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Avatar m tn I am hoping someone has some advice or some direction, this is a nightmare that I so really want to resolve, so far no cure or answer as to what exactly is wrong with me.. I will give some info and all details that I feel are related, if there are questions please ask, because like I said I want to get this resolved. I had my jaw broke almost 20 years ago, I am 37 now.. at that time it was wired shut, screws and plated were used to hold my jaw together.
Avatar n tn Unprotected sex 3 times one was bisexual and 2 were injection drug users. Then a Deep kiss which my lip was bleeding a little during the kiss with person I didnt know if there mouth was bleeding. She brought up the fact that some people dont test positive until after a year. So again im really worried and now dont know what to think again. I get my results on Friday in the evening im scared shitless.
Avatar n tn Also, I developed 2 vesicles on my lip (herpes on a lip), and slight nonproductive cough only if fever going up! I thought it is all because of immunostimulation by drugs. Today Hb 11.9, which drops from 12.7, Platelets dropped from 229 to 155, Please tell me if you had fevers almost all week after first injection? Were you doctor concern about prolonged fevers? Doc, said that if fever persist- no injection should administered! Did you have fever on a day of injection or not?
Avatar n tn Another 10-20% are injection drug users who have shared injection equipment. The 5-6% who claim heterosexual exposure includes many people who in fact were men who had sex with men, injection drug users, or female partners of men with other risks--but who denied their real risk behaviors, or didn't know about their partners' risks.
660300 tn?1224793961 I had my Wisdom Teeth taken out 2 weeks ago...ever since then my right lip and chin have been completely numb...I went back to the Oral Surgeon who wants to wait a month to see what happens, I have a follow up appointment in November right before Thanksgiving. Is there anything I can do to help? Based on common experience, how long does nerve damage "usually" take to heal? I feel like I am in the dark...I cannot stand it...
Avatar n tn And only , because the Attorney knows they will win. This is such a nightmare, but I still live on to get the truth out, somehow I will be known as a result of this . I have read literally 100s of entries hundreds of them , written by desperate people who have been harmed by the medical community, in some cases, compression in others and there is no help.Many many injection injuries, leading to TN, or PTTN resulting, Nothing that works, for long.
Avatar n tn It seems to clear up right before d day ie injection day, then I start this crazy itching and I get welts on my face, unde arms, rib cage, legs...its crazy. I drink water, lotion like crazy all the time and it seems to clear up but by end of week, back again!! did you ever get this ? my dr. looked at me like I was nuts when I mentioned rash, Then I said really? pulled up mu shirt and said look for yourself..his reply oh I see...whatever..
Avatar m tn My allergist got me into a Xolair injection study in May and within 2 hours of my first injection the hives disappeared. I had my 3rd injection today and continue to be hive/swelling free. I feel like I've been given a new lease on life. The study is a double-blind study with a random placebo, but based on my results, I feel certain I'm getting the good stuff and it works. Now the challenge will be to get my insurance company to pay for the drug after the study ends.
Avatar n tn ) Seemed better but in the morning my nose swelled wide and went numb followed by upper lip then lower lip then chin and then throat; b.) ER room gave me an IV with Prednisone and another antihistamine followed by b.) an Epinephrine shot and 30 minutes later, 10 minutes of tremors followed by c.) red blotches/hives from the top of my head to my waist/groin area. Day 3: a.
Avatar n tn Thanks for asking bout me! The numbness from the SI injection wore off finally, and I"m back to normal. The good news is that the epidural did indeed lower my back pain to a more tolerable level. Woo hoo!!! I'm very happy about that. I don't know how it will last, but I'll take what I can get while I have it. I still have some pain, but it is down to a 5 or 6 out of 10. I hope your sleep gets back to normal soon.
Avatar m tn It sure looks like rejection and if it is there are 3 possible treatments. 1) FK dose adjustment 2) some kind of mild steroid treatment 3) an intravenous injection of a gram of steroid named Solumedrol(they call this a "blast"). This last option flattens the immune response thereby halting the cellular rejection immediately. I had 2 or 3 of these right after transplantation.
Avatar m tn My nightmare began back in January 2011. I met my bf in December 2010. He had had a bed bug infestation in his apt. Turns out the whole building was having one. He had to even go to court to have something done. It turns out his apt too had a mites infestation...and surely enough, mites came into my home.
Avatar n tn Since then, I've continued to sip on the jasmine tea, but the irritation in my lip isn't much better since dropping the anise, can't tell if the toxic buildup is from the tea or what. Next is to stop the tea altogether. But what if it turns out to be the composite fillings? Life can get really weird. I wouldn't have required the avalanche of new fillings last year if I hadn't gotten into an Oreo cookie habit. Well, I learned a lesson about Oreos, but a little too late..
363243 tn?1331037450 Hi coco727272, I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I am not African American, I am of Sicilian decent. I also have had problems with hursutism. I had something called laser hair removal on my face to remove upper lip hair, chin, neck and "sideburn" hair. It is really very effective and permanently removes hair as the laser kills the hair's root. You'll probably always have some hairs because you can grow new ones at any time in your life but it kills the hairs that are there.
