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Avatar n tn I am reading about the Lip-O-Den and how it claims to work quickly for those who want to lose weight fast on the website!? I am presently going to a clinic in Houston that offers the HCG/B12 shots for $12. Is there a clinic in Houston that offers the Lip-O-Den? I know you can purchase from Thoughts anyone!!?
Avatar f tn Or if maybe she mixed up the bags or accidentally put someone else’s in my bag is what I mean
Avatar n tn PUT EVERCLEAR ON IT AND WASH AND RINSE YOUR LIPS ALOT AND APPLY GOOD QUALITY LIP REPAIR OIL AS MUCH AS NEEDED trust me only thing that will help. The ever clear kills the infection.
Avatar f tn Hi I would like to know how much it would cost to get restylane for just my top lip.. i want my top lip fuller because it is muchhh thinner and then my bottom one.. around how much would that cost and would I be able to get it done without my parents knowing since i am 18? I have a part time job and am able to afford it as well. thanks.
Avatar f tn to heal and he didnt know how much healing there would be hard to say..but he felt good that it would just take time..he said I had a 2% chance it wouldnt heal..and that he would need me to come in every 6 wks to check my progress..that was it oh except he said I would get use to it.. and that I should take advil for the pain..he was just matter of fact and not to apologetic..
Avatar n tn Do you have info about how long it should take? and when you should know if it work or not? Thank you again Hey we didnt know that is cost $$$$ for this treatment.
Avatar f tn Then the next morning they had small white dots all over the top lip to where they looked white but not overly noticeable unless I lifted my lip and saw the line where the white stopped and the red inside of my upper lip showed. In other words my husband would not have noticed this unless i pointed it all out to him. But of course I notice it since it is accompanied with the tingleing numb sensations.
Avatar n tn i was suppose to get my 2 upper molars 1 right and 1 ledt taken out today and was not able to because no matter how much novocain they gave me I was not num. ever since i have been going to this dentist i dont num the 1st was with the root canal but decide not to get because it does not always work so figured i would get them pulled With my other dentist she took out 3 wisdom years ago and she said i was not completely num but she tooth took 3 out but i only felt pressure from one.
Avatar f tn It's still there 2 wks later, no crusting over, no burning but it's still there! I did not notice a cold sore on the females lip at the time of oral sex. I am a nurse which makes me worry more. It had like a small "cut like" place in the center of the "sore" my main question: how common is oral to genital herpes? Could this in fact be a cut that is just taking long to heal? Isn't the first outbreak usually worst and more likely to be "clusters?
1711722 tn?1356491154 In the meantime, I went back to my regular dentist for another cleaning and she was amazed at how much my gums had improved, just by being off the meds. So, now the gum surgery is on hold. I may not need it because my gums have improved dramatically.
Avatar m tn I've been told it takes a long time for this to go away but may never do so. I don't only want to know how much can be done to help facilitate its desolving, I do use hot packs, but how much longer will I continue to suffer pain, usually hot burning pain like hundreds of hot needles rushing into the area to feeling like someone is torching the site to complete sharp pain in the right knee and part of the leg as well?
Avatar f tn I am also disabled after my pituitary and adrenal surgery. I am on SSDI too. But it sounds like you have been through the wringer! How much hormone replacement are you on, and are you still being monitored for your hormones? Have you had any follow up MRIs? Did the surgeon deviate your septum - therefore you are having breathing issues? That can happen. What kind of tumor did you have?
Avatar n tn how much will it cost is the most important thing. ok then i have a white raised scar on my upper lip what can i do about this. one more question which is from my friend if you get your freckles removed using lasers will they come back again when you are in the sun.
Avatar n tn I never passed out from the anemia. I don't think it's necessarily how low it goes (mine never got much over 10.6 even on the procrit) but how fast it goes down! You probably won't pass out, just walk slow and take your time. Not that you can hurry while your gasping for breath! May your trip be uneventful!
1055869 tn?1294203119 Is that normal? also how early can you take a HPT and get a correct answer? I took an injection of 10000 of hcg on thursday? I also took 5 days of clomid (3 pills and day) and 3 days of 150 gonal-f. my estrogen level was 85? i go friday for progestorone level. Im just not liking the 2ww. Oh and I have PCOS!!! so Im also taking 850mg for that~ I fear since it worked the 1st time with no problem I scared it wont work again so easily and I should just be happy I have my daughter.
