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Avatar n tn Are there any side effects from taking any one of the above injections? I would appreciate any help I can get. I've spent so much money on products that didn't work and it's quite frustrating to take drugs that have uncomfortable side effects and you don't see any results after suffering through them. Help.....
Avatar n tn So glad to see I'm not weird!! I have recently had a reaction but it took me a little while to figure out it was the lip balm. A couple years ago I had a serious reaction to burts bees original lip balm. Unfortunately, it took two separate reactions to figure out what it was. I had used burts bees for years and then all the sudden became allergic. I put it on before bed and when I woke up, my lips were swollen three times their normal size, bright red, sore and peeling.
Avatar f tn i had the start of a root canal and a bad infection .the infection is gone but the numbness isnt i have heard all the horror stories but does anybody have good news like hey i have feeling again!please give me somthing to make me not feel so nervous about this problem.
Avatar n tn I had a lip injection done about 3 wks ago. I've gone to same dr for three previous lip injections each lasting about 8 months. I've never had complications frm the injection other than the usual swelling and bruising and have always been satisfied w results. However, this last visit I had a mixture of juvederm plus mixed w a new hyaluronic acid filler that I've never used b4. I was happy w results until about 2 wkd after visit when I started noticing unusual pain and enormous swelling.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else suffer from bad anxiety after eating a large meal? I've been having panic attacks after eating. Abotu 10 minutes after I get finished eating, I will get very nervous/anxious feeling and I have heart palps. Almost everytime I eat a large meal this happens, so I'm guessing it is a panic attack.
Avatar n tn Hello, Since the blister in your lips and under the tongue is painless, mucocele is an important possibility. It is a rubbery, bubblelike painless swelling. It is usually inside the lower lip, under the tongue or the inside of mouth and caused mainly by biting the lips or trauma during eating of food. The other possibility for such a swelling under the tongue is a blockage in a salivary duct, possibly caused by a salivary duct stone. Usually a mucocele goes away on its own.
Avatar m tn Hello , on 7th dec, i went to a brothel, i had a massage, kissing( mostly lip kissing but also some tongue) and then a unprotected blowjob 1) i had a open-cut near my upper mouth( thats because i shaved my beard 5 hours ago before i went out to the brothel, and accidently had a cut quite near my lip). i am sure during the kissing, her tongue/mouth toucheed that cut many times and saliva was over that open-cut.
219241 tn?1413541365 Oh my aching split lip! 4 plus hours yesterday afternoon in the dentist that guy a masochist or what???? He is a lovely guy, funny too. He was nice and made sure I had two horse injections of numbing agent in to the top gum line. Got out his buzz saw and promptly zapped away my old teeth.....THAT was the point of no return for me. I got a little sad, but was eager then to get on with it.
Avatar m tn I am not a Dr, but have gone through this for over a year and cause has yet to be determined...They think maybe Post Viral caused the neuropathy.. Almost worse than the pain is find a DR that hangs in with you even when almost every test is negative..They need to find a reason..And, if it is idiopathic, then you will need to find med and treatments on your own that help..Dont just hang in there with one med..I could not have survived without Tramadol..
984010 tn?1255799738 Did your docs do any lab work such as ANA or SSA or SSB blood test? What meds did she give you? I have SS,Lupus and Fibo, RA and I have gone through the gaunlet of meds and nothing has worked except pain medication. Right now my doc is tring Cellcept. The jury is still out. But I have been on steroids, Plaquenil, Arava, Methotrexate and now Cellcept.
Avatar n tn I had to have extra injections to numb the area after one and a half hours. The following day both cheeks were swollen. I thought this would be reasonably normal after so much drilling and grinding and believed it to be bruising. Now three days later I look like the lion in wizard of oz. I have some numbness to the top lip. Tongues fine. My right cheek is worse. If I press gently beside the nose I get a strange tingling sensation in the top lip. Is this nerve damage?
Avatar n tn Neuro thinks its complex migraines however not so sure. My lip was drooping before the head aches started. Lip drooped everyday for 6 weeks with no headache now it just dropped here and there one day its fine the next its back. It is very agervating and I completely understand where you are coming from. Your poblems could be migraines or possible irritated nerves in your neck. Have you tried cervical traction, seems to help a bit for me.
Avatar n tn Last night I was completely regretting ever getting this proceedure done I was in so much pain. The injections themself didn't hurt too bad. Soon after I started swelling and the burning was quite bad. It felt like I had sat on a bunch of yellow jacket wasps and they had all stung me, that's the only think I can think of what it felt like. Thank goodness that stinging went away after about 4 hours, but then the swelling got really bad and the tenderness is almost untolerable.
660300 tn?1224793961 I will be honest some days have been worse than others, some days I have had lots of pain and burning on my lip and chin, other days it hasn't been as bad. I have found it difficult to talk, that seems to make it worse sometimes, also eating has been difficult. Have you spoken to your Oral surgeon about this?
