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Avatar f tn This has resulted in a 100% improvement in the pain and feverish feeling emanating from THAT tooth, but I still have an strange irritating sensation emanating from the implant that extends to the cheek, nostril, and eye above the implant. I have a feeling the implant is the cause of the mouth trouble and wondering if it is the cause of my neurological symptoms as well. My physical activity has been reduced to a minimum compared to the level of physical activity previous to the surgery.
1345326 tn?1276453202 It would be very prone to fracture there and also the micromillimeter movement could eventually doom the implant. If the span is not too long an implant on both end supported bridge might work great. Or, if you can afford it,having individual implants is another option. I'm sure your dentist can advise you on that. Hope this helps. If I can help further or answer any other questions, please let me know.
1819855 tn?1317140999 Do you know if a zirconium implant will be a better choice versus a Titanium implant or the damage of an implant is matter what material is it made of? I am asking because I am researching this subject for months now and I KNOW, in Europe now (I was born there but had been living in North America for many many years) dentists use more and more the zirconium implants. My main problem is making this decision of having...
Avatar f tn I had crown lengthening done on molar number 3 and instead of just doing the mesial lingual so my dentist could get a clear impression here, he removed a lot of gum and bone all around the tooth so it wouldn't be lopsided he said and five weeks later I still have a 1/4 inch of exposed tooth root on the tongue side and a little over 1/8 of an inch lip side. I don't like having all this exposed tooth and a big hole between 2 and 3 that collects food. The biscuspid in front of 3, no.
Avatar n tn I'd strongly advise you to wait on one or the other. Implant surgery is a long and involved process and with all the possible sides from tx, that could really be difficult to try to deal with both. Also your immune system's ability to fight infrection and your recovery time can be slowed by tx. I'd either do the tx and then when you are done do the implants or vica versa but I wouldn't do both at the same time.
Avatar f tn i went to 3 different dentist from the xray the first dentiat said he would recommend implant but of course it cost too much he said there is black thing between the root inside could be an infection. second dentist said nothing wrong wiyh the xray tooth n root is ok and nothing is rotten. she said the odour come from the bacteria and i did replaced the crown as she recommended .
Avatar f tn Thousands more are picked up by animal control and brought to shelters as strays without identification because most cats can easily slip their collars. A microchip implant is safe and inexpensive. Animal control officers and shelters have scanners. This insures that owners will be contacted if their pets are picked up or brought in.
Avatar n tn I've already tried antibotics for bacteria, and something that cost me an arm and a leg for virus, so what's in store for Fungus?
1323747 tn?1364810482 // go on, but they have that tendency to make your lips "addicted," where it seems like they dry out even faster than before you and you have to keep reapplying every 2 seconds. For something with a tiny bit of color, I like these lip tints ( ).
Avatar n tn You might also want to give suppressive therapy a try for a few months until your body is fully adjusted to the iud too. As for the lip thing - this doesn't really sound like oral herpes. Your doctor will need to further evaluate that too. I've never heard of mirena affecting your immune system. This just sounds like one of the joys of being female and trying to find a more convenient method of birth control than crossing your fingers and/or taking pills everyday.
Avatar n tn Sunspot -(Hey, I was looking at sunspots the other day thru someone's telescope - pretty cool) I don't know what they put in me for that proposed implant - real or fake - think it was probably fake -- looked like little granuoles. But then when I told the doc I had hep C and was going to put off the implant until after treatment, he said he wouldn't treat me anyway until I was "in remission." Then he gave me some story about having hep C is the service and clearing with antibiotics.
1074733 tn?1256235219 They would ask me if I forgot my shot at the end of each month, or ask me when it was going to be time or if I could please take it early. I noticed it cost quite a bit each month for the shot and asked the doctor to let me self inject. They taught me to do this myself and I've self-injected for about a year now.
