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Avatar n tn If you look carefully at the list of side effects on this page what you see is that the only side effects are an allergic reaction or an infection at the injection site. And, sometimes, women develop ovarian cysts (OHSS). In my mind, these just don't count as serious side effects. You can have an allergic reaction to ANYTHING and infection at the injection site is completely controllable if you use sterile technique.
Avatar n tn When i was taking the HCG injection. I had side effects on it mood swing really bad. I also had bad break out on face,neck,back, and I wasn't losing that much weight as I hoped for. So just on saturday I went to another Dr. to see if they have something that will work better, faster,less side effects. So now I'am getting B-12 shots once a week along with Phentermine, Serotrim,Kromplex, Tee Leaf, Lasix. I have 60 LB"S to loss.
Avatar f tn all the side effects I had while on treatment.Having to take pain meds and xanax for stress and anxiety to keep up and going each day. I did not have these symptoms pre treatment.Just wondering if any other nonresponders are expeiencing this. I thought that after stoping treatment I would go back to feeling good. all laba are normal excluding vl of course.
11538743 tn?1419151329 (and I hate steroids for animals , because of their side effects), but short term this is what should heal these sores. Veterinary supervision is required because this is considered a pre-cancerous condition, and Early vigorous treatment is required. Sometimes this is an indication of a compromised immune system and your cat should be tested for the Leukemia virus. Don't worry though this is not a definitive sign of the virus , but to be safe the test should be preformed.
Avatar f tn I was just curious to see if any of you have already wrapped up your 12 weeks of Incivek. If so, did your side effects get any better? Since I have to treat 48 weeks I have been counting down the days until the Incivek is over and hoping that things will get a little easier once this part is over. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I was taking half a day, then one a day, then up to 6 a day. Then I started having awful side effects. My back pain got worse, my tongue was swelling some, and had stomach pain too. Then I had my lumbar injection and the pain got worse. I am scared this is an allergic reaction. I had my lumbar steroid injection, and the pain got worse, so my Dr prescribed Tylenol 4. I haven't taken the Percocet in over a day now, as it has scared me. I took the Tylenol 4 only twice yesterday.
Avatar n tn steroids may reduce inflammation, but they won't make the nerve heal any quicker-- steroids also have other side effects and are not very good for you. I personally would stay away from them and try other anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen for your muscular symptoms. relax--- be patient.
1160836 tn?1332333769 My doctor thought it was enviormental (exercise, stress...etc) as I just started to go do body pump right around that time. Every cycle before that was 30-31 days to the day!! So we will see.....
Avatar f tn Drink plenty of water. Other side effects could be (again depending on the individual), anger, lack of appetite, weakness, shortness of breath, lip sores, hair loss, itching, sleep depravation, swollen tongue, and a few more. Look at the bright side: You're getting a treatment that was not available years ago. Years ago you would have no chance of clearing. Now you do. So, hang in there, bite the bullet and you'll be fine.
Avatar n tn Germany long time ago with only one injection, on the bottom of the neck, right side. 2.Second time, here was Russian Neurologist, Chiropractor who has helped me with the injection, on the same place.It was good 6 months. He has explained to me, why this Trigeminal Nerv is painful: it comes from the vertebra C5, where is one nerve, going into Sinusitis; TN on the way to the face is irritated by Sinusitis.
Avatar n tn Now, he's concerned about the twitching. I've had twitching in my lip, or eye lid in the past, but don't recall the side of my head. He mentioned his concern of stroke symptoms after NE Patriots Tedy Bruschi suffered a mild stroke, as well as a friend of ours. My friend woke up with a numb feeling in her arm, and thought she had just slept wrong, but when the numbness didn't go away, she were to the ER and was diagnosed.
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Your symptoms could be due to the side effects of the medication. injection-site reactions, generalized pruritus and/or urticaria, macular or papular rash, angioedema and anaphylactic reaction are known to occur with byetta. Discuss your symptoms with your consulting doctor he may change the dose or the medications. In the meantime take OTC antihistamines for relief from your symptoms. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Nonetheless, I am very interested in considering the botox injections. What is the history and effectiveness, side effects of injections for this condition? Thank you, I want relief from these tics. They are exhausting.
1995824 tn?1330382649 Be sure to tell whomever you speak with that you are on Incivek and Hep C meds and describe your side effects. Your symptoms may be serious and you may need treatment from your doc ASAP.
Avatar m tn (Urethra /prostate pain reduced too much but we get some side effects as Soft stool and sometimes watery/ Rashes and skin pigmentation on the lower lip) husband carried muscles pain during the treatment. - Stop all medication to retest - On 8th of July after 25 days form infection husband carry pcr test for all STD (Chlamydia /Gonorrhea/ mycoplasma/trichomonas /gardnerella/ herpes 1&2) plus blood pcr test for HIV1&2 HBV/HCV. - Results show positive DNA (Chlamydia /urea plasma).