Avatar m tn In January of this year I had trigger point injections for pain in my upper back radiating down my arm. Unfortunately I had a reaction to the steroid which caused a butterfly type rash on my face (lasted 3-4 days) swelling in my upper lip which lasted 1-2 weeks and itching that was treated by using benedryl. Starting about a month ago, my hands became swollen and my joints very painful. They were stiff to the point of not being able to make a fist.
Avatar n tn I Have my consultation tomorrow for the lip dissolve. Does it really hurt that bad? I will have to retur to work after my appointments. Will I be Able to do this? Also, does it really work? I got 6 treatments for $1,000. Is that good?
Avatar n tn It's been about a month and a half since the injury. Only my left upper lip still remains numb. It's not as bad (I may just be used to it), but it's itchy. Since the last update, I spent about a week with this incurable itch in my left nostril. It was unbearable at times! I regained feeling there, so it as worth it. The most bothersome part now is that when I eat, it feels like I have food stuck between my lip and gum. I don't, though.
Avatar f tn I am now on difene and a host of other pain meds, I have an altered sensation across the bottom of my back,it feels like it has been injected by a numbing agent (like your lip feels after the dentist injects it) and the pain is going back down my right leg and and partially into my left leg! I am at my wits end because I thought with the disc gone the problem would go, how can it come back nearly two years later when there is no disc there?
Avatar n tn Over a period of 3 hours, my lips had gone from having 2 small patches of barely visible bumps on my upper lip, to having both lips rather swollen and covered with what appeared to be small blisters. Anyway, my doctor said that what I have appears to be some sort of combination between a viral infection, a bacterial infection, and an allergic reaction. It was all likely caused when my lips got very chapped one night last week, they started cracking and apparently got infected.
Avatar n tn I started the HCG shots 4 weeks ago. For the past 2 1/2 wks, I've had a rash on my neck. Has anyone else experienced this? Could I be allergic to HCG? I've taken the phentermine before, so I don't think it's that. Please let me know if anyone out there has had the same problem. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn Had 8 teeth/molars extracted in dental chair, local anaesthetic xylotox e80-a (vasoconstrictor) 9 injections in gums under top lip and injections in pallette - during 2nd to last injection in gum under lip at back upper i felt pain like lightning bolt shoot through face i was given an extra shot after this and my face went numb to above eyebrows, ear and behind ear, battled to move eyes and tears streamed.
Avatar n tn My mother-in-law had this done, and she felt great within the first week, except for a bad sore throat feeling. I'm in good shape, and exercise 5 times a week. (Mostly cardio right now) I'm 35, and I want to get back to the gym sooner if possible, and I'm wondering if anyone has a story that suggests that this is possible. Thanks.
Avatar n tn hi my 8 month old half persian cat also has sores on his lips and inside his mouth we went to the vet before and they prescribed a cream they said he had an infection we used the cream and it went but then shortly after it came back again so we went back to the vets and they said it's cos his imune systems low he needs some more injections so they gave him 2 injections and prescribed for him another type of medicine which's bright violet and you put it on his sore and it stains the skin but tha
620923 tn?1452919248 I think I'm going to change networks, but first, I have to see if UC Davis has a dr who does the pain Mgmt procedures I need for spondylitis, namely sacroiliac joint injections, epidural steroid injections: all with X-ray guidance, so they don't hurt more than do good. Dr Boggan at UCDavis is listed in another website's preferred provider list. My dentist's teenage daughter saw him for Chiari. I ought to call my dentist and ask about their experience with him.
Avatar n tn Just about 2 months ago I began developing strange allergic reactions. They have occurred on my feet, hands, back of knee, upper thigh, lip and now tongue. I have gone to the doctor before and they said it was contact dermatitis. I have not figured out what I'm allergic to yet and am still waiting for a call back from the allergy department. Last night, I woke up at about 3am with a swollen tongue. It really freaked me out.
954005 tn?1304630205 living in Canada, we have long waits and limited resources, especially here in Windsor. I have gone for 2nd opinions in the USA at my parent's insistence, and those drs have always backed up the drs here...though if we lived in the US and had good insurance, I would likely have not waited the long waits that I have had to here. My life changed on Christmas morning 2007 when I fell down the stairs.
Avatar n tn I can't be sure that getting sick last night (vomit, diarria, and bad headache) was due to the amount of the injections. Has anyone else had these symptoms? I don't get sick often, but I was recently on a flight where I heard the flight attendents talking about a sick person, so maybe it is just a coincidence. I can't be sure to blame the lipodissolve but I think I will only do 2 rather than 3 areas at a time. I did see results from first lower abs.
Avatar n tn So, massage therapy got rid of that with just a couple of selective nerve root injections. Then, that was that. No more pain. But keep in mind too, I had and still do have a bad C5/C6 which I am scheduled for a fusion this Friday. Anyway, this may or may not be what the original poster has. It is just that I have been through about 6 years of this stuff and the nerves from disk or neck issues can cause a whole host of problems and symptoms.