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Avatar f tn This has resulted in a 100% improvement in the pain and feverish feeling emanating from THAT tooth, but I still have an strange irritating sensation emanating from the implant that extends to the cheek, nostril, and eye above the implant. I have a feeling the implant is the cause of the mouth trouble and wondering if it is the cause of my neurological symptoms as well. My physical activity has been reduced to a minimum compared to the level of physical activity previous to the surgery.
Avatar f tn I was treated for breast cancer in 2006, having several surgeries, and four rounds of chemotherapy. I had a mastectomy and now have a saline implant in one breast. Eight years ago I went through a clinical depression, and was on anti-depressants for about 2 years. At that time I first experienced internal vibrations, sort of like a sudden motor turning on inside of me, which only lasted a few seconds, and only for a few episodes in the morning.
Avatar m tn It gently pumps the saline solution into your sinuses, and I don’t know if it pumps saline all the way up into the far reaches of your sinuses, because of gravity, but it follows the same line of treatment expressed here. Neilmed Sinus Rinses squirt saline into the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses. It does not work for infections in the upper sinuses, says so right on the box. It only costs $13 at any local pharmacy. There is also a neti pot, which was demonstrated by Dr.
1323747 tn?1364810482 // go on, but they have that tendency to make your lips "addicted," where it seems like they dry out even faster than before you and you have to keep reapplying every 2 seconds. For something with a tiny bit of color, I like these lip tints ( ).
Avatar n tn I'll keep you posted. Saline spray or the neti pot with saline wash is very important if you have sinus problems.
Avatar m tn Now a 2nd urologist, very prominent in his field, has told me the use of a buccal mucosal implant will give far lower chances of recurrence (I am 64). I have 2 questions: 1. Has anyone had either procedure on a very short section of their urethra - interested to hear about post-op recovery experiences, & 2. What are the after-effects on the mouth (eating, drinking, hot liquids, etc.
1055869 tn?1294203119 From what my doctor explained to me before, even on the progesterone tablets you can start to bleed, if you did not implant. But if you don't, once you stop taking the progesterone, your period is supposed to come shortly after.
162948 tn?1205256292 each month i feel pregnant and each month i have had an implantation bleed i think but it is as though the fertilized egg can't implant properly. does anyone have experience of this? does anyone know how long the effects of the hormone last on the endometrium? i'm panicking that if i do conceive, i'll miscarry too. any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Then, just two days ago, another episode and fainting spell. Unfortunately, I went head first and split open my nose, and now have a puffy lip and somewhat of black eyes. But, I do find that it may be after a stressful event and I was probably constipated and finally relaxed and/or I have eaten some rich foods. My husband suggested to take deep breaths more, and not hold my breath. I just don't want it to happen where I hurt myself again, more serious, and no one is around.