Avatar n tn I have tried to find long term side effects of bellspalsy but couldn't really find anything.
935493 tn?1248800464 All the drugs do basically the same thing, its just mainly a matter of personal preference of injection type, frequency and side effects you are willing to endure.
485972 tn?1210062968 All they did was take away the meds I was on that at least helped and put me on some stuff that is not doing me any good and I am having side effects from . But you can not ask for any changes in meds between appointments . They see me once a month for meds but have called 2 times already for a pill count in a 1 week time frame ! I have alot more to say on the terrible way I was treated there but that is a whole other entry in this journal .
Avatar m tn When the left side of my lip was swollen, the swelling was gone on the right side. The following morning all swelling was gone. That evening I developed swelling in the genitals. Swelling lasted about 24 hours. I had a full day with no new symptons, and then my righ foot swelled up. The foot swelling was quite painful, but began subsiding after about 12 hours. Unfortunately my the swelling moved to my left foot. I also experienced some swelling in my left cheek during this same period.
Avatar n tn Nency, While I was on treatment I never knew what side effects to expect. Sides come and sides go. I guess my point is that while some people feel very bad during treatment, they don't feel bad the entire time. In fact when I was treating there were times that I felt better than I had in years and times when I felt pretty bad. My good days outnumbered my bad. Anyway, I'm glad that you got a hold of your doctor and are continuing treatment.
Avatar n tn The inflammation goes down significantly for about a week or so, but returns to pre-injection size thereafter. Is the cortisone only a temp solution until something more permanent can take over? I'm also taking antibiotics. So far no results after a week. What will bring this sucker down permanently, aside from removing it surgically?
660300 tn?1224793961 When I woke up after surgery, the oral surgeon said he didn't think there would be any complications and he didn't think he'd even come close the nerve on either side. Once the anesthesia wore off, I realized the right side of my lip and chin were very numb. It didn't feel as bad as I thought it would, and I didn't notice unless I touched it. It felt like I'd been numbed with Novacaine. After 3 days, it started to itch occasionally, but it still wasn't what I'd call "bad".
1853014 tn?1340042175 Your side effects all sound normal to me. I took my third shot this week. The shots hit me pretty hard for two days afterwards then I start feeling a little better. I'm always really tired though. I get a redness around injection site and I get dry mouth at night and am going to try Biotene today for it. Minor rash and itching are just starting and I will get medication for it next week. It gets difficult at times, but you're right, it's definitely do-able.
Avatar n tn You can search online for dog prednisone side effects or call your vet and discuss dosage, side effects, and what the cause might be.
1896537 tn?1381903609 How long have you used Rebif? I'm hoping the lower dose will mean I miss out on any of the flu like side effects...the nurse tells me that I'd have to be super sensitive to get a problem from the tiny dose I'm getting at first & I hope she's right! I've now got six sores on my lips and the top lip is starting to tingle/burn but I have been worrying about starting dmd's and its stressful at home with problem's with my oldest child so I expect that's caused the sores.
Avatar n tn and does anyone know if I can take these shots along with HCG shots? or would this be overkill? Are there any side effects from taking any one of the above injections? I would appreciate any help I can get. I've spent so much money on products that didn't work and it's quite frustrating to take drugs that have uncomfortable side effects and you don't see any results after suffering through them. Help.....
Avatar f tn I am 29 years old, i have a hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy of the right side. I had the weakness since birth. in 2002 i had a focal seizure after appeared an EEG,do you think hemiplegia is related to parkinson disease. because my new specialist give me a drug trial(Madopar) to reduce my pain especially my hand n foot i the right side body. I had a MRI of the brain and the result is Longstanding left hemicranial atrophy with atrophic changes in the left cerebral hemisphere. Anyone can help me?
Avatar f tn Her personality has also changed and not for the better. Other than that she hasn't had any other side effects. Well I take that back, she feels no pain at all on the left side but the right side it is like someone put acid in her. She has started feeling the opposite side. She put ice on here right hip and her left leg felt the cold not the hip at all. I bet you all can guess it she is very depressed. She will still watch the grand babies, but won't do anything else.
Avatar m tn So I visited a urologist, he reviewed my prostate and prescribed Flowmax. I also did not take that because I reveiwed the side effects I and they seemed a bit extreme. And since I am only 38 I did not want to be reliant on the drug for years. 2 months later I had a hernia surgery. Oddly that seemed to relieve some of the prostrate pressure. I mention the Cipro because I had it in my travel bag...for no reason it was there with some other old medicine.