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Avatar f tn The pain this time was a bit worse, but again my lip and chin are still numb and I now have pain in all my bottom teeth and even washing my face causes pain within my mouth. My implants are doing great, but I haven't made an appt to have my permanent teeth put onto the rith implants which have now healed b/c I can't imagine anyone working in my mouth right now. My lower front teeth and the gums below them are just plain painful most of the time, sometime getting beyond my ability to bear it.
Avatar n tn ' I can only think that if the implant was put in via the mouth and afterwards the pocket inside your lower lip (vestibule) is much lower, then it may be that you need some more surgery to reattach the mentalis. This procedure is called 'mentalis resuspension.' You can google the term to find a plastic surgeon who specialises in this. The description of the your 'teeth hanging in front of the jaw bone" is not really clear.
Avatar n tn I received 2 implants in the lower jaw (pos. 34 and 35) early yesterday. My lower lip and chin area are still numb (feels like when dental injections are just about to wear off - except they don't). The implantologist says the nerves are not damaged and can apparently see this on the X-rays. He says the feeling will disappear over several days and is caused by the local anaesthetic. Qu. Can the aneasthetic (or the way it was administered) really be the cause?
Avatar n tn MELISA test came up negative for metal allergies, but in the end the allergies started a few weeks after receiving the implant and were gone a month after removing the implant. Sometimes its better to listen to your body and not the "doctor." I was fortunate enough to have a very sympathetic Oral Surgeon. Jack.
Avatar f tn He did say that he had a difficult time getting the broken tooth out and that might have caused some nerve damage. I took an Ativan before the implant and was out of it. Hopefully Monday's appointment will be a good one.
Avatar f tn Another symptom I forgot to mention is that I have taken 3+ separate courses of antibiotics for pain in the area of the implant that is accompanied by a fever and malaise. The pain and fever returns after I stop taking the antibiotics. I woke up this morning with pain and a sick, feverish feeling. Fortunately, the periodontist who installed the implant called me in another course of antibiotics and I am going to see him on Monday.
Avatar n tn After taking antibiotics I had sore gums and an ulcer inside my bottom lip, I have had this before and it has cleared up quickly with Daktarin oral gel. This time also had a dry circular area on the outside of my lower lip. I just assumed it would go away but 4weeks later it had peeled a few times but was still there. After reading the posts on this site I was looking for something to try and thought about the Daktarin.
Avatar n tn I have been terrified to go back to any dentist for the placement of the crown on this implant. Finally, about 3 months ago, I mustered enough courage and went to see a new dentist for the crown implant. This did not go well – I am still living a nightmare – first , the crown did not fit, so he sent me home with a temporary crown. In addition, the next morning I woke up with a huge infection (herpes) in my upper lip. ( he prescribed Zovirax , and got better ).
Avatar n tn I didn't have it retreated, and asked them to pull it the next day. I have loads of pain radiating into the tooth, and my lip and jaw, and side of my face. They gave me the number of an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon refused to pull it without a referral from the dentist. He said it was like cutting off a finger. What? I continuted to do research. My upper left lip felt a little weak and with a numb heavy feeling.
Avatar m tn at 1, before place the implant, or after 1 and before 2 when implant is fully integrated? or at stage 3? if it have to be done as a separate surgery, then at what stage is recommend? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hi May_be, I went 8 weeks without my period and blood and urine kept coming out negative, and the day before missing my second period, I started spotting and later on that day, it started flowing like a river. So, just give it a bit more time and if it still doesn't start that second month, go get tested again. Sometimes your body tend to skip a month, for different reasons. I just knew I was pregnant, but it crept up on me soon as I was getting ready to miss the second month.
660300 tn?1224793961 I am not confident as he did not make it clear before surgery that one of my tooth was close to a nerve and only mentioned I may get a tingling lip.
Avatar m tn Double vision was apparent immediately upon waking up. There was also a numbness in my left nostril and top lip. An implant was put underneath the left eye. The injured eye seemed to bulge out and was completely reddened. I had very limited movement of the eye. I went to the emergency room a few days after surgery out of my concern and was told by the surgeon that everything was normal.
Avatar m tn The last few days my front tooth has been sensitive and painful, which is weird because all the nerves have been dead for about 9 years, I have had hundreds of hours at the dentist getting bridge work, a root canal and getting it capped 20 or so times. Now this morning my gums are very sensitive and I have a swollen lip and it is uncomfortable to touch or eat with my front tooth.
Avatar n tn My lower eyelid sagged so bad, my oculoplasty opthalmologist used the top curled edge of my ear cartilege as an implant and slid it directly underneath my left eye. It didn't take 3 or 4 weeks to heal. It took 9 to 12 weeks. I am not suprised that you are freaking out 3 weeks post-op, but you have to realize that a facelift isn't merely slicing a few strips of just skin. You have had your skin separated from the membrane that attaches it to the muscle.
