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Avatar f tn Hello,I really need your advice : I am unsatisfied with my lip augmentation results. I should also indicate that my lips are originally a bit asymmetrical . The product injected in my upper and lower lip is called: "SURGIDERM 30XP" (i know nothing about it) I had this injection done on the 10th of June 08 .The doctor said the effect will last 9 months. Here is the before(1 pic) /after (2 pics) link :
Avatar n tn I'm interested in having lip augmentation. My question is: Is there a suitable injection that can be done on my lips that is not permanent so that I can "test the waters" before having the augmentation? I have orthodontic surgery at age 30, wearing braces for 5 years. My teeth look great. But now I have no upper lip and what I do have looks like I've been a smoker. I have lots of lines. I've tried over the counter products with no success.
Avatar f tn Or if maybe she mixed up the bags or accidentally put someone else’s in my bag is what I mean
Avatar n tn I am reading about the Lip-O-Den and how it claims to work quickly for those who want to lose weight fast on the website!? I am presently going to a clinic in Houston that offers the HCG/B12 shots for $12. Is there a clinic in Houston that offers the Lip-O-Den? I know you can purchase from Thoughts anyone!!?
172023 tn?1334675884 The vet said that some dogs with a deep lip fold have to have surgery to smooth out the fold and prevent the moisture that fosters the infection, or they just have to constantly be on an antibiotic. Um...not anxious to do either one of those choices. Did some research online, and found that German Shepherds often seem to suffer from this lip fold pyoderma. A GSD forum talked about using a cream called Penaten cream. Several of the people had good results.
Avatar n tn hi, i have a similar lip skin patch, have had it for about a week. did you ever find out what was going on with yours? did it resolve on its own?
Avatar f tn it got so painful and irritated i went to the urgent care/ER. they said i had vaginitis and gave me preventative anti-biotics (injection and pills) for possible STD's till i get the test results back. im on hepatitis c treatment meds. interfiron and ribaviron. the morning after the ER i found a small bump on my lower lip of my mouth then by the next morning i have too many to count. -very painful and itchy bumps- seem to be filled with clear liquid but have not tried to pop any.
Avatar n tn The insition was made in my mouth under the lip. could that be the cause for the bruising. Is this going to heal or do i have a black eye forever.
350664 tn?1322829601 I'm soo worried, I can't stop crying and thinking the worst. Like what did I do wrong? I'm really scared about the results. I want nothing more than a healthy baby. Just can't believe this is happening to me. Anyone else have a high NT measurement and have a normal healthy baby. I'm worried b/c I'm still very young to be having such a high result. I also had blood drawn today to check for the proteins...don't know when I'll get the results....hopefully tomorrow. The wait is killing me.
Avatar f tn I started dating a guy and we had been having unprotected sex when he convinced me to go take an actual test. I tested in around November 2015 the results came back postivie 1.3(-) yet the doctor treated me with doxycycline and rocephin injection...following my results he got tested and he was (-) and remains negative though we broke up the following year.
Avatar n tn I had a lip injection done about 3 wks ago. I've gone to same dr for three previous lip injections each lasting about 8 months. I've never had complications frm the injection other than the usual swelling and bruising and have always been satisfied w results. However, this last visit I had a mixture of juvederm plus mixed w a new hyaluronic acid filler that I've never used b4. I was happy w results until about 2 wkd after visit when I started noticing unusual pain and enormous swelling.
Avatar n tn I had a tooth (molar) extracted that took out the whole gum to the outside of my mouth. Then I had a root canal done and during the anesthetic injection in the lower area of my mouth, I heard a loud pop on the right side of my lower mouth. That has never happened to me before during an injection and since I have had slight numbness and alot of tingling from under my chin to not far from my ear. I've also had some shooting pain toward my lower ear.
Avatar n tn I also got the lip b (fat burner) and the hcg shot. how long is that supposed to hurt. I blead when I got it. is that normal.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a situation with my brother, He is 32, He is in hospital now but nobody knows exactly what is wrong with him! He told me that he had Herpes simplex on his upper lip and when he went to the doctor, he recommended some kind of corticosteroid ointment and when he didn't respond to them they prescribed Dexamethasone injection (8 of them in 4 days). After 3-4 days his throat begins to swells and it got bigger and bigger since and he started to experience fever and chill afterward.
Avatar m tn then I did another 12 day treatment of efudex and after this round, a spot on my left side of the lip was somewhat raised (like a pimple) and wouldn't go away so she froze that spot and I'm in healing now. The lip is very inflamed from the freezing and an injection to get rid of the scar tissue from the original biopsy spot. So the red spots are more visible right now and again "oozing" puss. I've had three separate STD blood screens since the initial incident. All negative.
Avatar n tn When I made an appointment with the doctor again, I was greeted by a physician assistant who proceeded to sell the benefits of Juvederm Ultra Plus (less painful, more long-lasting) and suggested 2 ccs. The injection was extremely painful, as she was applying it in a "fan shape", supposedly more effective at filling the nasolabial folds. Bruising and swelling was extensive, lasting almost 10 days.
