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Avatar n tn Hello, I am 35 years old and I have lip problems they were red and perfect but recently have become dark, itchy, chapped and sometimes get swollen.Sometimes I get a thick line on the edges that itches a lot. Please advice what should I do.If you have any home care remedy.
Avatar n tn Hi, I actually have two problems: 1. I had cheilitis on my upper and lower lips and my dermatologist injected cortisone shots into my lips to reduce the inflammation, and after a couple of hours black-blue marks have developed on my lower lips. a) What are these marks ? and would they go away on their own? Some of the marks are close to the injection site but the ones around the edges of my lips are not that close to where the injection took place .
Avatar n tn At the time of the injection to numb the area I felt an electric shock in my right lip and chin I had no problems Wednesday, everything felt normal. On Thursday morning I felt the exact same electrical shock in the same area and it moved up my right side of my face to my nose and right below my eye. I now have numbness and pain in this area. I have pain opening my mouth to chew. I went back to the dentist and they indicated a nerve was hit during the injection.
Avatar n tn I am reading about the Lip-O-Den and how it claims to work quickly for those who want to lose weight fast on the website!? I am presently going to a clinic in Houston that offers the HCG/B12 shots for $12. Is there a clinic in Houston that offers the Lip-O-Den? I know you can purchase from Thoughts anyone!!?
Avatar n tn hi, i have a similar lip skin patch, have had it for about a week. did you ever find out what was going on with yours? did it resolve on its own?
Avatar n tn I told the nurse I was heart patient and was going to refuse injection if it caused risks to my health. She told me not to fear so I signed a form. During the test some chemical was injected in my right hand. Then I felt some unusual taste in my throat. A minute later I felt a short shock like pain in back of my head. When the test was done technician pulled me out of chamber and as i woke up to wear my shoes, I had a numb feeling in my right face especially in my upper right lip.
Avatar f tn gain (partly due to the prednisone I was on in the past for skin problems) Depression periodically Mood swings have developed in the past year. I'm normally very easy going and it takes a LOT to make me angry. Now I get angry at the drop of a hat. Dry/brittle hair with hair loss. I got up one day to find that every time I tried to run a comb through my hair even one time, I had to stop and empty the comb so much was coming out. I literally half fill a wastecan every morning. Poor memory.
Avatar f tn I was given a numbing injection and felt a shock go through my lower lip and up into my head. Now I am left with a ‘locked’ feeling in my jaw on my right side, I can no longer bring my bottom teeth out and up to meet my top teeth ( I have an overbite) and my ear is in pain. I have contacted my dentist twice who has told me to stretch my jaw, use warm compresses and take advil and or muscle relaxers.
Avatar n tn But if it gets back to being almost every day, I can't imagine having to continue to deal with that for the rest of my life. As long as the bone is in place, I have no problems. No swallowing problems, no pain, nothing. I just never know when it's going to pop. I do a lot of public speaking and presentations. My greatest fear is that it will happen in front of an audience. The pain is so sudden and intense that I immediatley burst into tears.
Avatar n tn The next day I could barely catch my breath, it felt like I had to really push to get air in, which was making my heart rate go up and making my hands,feet,lip, and left arm feel like they were falling asleep. Needless to say, I went into a regular MD. They were mainly focused on my breathing and not really paying much attention to everything as a whole. They ran all sorts of tests and everything came back normal, x-rays blood etc.
Avatar n tn I'm certainly going to talk to mine when I go back and tell him about this forum and we've all got the same problems, being treated the same, and no relief. I, too, have problems walking like in malls and large spaces, with my balance.
Avatar f tn Although it seems there is still some slight numbness, I have other problems that bother me more. All of these problems started after this dental procedure. 1)My lips constantly feel like they are burning as they would hurt when they are severely chapped, which they are not. 2)My upper lip area between mouth and nose is somewhat numb.
Avatar n tn I'm healthy 45 years old man and I do have face hair on my upper lip ( moustache ) and under lower lip and the chin. There are no problems with other hair on my body. I would like to know is it possible somehow to get "terminal" hair grow in front of my ears ( like side-burns) down my face toward the chin and neck by taking some medicine, or applying some cream ( Retin A, cortisone, Rogaine ...), or something else, or may be it can be done by plastic surgery ?