Avatar n tn I even get full faster then I ever had--I couldn't finish my favorite salad at Applebee's last night (regular size) AND today I felt overstuffed l after a Big Mac and some fries!! I had my blood test this AM (drawn at 8AM) HOWEVER if you are in Topeka--DO NOT USE QUET DIAGNOSTIC--they hadn't even picked up my blood as of 11:30 AM AND I found out it has to go to Lenexa to be tested!!! My IVF coordinator (and myself) are a bit ticked to say the least.
Avatar n tn my husband hasnt had a kiss this whole time, I'm afraid to let my baby touch my mouth, and Im very careful to make sure no one eats or drinks after me. I'd like to know if maybe I could relax a little. And so, to sum it up, my questions are : 1) Does the mirena affect your immune system? I can think of no other reason that my outbreaks would increase and these "blisters" would show up. no diet or stress changes.
1737348 tn?1312916526 I have been diagnosed with RSD, and the last 2 days, collapsed in exhaustion after 2 weeks of a flare that turned into worsening and spread of the RSD. It started in the upper leg (boy was the surgeon who operated on my hip defensive!!!) and as I was advised by the surgeon (maybe WHY he's defensive???) to ice. Once pack turned into 2 into 3 into 5, and you get the picture. Fortunately I have a friend with RSD who said "GET IT OFF NOW, and I mean NOW!!!
12773 tn?1328916786 I'd say it's from the antibiotic or combo but of course in here we can only guess. I've been sick several times in the last 68 weeks and thrown up after taking the riba - and I try to use judgement on whether or not I need to take them again myself. If your hemo is very low than I would the EXTRA riba can cause it to go even LOWER and that is no fun. Also you REALLY have to throw up pretty HARD to get rid of the capsules.
748543 tn?1463449675 I am including the post here. Dear Dr. Nassery- You have heard this before but thank you and Dr Chan for continuing this blog, it is very important to the TMD community. My story begins in 2000, when I received a whiplash injury to my jaw. Forward to November 2003 and I developed serious TMD, with the right masseter in spasm as well as headaches and facial pain.
Avatar n tn and becomes a yeast infection.. so i get it before and after a eyast infection and it makes the yeast infection much worse and painful putting monestat cream and baby powder at the same time calms it down a bit temporarily (or the pain at least an itch) i also get them sometimes before my period too!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ANY OF YOU FOUND AN ANSWER..
162948 tn?1205256292 is this part of the IUD removal, or should i be worried? Fiance' and i had sex 2 days before removal..and several times after without protection...i think we both secretly want a child. i have 3 from other relationship...we will be getting married before end of summer, any suggestions as to why the bleeding after orgasm?
1055869 tn?1294203119 This time I was cramping 2days before IUI (fNovember 13th) and then ALL day on Friday after the IUI? Is that normal? also how early can you take a HPT and get a correct answer? I took an injection of 10000 of hcg on thursday? I also took 5 days of clomid (3 pills and day) and 3 days of 150 gonal-f. my estrogen level was 85? i go friday for progestorone level. Im just not liking the 2ww. Oh and I have PCOS!!!
Avatar n tn They did find a PFO (sounds like its popular!) and I had the cardio seal implant about 2 months after my full stroke. They put me on blood thinners, blood pressure meds, migraine meds, headache meds...blah blah. Just until recently my head has been pretty stable...not that many headaches, fuzzyness and all that. I took myself off some of the meds because i felt like the doctors were just doping me up to mask the symptoms.
Avatar f tn he put a composite instead of the tooth and asked me to come for an implant but the dental surgeon who will work with him told me to make a panoramic and a periapical before taking the decision of the implant it showed that my roots are good and i dont feel any pain but it doesnt show the crack...i saw the crack in the mirror i know it is there but no one can now how deep is it...till now i dont feel any pain...which is better a crown or an implan am really sad it makes me look ugly...
Avatar f tn he put a composite instead of the tooth and asked me to come for an implant but the dental surgeon who will work with him told me to make a panoramic and a periapical before taking the decision of the implant it showed that my roots are good and i dont feel any pain but it doesnt show the crack...i saw the crack in the mirror i know it is there but no one can now how deep is it...till now i dont feel any pain...which is better a crown or an implan am really sad it makes me look ugly...
Avatar n tn Then, just two days ago, another episode and fainting spell. Unfortunately, I went head first and split open my nose, and now have a puffy lip and somewhat of black eyes. But, I do find that it may be after a stressful event and I was probably constipated and finally relaxed and/or I have eaten some rich foods. My husband suggested to take deep breaths more, and not hold my breath. I just don't want it to happen where I hurt myself again, more serious, and no one is around.
Avatar n tn My second question is regarding a sergury I had roughly 2 years ago, I had a mesh implant put in to repair 3 hernias, 2 above my belly botton and 1 below, the implant is the largest my surgen has ever put in, it is down the center and the whole right side of my tummy. My question to you is can it with stand 9 months of pregnancy?