Avatar m tn - 16th injection (Rosfin) 1 g - 17th injection (Rosfin) 1 g + seprofloxasen 500mg - 18th /19th /20th /21st /22nd (seprofloxasen 500mg) twice a day. Urethra pain and prostate increased then I treat it as Chlamydia case - 23rd till 1st July (doxy 100 twice a day) total of 9 days. (Urethra /prostate pain reduced too much but we get some side effects as Soft stool and sometimes watery/ Rashes and skin pigmentation on the lower lip) husband carried muscles pain during the treatment.
Avatar n tn Both test were taken past the window period all except the first test which was at 5 weeks after low exposure kissing with a bleeding lip next one was taken at 98 days. As for my high risk exposure it would have been a few years. So as for this blood test tommorrow which is required for by my job insurance reasons. Whats the chance that it will change. Is there anything which would make the test read wrong. Any types of diseases that could give a wrong result?
Avatar n tn I am now at 8 weeks post and I am waiting on the results of a prdna test ( I believe that is what they called it). The burning is still in my tongue and I have a line on the inside of my cheeks that runs under my bottom lip to the other cheek( what could this be?). I have marks on the back of my throat(oropharyanx) that are red that will not go away.I have raised bumps in the front/middle of my tongue. I have been having night sweats. I have noticed I have lost weight.
Avatar m tn I went to doc(General medicine doctor) 7 days back complaining pain on tip of penis and i was told it would be STD either Chlamydia or gonorrhoea and given Ricophine injection + Azythromycin(2g) to be taken as a single dose sameday. I did that but since then i started getting symptoms like(Fever, dizziness, shortness of breath, unable to swallow food). I visited a different doctor again 2 days later just to see whats going on(this time Urologist).
Avatar m tn I perform oral sex on a woman with no intercourse because there was no condom. I had small crack in bottom lip from dry mouth maybe bleeding a tiny bit don't know. We also shared many cigarettes together throughout the night. Long story short I found out she has hepatitis c and I'm worried somehow if she had any blood from her vagina or on her mouth that got into my lip that I am at risk. I have a test coming up in about 3 weeks.
485972 tn?1210062968 The muscles in my lower back are like a rock all the time now . I have been getting injection in the ortho's office every 2 1/2 months for at least a year now , in the muscles . They seemed to help at first but now even that does not help . I have also been saying from the very beginning of all of this back in 1995 that my neck and shoulders hurt . Now the pain in my neck and shoulders is as bad if not worse than my low back pain.
Avatar m tn While I've read that there is no risk involved in french kissing, what about french kissing with a cold sore on my lip? Also what if there is a possibility I might have swallowed breast fluid/milk or gotten it on my cold sore? I also fingered her a lot and I'm worried I may have inadvertently gotten vaginal fluid on a susceptible part of my body. Finally she "finished me off" with a hand job and I had no condom on.
Avatar m tn They gave me a an injection of Rocephin and Zithromax orally. The nurse said it looked like folliculitis. They gave me a prescription for Cephalexin, Acyclovir, and Metronidazole.I dont have a OB-GYN at the moment but I looked at my medical records and I cant find anything that says I have herpes. This is what it says, "Trichmonas Antigen Results: Negative for Trichmonas antigen. Gram Stain: No intracellular Gram negative diplococci seen.
Avatar f tn I've just started seeing a new girl and wasn't going to have sex until I found out my results and this went away. Is there any more info you would like to know?
Avatar n tn The inflammation goes down significantly for about a week or so, but returns to pre-injection size thereafter. Is the cortisone only a temp solution until something more permanent can take over? I'm also taking antibiotics. So far no results after a week. What will bring this sucker down permanently, aside from removing it surgically?
Avatar n tn Unprotected sex 3 times one was bisexual and 2 were injection drug users. Then a Deep kiss which my lip was bleeding a little during the kiss with person I didnt know if there mouth was bleeding. She brought up the fact that some people dont test positive until after a year. So again im really worried and now dont know what to think again. I get my results on Friday in the evening im scared shitless.
Avatar f tn I did not know at the time steroid users used needles (maybe a little naive on drugs I guess). We also kissed after he had cut his lip by biting it and as I always bit my lips and chew my cheeks from nervous habit I know I had cuts in my mouth. I had in my past only 2 parterns and had been tested with them for HIV and they were negative. Just wondering on the exposures with this particular man if anything bares a red flag towards HIV risk to you Doctors. Thank you much.
Avatar m tn for over a week now, I have been suffering from random swelling. It started with the right side of my lower lip. over a 18 hour period the swelling "migrated" from right to left. When the left side of my lip was swollen, the swelling was gone on the right side. The following morning all swelling was gone. That evening I developed swelling in the genitals. Swelling lasted about 24 hours. I had a full day with no new symptons, and then my righ foot swelled up.