Avatar f tn It has happened before, but not nearly so severe, and I never made the connection to acai, which I taken in less potent forms previously. Anyway, I went to the doctor and he gave me a steroid injection, prescribed hydroxyzine, and told me to put calamine lotion on my face. This was today. I hope things get better soon.
Avatar n tn Check your B12 level if it is low normal make sure your doctor check MMA and Homocystiene level before start b12 supplement or injection . Injection is better . Check this link that tells how b12 is misdiagnosed.
496771 tn?1209698358 I just got back from getting an Dexamethasone Injection because of an allergic reaction to Revlon Colorsilk. I have always had very slight reactions to almost every hair color I use, but never like this! My face is very swollen at the temples, and my neck is so swollen I couldnt even turn my head when I was driving to the doctor. Needless to say I will be on prednisone for awhile. The doctor said this is more common with black hair dye and that this isnt going to go away anytime soon .
251922 tn?1193786078 k so what I was thinking is we should do poll like results by who is doing IM and Sub Q, case I'm curious as to ow people are doing with either injection and size of injection; Itmama: a 150/dose - IM injection - lost 13 pounds in 15 days. Minimal excercise. loo: Ub: Ima: Girl: and so on... It might show a pattern that might never know...
Avatar n tn I was given Cephalexin when i caught Chickenpox off my Daughter a few years ago, I'm an Asthmatic and it went straight to my chest as Chickenpox Pneumonia, the emergency doctor was called out one night as I was so ill and he gave me a shot of Cephalexin by injection and then left. Within 20 minutes I was being rushed to hospital as I couldn't breath and my neck, tongue, face, hands, feet were badly swollen.
Avatar n tn This may sound really weird, but whenever I have an "invasive dental procedure" (Crown prep, involving lasering of the gum, etc) I get an apthous ulcer at the injection site. A day or two later, I may (not always) get an apthous ulcer on my labia on the "same Side" as the dental procedure. They both last about a week. I too, had it checked out and there were no STD related issues. I have to agree that it is stress related.Our bodies are much smarter that we are.
Avatar f tn Since all of us do have some sort of bulged disc in our cervical spine, I went to a pain managment doctor (an anesthesiologist). I requested an epidural steroid injection in between the C5 and C6. First I was sent to get an MRI of the cervical spine. Once my bulge was confirmed I got an injection. On about the 2nd day after the injection I had intense itching (this is a normal side effect for pain sufferers so I guess it's the same for itching) but then nothing for 3 weeks....
Avatar m tn In the meantime, I also developed twitching in my lip and tingling in my hands and legs. I was hospitalized a total of 4 times within a month with a complete workup done for MS, including multiple MRI's and a spinal tap which showed nothing except a couple non-specific lesions in the brain. I was put on IV Solumedrol steroids to resolve "possible optic neuritis", which didn't resolve after the steroids and I was told it's not optic neuritis.
Avatar n tn B12 Shots are only for people who cannot make vitamin B12 naturally in their bodies, they are not for losing weight or as some suspect for giving a boost of energy - overdosing on any vitamin is not good for the body and with Vit B12 there is a minute amount of Cyanide in the injection, so I can't say it would be a good idea to use this - It is a live saver for those of us who really need it - but when your body is happy retaining and using the vitamins that are needed for good health why compli
Avatar f tn These breakouts are a nightmare and take forever to heal. Mine never heal until all pieces of the plugs are removed and by then I have dug so deep into my face to get them out till I am embarrassed to go out in public. I have searched the web till my fingers were numb trying to find an answer and solution and I was so relieved to see your post. I do not know if stomach ulcers can cause this but I have noticed both flaring up simultaneously.
Avatar f tn got perscibed the anti-histamine Phenergan, cram for face and the rest Celestone (cortizone cream) and a injection of cortizone... (sterioids for miss itty bitty 5'' 2, oh, the irony!) anyway it cleared up and i am back to looking like a alice wannabe (twighlight apparently my sis is their stalker) And Tattoos here in Australia are safe... i am a queesland girl, 25 y.o. and go for my next one (number 5) next week. If your worried talk to the tattooist they can tell you what inks they use...
Avatar f tn Neck pain started in January with radiculopathy and Epidural injection threw me into alot of neuro symptoms and after a nightmare of specialists (many could not figure me out) I agreed with my NYC surgeons. My symptoms did not go away after 6 months so I had surgery to decompress my spine. The symptoms could have progressed to needing a cane, walker or wheelchair, so I felt I had to do the surgery. Not to mention how it was affecting my quality of life.
Avatar n tn I had the itching all over for 3 months along with terrible swelling in my face, angioderma, with welts in my cheeks. It was awful and lip swelling and tingling.nothing worked except for prednisone and I don't want to be on that all the time. I live in New England so the sudden changes in temperature in September and October made the symptoms worse. I have environmental allergies to perfumes, many laundry and cleaning products.