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Avatar m tn You clearly had a seroma (fluid accumulation in the cavity created by the implant insertion). This ultimately healed with the development of scar tissue. If steroid and time do not work, then it may be possible to surgically reduce the scar tissue. Follow the advise of your Atlanta physician.
Avatar f tn This has resulted in a 100% improvement in the pain and feverish feeling emanating from THAT tooth, but I still have an strange irritating sensation emanating from the implant that extends to the cheek, nostril, and eye above the implant. I have a feeling the implant is the cause of the mouth trouble and wondering if it is the cause of my neurological symptoms as well. My physical activity has been reduced to a minimum compared to the level of physical activity previous to the surgery.
Avatar n tn hi, i have a similar lip skin patch, have had it for about a week. did you ever find out what was going on with yours? did it resolve on its own?
222267 tn?1253305810 Titanium is the type of metal from which the implant is made. The implant is place into a hole in the bone which is sugically and purposefully created by the surgeon. Closure of oral wounds is usually done with local tissue flaps and in some cases a membrane may use as well as bone grafts. I hope this helps, but please understand that holes can occur anywhere in the palate and there are several anatomical spaces and vital structures that make a tremendous difference on the procedure.
Avatar f tn I asked my ENT regarding the numbness and he said it should have diminished by now, he did say something about, maybe the implant for my eyes are resting on a nerve and causing the numbness. It also feels wet on my nose anytime I drink something, I think I am splashing on myself, but nothing is ever there. My question is, since I have had the surgery in Feb. and implants to both eyes, could this cause the numbness on the right side only of my nose and upper lip? I am in between doc.
Avatar f tn I had an implant done and an infection was noted so implant was removed. However my lower left him, chin and lip are still numb after a month. I still feel a bump between the gum where the implant was done and my cheek. What can this be and could it be the cause of my numbness?
Avatar m tn Double vision was apparent immediately upon waking up. There was also a numbness in my left nostril and top lip. An implant was put underneath the left eye. The injured eye seemed to bulge out and was completely reddened. I had very limited movement of the eye. I went to the emergency room a few days after surgery out of my concern and was told by the surgeon that everything was normal.
370801 tn?1264408618 My chin filled out quite a bit just from the scar tissue and now it ironically looks great with nothing in it. When they do this implant you know how the cut down into the inner chin like below the gumline? Well, its been 6 years and my chin is still numb.. and myower lip partially numb.. but nothing too bad.. it doesn't really bother me that much but I was curious -- do u think that I will ever get full feeling back in my chin? Or does constant cutting like that permanently damage the nerve?
660300 tn?1224793961 I had my Wisdom Teeth taken out 2 weeks ago...ever since then my right lip and chin have been completely numb...I went back to the Oral Surgeon who wants to wait a month to see what happens, I have a follow up appointment in November right before Thanksgiving. Is there anything I can do to help? Based on common experience, how long does nerve damage "usually" take to heal? I feel like I am in the dark...I cannot stand it...
Avatar n tn I had my finger get caught in a end mill (metal working) at work and thought my digit was a goner but it was only a flesh wound. I almost sh!t myself. That was 29 years ago and only have a small scar on my knuckle. See you for now, come on back anytime. I like you.
801876 tn?1238336386 They keep turning it up every 4 weeks, and it's all done by a hand held computer, which is held over the implant, through clothes, so no undressing, then they tap a PDA, and up it goes. Done in seconds. If she has any problems, they can turn down some settings, turn up others, they just tailor it to the individual child. Please ask anything you need, I so wish I had had somebody to ask before my little girl had it done, so I really don't mind in the slightest.
Avatar m tn I am aware of the digital milking technique but I think I'll leave it another month as I'm still a little tender along the scar left from the op when I press it. The testicular pain is really weird. One side is absolutely fine but the other (left side) is still not right. It IS getting better but its SO slow, this part of the recovery. I was not warned about this, were you? It's not agony but it can be sore and is definitely uncomfortable...
Avatar f tn And it will leave a slight scar. Have you gotten any farther in finding any solutions? It kills me that we can fly to the moon, do brain and heart surgerys, have cures for crazy things but not a stupid little white plug in our face!!! Please let me hear from you on your search. ps i am 45 and this just started about 2 yrs ago, what the heck!!!
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Avatar m tn Let whatever is in your nose and sinuses drain slowly out of your nostrils, while the hot water of the shower falls on your chest. Put a finger across your top lip if you don’t like the salty water getting in your mouth. After about 20 seconds, snort inward, so the mucus goes into your throat, then do some hawking, and spit it out of your mouth. Repeat once or twice. Then, close one nostril, and blow out the open nostril as slowly and gently as you can.
Avatar n tn i also have subcutaneous cysts, my doctor said... i was at the gyno and freaked out cause there was a bump on my lip... it got really sore but wasn't an actual sore. it was deep under and went away after a while (the hormones in the pill definitely have an affect on the entire vagina... cysts of any type can be caused from change in levels of hormones). i've been off and on two types of b.c. since the cyst, i hate it...
Avatar n tn 05% for over a month to get rid of the scar tissue. but it thinned the skin, so then i had to use an estrogen cream to rebuild the tissue. this still hasn't solved the problem, and i've been dealing with this for a year. i'm 22. i've been to a few different gynocologists, and they all treated the problem the same way.
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear your suffering as well. You just struck something with the menopausal age and hormones though and I'm wondering if this could be part of my problem. When I was younger I was on every type of birth control possible and was unable to be on any of the pills, my hormones fluctuated so much and I suffered from severe migraines, and all made me physically ill with what I could only describe as morning sickness, without being pregnant.
Avatar n tn I have three children already oldest is 3 and the young 8mths. I have got pregnant on the pill, the implant (in the arm)...and im scared im pregnant again. I had a home preg test which came up neg, then a week later it came up lightly positive. Just to make sure i took another one three days later and it came up neg.....what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1055869 tn?1294203119 From what my doctor explained to me before, even on the progesterone tablets you can start to bleed, if you did not implant. But if you don't, once you stop taking the progesterone, your period is supposed to come shortly after.
Avatar n tn I had the Mirena put in on 3/2/2007. The insertion was aweful due to some scar tissue on my cervix. It took over an hour to get it in. Dr. said I was an awesome patient to work through it. I kept telling myself it would be worth it because I was in a new relationship and we were extremely sexually active and not wanting to get pregnant. So, I bleed for a month and had the worst pinching cramps I have ever had.
Avatar n tn Then, just two days ago, another episode and fainting spell. Unfortunately, I went head first and split open my nose, and now have a puffy lip and somewhat of black eyes. But, I do find that it may be after a stressful event and I was probably constipated and finally relaxed and/or I have eaten some rich foods. My husband suggested to take deep breaths more, and not hold my breath. I just don't want it to happen where I hurt myself again, more serious, and no one is around.
162948 tn?1205256292 each month i feel pregnant and each month i have had an implantation bleed i think but it is as though the fertilized egg can't implant properly. does anyone have experience of this? does anyone know how long the effects of the hormone last on the endometrium? i'm panicking that if i do conceive, i'll miscarry too. any thoughts?