162948 tn?1205256292 I asked my doctor about that and she said the IUD didn't have anything to do with the false negatives. Sometimes I feel like maybe they don't really know that much about the IUD, and how it affects a person once it is removed. It does appear to be common to have pregnancy symptoms once it is removed, but I feel (in my case) that it may be due to my lining still too thin, and the pregnancy doesn't last long. Hopefully in another month or so, I'll get my positive sign.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that I massaged too much and the Juvederm migrated outside my top lip? If so, I'm scared my top lip won't have the defintion of a pout, it will just look like a blob? Is this a crazy assumption? Also, I I had Dysport injected into two areas on my forehead, and some units around my eyes. Particularly, two units directly under my eye mid pupil, to help with the undereye squinting pull.
1735424 tn?1357437158 Thank you all so much for your experience and sharing with candor and care. Soooooo appreciated, I have learned MUCH from all of you. I Thank God for MedHelp and you... Will be a member of Friday nite shot club effective 10:30. anyone else? How are y'all doing today.... I'd love to hear..... Best of wishes and healing thoughts to all of us Heppers out there....
Avatar n tn From what I have read people who actually lack B12 do not see the same results as the "normal" meaning people who do not lack B12. I am not a doctor nor am I in the medical field I am simply going by things I have read on the you know how that goes. With my B12 shot I am taking Phentermine this is suppose to help with cravings and energy and I think B12 just helps give you a boost of energy that you might have lacked before.
Avatar n tn I recently had one of upper first Bicuspid teeth break, No pain associated with the breaking of the tooth. Previously repaired cavity. Anyway I asked my dentist to go heavy with the novacain cause I'm kind of a whimp when it comes to drilling and that stuff. All went well and a temporary crown was set in place until a a permanent crown can be made. After the novacain wore off my lips stay numb & tingly pretty much all the time especially after I wake up in the morning.
Avatar m tn Can kissing just lip to lip no french no sliva or spit exchange cause hiv transmission, if i was having a 3-4 days old sore in my tounge
Avatar m tn 12) any cure in China 13) should i always avoid Sunlight? Or use some lip balm n enjoy summer? How long i can be under sun without applying any balm? 14) herpes Statistics in SIngapore? 15) do i have to go for Hep B injection or gardasil injection? 16) i took Blood test after 1 week and they said its positive. So even after 3 months window period, its same? 17) can tgis be aFungal or yeast infection? 18) i did Appendix surgery 3 months ago. Will there be any impact for that?
Avatar n tn This could have been a hip flexor injury, but that should have healed with rest and the PT shold have helped. I am suspicious of a torn labrum, the lip of cartilage that surrounds the hip socket (acetabulum) You didn't mention if your MRI was an arthrogram or not. An arthrogram is preceedd by injection dye in the joint. If not you should have one.
Avatar m tn Further more, i have asked that fellow abot this. He told he dont have any symptoms like me n last month only he had tested Hiv which was negative. So why i was infected. How much risk for hiv infection.
485972 tn?1210062968 The muscles in my lower back are like a rock all the time now . I have been getting injection in the ortho's office every 2 1/2 months for at least a year now , in the muscles . They seemed to help at first but now even that does not help . I have also been saying from the very beginning of all of this back in 1995 that my neck and shoulders hurt . Now the pain in my neck and shoulders is as bad if not worse than my low back pain.
Avatar m tn i know it's irrational but wanted to know how it works. 1. whenever doctors give injection to butt, they will inject the medicine into muscle and will they actually pull back the plunger to check if they have hit the muscle properly? 2. will there be any blood gets accumulated into needle after it? 3. if @ all blood is there how long hiv virus can survive in medicine apart from blood, salive, semen? 4.
Avatar m tn I went to doc(General medicine doctor) 7 days back complaining pain on tip of penis and i was told it would be STD either Chlamydia or gonorrhoea and given Ricophine injection + Azythromycin(2g) to be taken as a single dose sameday. I did that but since then i started getting symptoms like(Fever, dizziness, shortness of breath, unable to swallow food). I visited a different doctor again 2 days later just to see whats going on(this time Urologist).
Avatar m tn I realize that I am just overthinking too much, but how about her blood was somehow on the utensils, and then I use them and my cut and canker will be possibly exposed to the blood. Can you tell me what my risk is? I know the risk should be small, Can you say I am completely safe and don't need to be tested from this incident? Thank you very much! 2. I never have unprotected sex with anyone, but I go to Spa providing exotic massages very often when I am in China.
Avatar f tn ) idk how much help it would be since Zofran is for severe nausea, right? But worth a try lol. I hope all goes well. I'd be scared after hearing of birth defects too!