left it alone it didn't hurt well after a few hours before bed time I looked in the mirror and only saw dry lip, but I picked at that area again and it hurt so being a lip picker I ripped the dry skin off and noticed clear fluid came out, it didn't bleed.
Avatar f tn For some time now I have had this little pimple like bump on the inside of my bottom lip. It doesn't look like a pimple. It's on the inside of the skin. It doesn't hurt, it's just there and it bothers me. I noticed after I had made out with my friend, and he had bit my lip several times. Any ideas on what it could be?
Avatar f tn Hi, I've got this sore on my bottom lip that's been there for years now. It has never gone away. It's slightly darker than the rest of my bottom lip. It leeks out clear stick fluids at random times everyday. The sore is flat and not vert visible but when I put something on my lips like mentholatum, chapstick, or lip gloss the sore raises up, is more visible, and fluid comes out of it even more than usual.
Avatar m tn i have had this bump on my lip for about 2 years now nd it wont go away. I cant pop it or anything nd its on my bottom lip on the side i mean what could it be i try to hide it when im tlking to people nd everything. Also my bottom lip is dry nd wrinkley to so i put blistex on nd i mean its fine but wen the blistex goes away its right back to dry and wrinkley man.i do have fordcye thought....wat is it can some one please help me out!!!
Avatar f tn There are two small white bumps on the inside of my lower lip. They hurt when my tounge touches them. Please explain what this could be.
Avatar n tn I am reading about the Lip-O-Den and how it claims to work quickly for those who want to lose weight fast on the website!? I am presently going to a clinic in Houston that offers the HCG/B12 shots for $12. Is there a clinic in Houston that offers the Lip-O-Den? I know you can purchase from Thoughts anyone!!?
Avatar n tn If you look at most of the ingredients in your lip glosses/chapsticks/or any other lip product that you are allergic to, you can almost pinpoint what is causing your bad reactions. It's different for everyone, so I can't provide an answer for you guys, but I can tell you that I am allergic to Chapstick, Carmex, MAC lipglasses/glosses soft lips, and other random free chapsticks that I had gotten as gifts, ie rosebud's.
Avatar f tn About 7 weeks ago, I was eating outside, when all of a sudden I felt my lower lip swell. At that very moment, there was a wasp buzzing around my face so I immediately thought it may have been a sting, even though it didn't hurt. It was only swollen to a small lump on one side, and looked a bit like a blood blister. It got slightly bigger throughout the day, but since then gets bigger and smaller in size, depending on whether I accidently bite it or not!
4007201 tn?1349029166 I have a water bubble on my lip, now I am a person that loves to rip skin off of my lip, and I'm not sure if I recall ever having this before, I feel like I have but I am not sure, any way, I have this water bubble (well not such a clear looking bubble but it is a bump with water in it), its just swollen, its on my bottom lip, there are like two little dots like "booboos" so I don't think this is a cold sore, I feel like it came from me peeling my skin off, you know when you hurt your
Avatar m tn So Ive just notice I have this dry patch on my top lip at first I though my lip was just dry so I applied my Vaseline coco butter lip balm. But it doesn't go away it comes back every morning so i would pick off the dry skin and it would come back again. Ive have this for a few days now its a dry patch of skin and a little puffy now but i think that's because Ive been picking the skin also there are tiny bumps that i can see but not feel under they dry patch.
Avatar n tn I have one small round bump in the posterior part my lower lip. Doesn't hurt but I feel discomfort as it gets rubbed with teeth that I poke it with needle and drain fluid, mostly blood accumulated. But it never goes away. I have it for last 6-7 months. I tend to bite it thinking that it may have developed pus and it turns out wrong. HELP please.
Avatar n tn Two days ago I noticed a small bump in the middle of my upper lip. It seemed to appear overnight. It doesn't hurt, and feels like there's denser part in the middle about 2 mm across. If I look close, the centre may be whitish. I've made an appointment with my dermatologist, but that's two weeks away. Any idea what this bump is?
1267991 tn?1270322883 I have a little red bump on my inner bottom lip so i woke up one day and it was there its very red but it doesnt hurt at all i do have a habit of biting the skin off of my lips and by the way i'm 12 is this normal
Avatar f tn for about a week now i've had a small clear bump on the inside of my bottom lip. It's clear as can be and it looks a little dark in the middle. It does not hurt it's more just bothersome knowing it's there. I woke up this morning and it's bigger than before. Does anyone know what this could be? I did research and i don't think it's a canker sore. My email is ***@**** for any serious help.
