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172023 tn?1334675884 I tried it with my dog by wiping a small amount into the lip fold using a Q-Tip twice daily. Within one week it was totally cured. Her lip is dry and clean with no bad smell. The wound is now sealed over and pink like scarred skin. She seems much happier and more comfortable. I am not a vet or doctor and I know human medicines shouldn't really be used on dogs but I was soooooooo happy to find a cream that worked that I just thought I'd share it with other dog owners.
Avatar n tn hi i have a dry patch on my lip. It dont hurt or anything its just there feels horrible. Hasnt gone away what is it?
Avatar n tn I had a lip injection done about 3 wks ago. I've gone to same dr for three previous lip injections each lasting about 8 months. I've never had complications frm the injection other than the usual swelling and bruising and have always been satisfied w results. However, this last visit I had a mixture of juvederm plus mixed w a new hyaluronic acid filler that I've never used b4. I was happy w results until about 2 wkd after visit when I started noticing unusual pain and enormous swelling.
Avatar f tn i had the start of a root canal and a bad infection .the infection is gone but the numbness isnt i have heard all the horror stories but does anybody have good news like hey i have feeling again!please give me somthing to make me not feel so nervous about this problem.
Avatar f tn friday night, I went to work in the morning for about 2 hours and then left for a trip to new york city to see a concert. during the concert my bottom lip swelled and i got bad stomach pains, went to the hotel and took 2 nitequills the next morning my stomach still hurt but my lip was down. walked around new york for alittle and went home saturday night i had the same stomach pains but they were 10 times worse and in the same spot before my surgery, i took a percocet which put me to sleep.
350664 tn?1322829601 My mother and aunt both got bad results from this as well...but just needed further testing.
514916 tn?1224521687 This year in January my dog for the first time ever, had what I certainly do believe to be a bad reaction to her shots. About 48 hours afterwards she developed bad diarrhea, with mucus and blood in it, and also got quite weak on her legs for about 24 hours. She was fine however, and made a full recovery, on the 3rd day. I knew it was directly related to her booster shots, but the vet didn't think so. But I don't want to risk damaging her further again next January, when her boosters are due.
Avatar n tn I went to see an ent and he said it could be post herpatic neuralgia,well I never saw any signs of herpes except a couple of years ago and prior years before a bad cold sore on my lip but what does that have to do with my ear?I also saw a rheumatologist to rule out an auto immune disease and all tests came back normal.I've had tests for hiv,hep c,heavy metal toxins,allergies,thyroid,cortisol,if I could think of it I requested the test(also lyme's test)all normal.
485972 tn?1210062968 They did not fire me just made me so miserable I finally quit . I was in bad shape from the back problems at this point and could not do my job any longer anyway .This was June 1995 I could not draw unemployment as I had quit my job and in NC thats all there is to it , no debate .I tryed to appeal it but to no avail so I just let it go . I hurt too bad to fight with them any more .I tryed a couple of different jobs through the temps but just was not able to hold up for an 8 hour day .
Avatar n tn I had have two biopsies and have a long list of meds, ointments and creams I've been given, including different corticosteroid ointments, Retin A, Protopic, Bactroban, a corticosteriod injection to the lower lip (where it's worse), a depressant (can remember its name but similar to Valium), etc. One last thing that was suggested to me and which I haven't tried is to have laser surgery to remove the top layer of the lip. It was hoped that the new cells would be back to normal.
Avatar n tn I dont feel like I have a sinus infection, but strange sensations in my face. Almost feels like I rubbed a hot pepper on my upper lip and in my nostril, not AS bad as that but feels like a burning sensation, also IN my lip, inside my mouth. Any suggestions? The bone under my left eye feels sore when I push on it. I have no post nasal drip, no runny nose, no pain in my sinuses other than under my left eye?
Avatar m tn When the left side of my lip was swollen, the swelling was gone on the right side. The following morning all swelling was gone. That evening I developed swelling in the genitals. Swelling lasted about 24 hours. I had a full day with no new symptons, and then my righ foot swelled up. The foot swelling was quite painful, but began subsiding after about 12 hours. Unfortunately my the swelling moved to my left foot. I also experienced some swelling in my left cheek during this same period.
Avatar n tn Had gallbladder operation on 6th Feb 2008, anaesthetic used, Painkiling injection near site. Operation between 7.30am and 9am, took one Hydrocodone/APAP 10mg/500mg tablet about 3pm, and one 500mg acetaminophen at about 7pm. Noticed going home after operation that my vision seemed really sharp/clear, put it down to something to do with the procedure. Next day 7th Feb noticed many new floaters in right eye only, I think.
Avatar n tn Now three days later I look like the lion in wizard of oz. I have some numbness to the top lip. Tongues fine. My right cheek is worse. If I press gently beside the nose I get a strange tingling sensation in the top lip. Is this nerve damage? Does it recover quickly or is this long term? Should I be using warm or cold compresses? I'm treating with Advil but its not reducing the swelling. I would be so grateful for any help, I'm so distressed by this. Thank you.