Avatar n tn Not to mention I couldn't close my upper lip over my front dentures so I looked like I was constantly confused or disgusted at something. The top dentures kept wanting to fall out of place, too. I also have the problem of, when I close my lips, I look like I have a wad of chew in my lower lip due to my swollen gums and the pink part of the denture, right below the teeth, the part that looks like your gums, being rounded and sticking out due to my swollen gums.
Avatar n tn I have spent thousands already and if I get a second opinion from another endo what will that cost? Can anyone help me with getting my original endodontist to open up this tooth and use the magnifier to check for cracks or is there another specialist I should see. I am going crazy here! I can't belive all the trouble I am having trying to figure this out on my own and I can't believe my endos advice.
Avatar n tn More cavities than ever before, gum seperation, teeth worn down and staining. Finally after 12-14 pieces a day and over $100 in cost a month (comperable to cost of cigarettes a month, why aren't these things cheaper? Nicorette must be raking it in at our expense) I'd had enough. Additionally, the self-hatred you feel addicted to cigarettes is the same with the gum. The constant need for a piece of gum is classic addiction.
1737348 tn?1312916526 I had chronic pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia for years but managed it somewhat. Four years ago I had an implant put into my thumb joint. Long, long story short ... 8 surgeries and countless procedures later, I'm still reeling from it. I have RSD now and it's spread, but not to the extent yours has. Presently I'm working on reducing my narcotic medications to see if I can reassess the pain.
Avatar f tn IOL will really get me out of glasses, or at least into cheap ones, it will be worth the cost in the long run. There are many other adaptive IOLs available in the rest of world. Does anyone have any experience with them? The only one I've seen on the forum is a report on the Synchrony lens where the patient ended up with effectively very expensive monovision lenses.
299260 tn?1304219705 The only thing we have to buy that is expensive is the pack and play with the changing table for down stairs. Oh and some more bottles but we got a few duplicates so it should really take care of the cost for that. My mom... I can't even tell you how much she did. Besides the food and decorations and the rocking chair she got us the walker we wanted (in the name of my brother lol) a whole basket full of clothes and another one with blankets and toys. It was truly too much.
Avatar m tn The physician who reviewed it said, “The materials cost less than $5.00, so there’s no income, and if, on the outside chance, a patient falls in the shower, they can sue me. What doctor’s gonna recommend this?” He’s right, doctors aren’t stupid—that’s why they’re doctors.” If you don't wish to take the risk involved, then at least you may wish to try the Dr.Grossan Hydropulse Nasal Irrigation System.
458090 tn?1256324762 He is ok with traveling back home for my Retrieval... But It will cost us an arm and a leg to fly from Omaha back to our hometown in Florida. I don't need this right now!!!
Avatar f tn however, multiple plaques are relatively common. Usually localized on the chin, cheeks, or neck, involvement of the upper lip is rare. The characteristic lesion is an inflammatory reddish nodule with pustules and draining sinuses on the surface. Hairs are loose or broken, and depilation is easy and painless. Pus-filled whitish masses involve the hair root and follicle. Over time, the surface of the indurated nodule is covered by exudate and crust.
299260 tn?1304219705 and take the progesterone right away! Really take it easy over the tww and let the little guy implant really good!! I am just so hopeful for you and I have this really good feeling for you. It's going to happen soon...maybe not next month or the next month... but very soon my friend!! (of course I am going to rub Jake raw for this cycle!!!) And of course I am more than happy to answer any questions about IVF for you and Rachjas!!! Ask away...anything!!!
1417531 tn?1365601325 I take cronine (progesterone) it's a cream that you insert, but you have to walk around for it to work ...
Avatar n tn I bought it at Rite Aid, which is a nation wide drug store chain and it cost $29.0 0 for a bottle of 100. You take 3 a day. So it's a month a month supply.BTW I have no connection with this co at all...other than hoping like heck that it will work for me! According to the posts, if you take these 3 xs a day, a person can get relief in as little as 2 weeks, but the box says take it for 6 months to be sure it's replenished the nutrients you are missing] Now here's how I'm thinking..