Avatar n tn There are a multitude of techniques for treatment of upper lip lines. Each has advantages and problems associated with the particular technique used. These range from injection of fillers (hyaluronic acids or collagen) to laser resurfacing to dermabrasion to chemical peels. Fillers work immediately but have limited duration. Laser resurfacing and dermabrasion may result in limited improvement depending on the depth and severity of the lines.
Avatar m tn then I did another 12 day treatment of efudex and after this round, a spot on my left side of the lip was somewhat raised (like a pimple) and wouldn't go away so she froze that spot and I'm in healing now. The lip is very inflamed from the freezing and an injection to get rid of the scar tissue from the original biopsy spot. So the red spots are more visible right now and again "oozing" puss. I've had three separate STD blood screens since the initial incident. All negative.
Avatar m tn Dear sir, recently we noticed thats my wife's lower lip is going side ways while talking and her tears are rolling only from her left eye and unable to close her left eyelid in full , ct-scan shows nevery thing is normal in brain
Avatar n tn I also got the lip b (fat burner) and the hcg shot. how long is that supposed to hurt. I blead when I got it. is that normal.
Avatar f tn has anyone had tingling around the mouth, inside the bottom lips, it feels numb and as though i am drooling (dont think i am though) Its like having an injection at the dentist thats just wearing off, feels weird numb and a little bit sore jean
Avatar m tn So no hcv risk from oral sex good to know. pretty sure she had dental problems so would the sharing of cigarettes with my cut lip pose a risk cause of possible blood entry? There's sites on the internet that say that would be a risk. Should I still expect a negative result? Sorry if question sounds stupid.
Avatar n tn The discomfort is more in my eye tooth when I touch a certain area of my lip and my lip and the muscle in that area are still very tight and at times very painful. The TMJ specialist wants to put me on an anti-epileptic medication. I'm a bit resistant because there is substantial weight gain associated with these medications (which can be even more unhealthy than nerve damage).
Avatar n tn Other symptoms could be pain in jaw of the affected side, drooling of saliva, dropping of eyelid, ringing in the ear, headache, decreased sense of taste, difficulty with speech, and problems eating and drinking. Though it is not a life threatening condition, it is essential that a neurologist needs to be immediately consulted who would like to conduct electromyography (EMG test), nerve conduction studies and MRI to find out the extent and cause.
Avatar m tn // I hope this has helped.
Avatar m tn We are so caution about personal items but my husband was running late to work the other day and left a razor in the shower, I did not know this and but my child in the bath turned to get a towel out of dryer and went back to fiind my child cut his lip pretty deep with the razor and was bleeding alot. I am now so scared for my childs sake.
485972 tn?1210062968 They did not fire me just made me so miserable I finally quit . I was in bad shape from the back problems at this point and could not do my job any longer anyway .This was June 1995 I could not draw unemployment as I had quit my job and in NC thats all there is to it , no debate .I tryed to appeal it but to no avail so I just let it go . I hurt too bad to fight with them any more .I tryed a couple of different jobs through the temps but just was not able to hold up for an 8 hour day .
1896537 tn?1381903609 I've got the nurse coming out tomorrow to take me through my first Rebif injection but this morning I've woken up with cold sores covering almost my entire lower it still ok to go ahead with starting rebif or should I put it off til I'm less run down? sorry if this is a silly question but I want to get off to a good start being as I have waited so long to start a dmd!
Avatar n tn I also had quite a nasty cut inside my top lip which bothers me. About 4 weeks later I started getting what looked like a glossitis on my tongue. It scared me because it may have been erythematous candiadis. It started with a little bump which I kept aggravating by touching it and then became a red patch on the dorsum of my tongue. I also thought I had swollen lymph nodes in my neck on the right. I was getting a shooting pain through the right side.
Avatar m tn for over a week now, I have been suffering from random swelling. It started with the right side of my lower lip. over a 18 hour period the swelling "migrated" from right to left. When the left side of my lip was swollen, the swelling was gone on the right side. The following morning all swelling was gone. That evening I developed swelling in the genitals. Swelling lasted about 24 hours. I had a full day with no new symptons, and then my righ foot swelled up.
Avatar n tn These were the only symptoms until last week, when I started to develop dry skin. 3 days ago I got a sore on my upper lip, which has since healed. I have been experiencing unusual pain in my joints, muscles, and tendons, in various parts of my body. I have a transient ache in my left testicle. A couple of days ago I got white dry skin on the soles of my feet, and some kind of red bumps on my inner thighs and buttocks.