Avatar m tn Over the last couple of weeks, I developed a red bump on the inside of my lower lip, it is right near the mouth opening....It doesnt hurt or bother me, i just noticed it there. I had read something on the internet not too long ago that said red patches that dont go away can be cancer. It isnt a patch though, it is a bump, and there is a little red dot near it that isnt raised. I did a little research, and there is something else called perioral dermititis....could it be that? What do you think?
Avatar m tn hi, i just notes a white dot in my lower lip and its almost like a pimple, it does not hurt, and the white dot is hard, do you know what it can be ? image:
Avatar m tn So now, its almost looks like there's a crater-like blemish on the inside of my lip. It doesn't hurt unless I try to move my lip more than a little(eating tough/chewy foods is brutal) and acidic fruits aren't fun either. Never had a cold sore, and the current sore looks clean, as there is no blood, redness, or discoloration(it's actually got a clearish gray hue to it).
547836 tn?1302836432 all kinds of things are happening nearing the end of tx, i've got 9 more weeks to go after 39 injections of Pegasys so far. just 4 days ago, i was eating some cereal and a flake cut between my gum and tooth in the back of my mouth, it hurt for about 3 days and stopped hurting today, didn't want to take any antibiotics bc those give me terrible diarrhea, so i thought i'd skip if i could bc i'm already having enough bloating troubles.
Avatar m tn I have had this small red bump on my lower lip for 3 weeks now. It does not hurt at all. It is on the outer lip, it is visible when my mouth is closed. It is red in color. Any clue to what it is, and what the treatmeant are?
Avatar m tn i got this blister looking bump on my inner outter upperlip it is a light fleshtone color shaped like a u its been here for a month it does not hurt and the only tingling i get is when im at work in a hot dry kitchen the kind of tingle u get before chapped lips and im kind of getting freaked out about it i dont know what it is ive kissed my kids and im kind of worried that it could be herpes or something real bad i would go see a doc but i have no insurance.
Avatar m tn I have a bump on the inside of my lip, which is visible from the outside of my mouth. It is raised up from the skin, and appeared about a week ago. You can see a picture here: I would estimate this is about 7mm wide and 6 mm tall. This is from about 5 days ago, since then it has stayed about the same size and gotten dark red on half of it from blood on the inside.
Avatar m tn This lump is small about oh 4 millimeters wide and 2-3 tall fairly small but obvious , it may or may not have originated after a bite to the lip i am not sure about this (tho i have bitten it countless times some quite bad from when i noticed it to this day) , the lump's color and texture is identical to my lip , it is clearly not filled with liquid its just a lump of flesh , it does not hurt unless i bite it , it basically feels like any other patch of skin.
Avatar n tn Seven years ago i was stupid and I went to an unlicensed lady and had my lips injected with what I thought was collagen but turned out to be medical grade silicone I think. I am wondering if the thing on my lip has anything to do with the injections and if aldera is going to adversely effect the silicone in my lip? I don't know if anyone has every had any of these adverse reactions or problems? ?
Avatar n tn Firstly, it appears that the dentist numbed the wrong part of my mouth as the top was numbed, and the work was to be down on a lower tooth. One of the injections caused a shooting, burning pain along my cheek and radiated towards my eye. After which the dentist left. A while later, the dentist returned, when asked if my lower lip was numb I responded that the top was numbed, the dentist was surprised and gave me more injections and immediately began drilling.
Avatar n tn ve noticed reoccurring blisters in the inside of my bottom lip. it goes away n comes back in a few days sometimes the same spot. I have a doctors appt next week, n ive been tested for HIV n AIDS THIS im worried because its doesn't hurt just annoying! HElP?
Avatar n tn I dont kno kow long i have the but i have like allot off lumps in my bottom lip and some in my uper they dont hurt and look like lip skin. They are underneath the skin and are 3 a 4 mm big. Ik can move them from place like 0.5cm. When i pull down my lip i see some white spots but there are no lumps underneath. The lumps are left and right like 1 cm underneath the lip line ( on the inside ), like 3 left and 5 right and also 2 i feel right underneath the lip line on the inside.
Avatar n tn Also, some times one of the injections givien coul have gotten into the tendon and can cause pain and inflamation for several days. Try stretching it often during the day and it should get better soon.
Avatar m tn of the incision site and it's a bit hard when I touch it. No it doesn't hurt, it just feels a bit hard. My skin on my lip seems to be peeling skin but I think it's because of the POLYSPORIN.(maybe I'm wrong). So in summary, the lip looks bit swollen but does not hurt. It has been 2~ weeks since my minor surgery. A bit of skin white 'dried?' skin on my lip that peels off. I apply POLYSPORING once every night around my lower lip.