Avatar m tn In addition to that, she has an adnocarcinoma tumor on her lip that has gone into her lymph node. She's been on insulin for about a month now, and I do not feel like she is doing so good on this insulin. I 1st gave her 1 unit 2/day, and after a curve in Drs office, she decreased it to .5 unit 2/day. She's loosing body mass as I can feel her bones. I don't think she is eating as much as she should. Does her insulin need to be adjusted, or do you think she even needs it?
1853014 tn?1340042175 Look into getting some biotene products to counter dry mouth. Some people bruise, some don't. You can try numbing the area first with some ice.
660300 tn?1224793961 I will be honest some days have been worse than others, some days I have had lots of pain and burning on my lip and chin, other days it hasn't been as bad. I have found it difficult to talk, that seems to make it worse sometimes, also eating has been difficult. Have you spoken to your Oral surgeon about this?
Avatar n tn Another 10-20% are injection drug users who have shared injection equipment. The 5-6% who claim heterosexual exposure includes many people who in fact were men who had sex with men, injection drug users, or female partners of men with other risks--but who denied their real risk behaviors, or didn't know about their partners' risks.
Avatar n tn Do you think you have an infection, as i read about Hot Teeth, where they are so infected that they full of Acid and so the injection does not work.. Like you i have a new Dentist as im a brit but in Greece and im scared.. Do you smoke? As i heard too that smoking stops it working too.. I dont smoke but worth a try..Did you know that you can legally have up to 20 shots well thats what my dentist told me!!!
173975 tn?1216261375 During TX --- I had A thrush like coating all over the inside of my mouth --- closing off the back of throat area --- turned out to be Strep BAD BAD BAD... So --- when they thought was thrush they gave me this antibacterial/antibiotic/icky nasty whatever concoction... It worked tho... Like a charm. I'll go ask the doc to email me what it is in there - and I'll type it out...
Avatar f tn I wonder also if the pain is worse post tx, with the virus bouncing back or if the pain would be less with the virus gone? Pain is such a subjective thing, that I don't know how they can measure its severity. What if someone felt the pain I feel daily and say "this is nothing compare to mine" while others might wonder "how in the world do you cope every day"?
Avatar m tn I am not a Dr, but have gone through this for over a year and cause has yet to be determined...They think maybe Post Viral caused the neuropathy.. Almost worse than the pain is find a DR that hangs in with you even when almost every test is negative..They need to find a reason..And, if it is idiopathic, then you will need to find med and treatments on your own that help..Dont just hang in there with one med..I could not have survived without Tramadol..
Avatar n tn Went for extraction--talked into root canal by dentist--major pain during procedure so much pain-- more pain med injection--2 x still great pain-- dds closed tooth and wanted to send me to specialist--then decided that tooth was cracked so extracted. still much pain during extraction. dr. not so happy that I had "low pain tolerance" seemed upset- I even had nitrous oxide gas, but pain still came through during extraction. The happend last Friday.
4451049 tn?1387157037 At about 3 days after I began the Zithromax, I was extremely agitated and irritable (maybe typical PMS). It was bad, but that's pretty typical! About 7 days my lips became numb and I got this unusual severe upper back- like muscle pain with an intense heaviness to it that was exhausting. It's difficult to explain. My lungs felt heavy and breathing was difficult, but I could manage. This went on for two days. This unusual pain and lip numbness never went away entirely.
Avatar m tn Life trainwreck on Aug 25th, 2011. Snorted coke, got drunk, had escort from internet. Had an active HSV-1 on lip while taking Acyclovir. She was AA in New York. Looked shabby, I have strong suspicion she was an injection drug user supporting her addiction. She smelled like she smoked 5 packs a day, like druggies do. Wanted to use condoms, I only wanted vaginal, condom used but failed, penetration unprotected for maybe 5 minutes.
Avatar f tn This morning I had some small bumps in my inner lip area now they're gone. Its gonna be weeks before I can order my WB and I'm just worried about my boyfriend, I don't wanna harm him.
Avatar n tn I'm a 36 year old female who had same symptoms beginning about six months ago along with a breakout of HSV-1 on lip. Had brain MRI and a few blood tests...all were normal. Neurologic exam normal. The tingling is almost completely gone, but I also noticed it when stressed. Doctor attributes to anxiety. My mother died of a brain tumor this year. She was 54. I do have health anxiety.
Avatar m tn Some days it's more prominent than others and my lips tend to dry out now and then, but I'm trying to avoid putting any sort of ointment/chapstick on them in the event that something coming in contact with the lips is irritating them further. I've included a recent photo (not the best quality) that shows my bottom lip and my lip line is no longer definitive.
230948 tn?1235847929 he was so attentive i wanted to take him home lol he listened then done a bunch of neuro testsand said my reflexes were jerky ( which i dont know they are normally normal, well where a year ago when last tested by rheumy) he did the pin test and cold test no feeling in fingers and some lost on right arm and right face and lip he was worried about the face numbness and wondered if it was to do with the nerve being compressed by the sinuses that lead to the back of the ear!!
Avatar n tn Had 8 teeth/molars extracted in dental chair, local anaesthetic xylotox e80-a (vasoconstrictor) 9 injections in gums under top lip and injections in pallette - during 2nd to last injection in gum under lip at back upper i felt pain like lightning bolt shoot through face i was given an extra shot after this and my face went numb to above eyebrows, ear and behind ear, battled to move eyes and tears streamed.