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Avatar n tn What is the typical cost of a lip collagen fill in Vancouver BC?
Avatar n tn Conus ends at the mid T12 level and is of normal signal intensity and configuration. No abnormal pial enhancement. Cauda equina is unremarkable. The L2-L3 and especially L3-L4 intervertebral disks are diminished in signal intensity and height, and bulge diffusely. Central disk protrusion at L2-L3 and a central disk herniation at L3-L4. At the L4-L5 level, there has been a right hemilaminectomy and partial resection posterior aspect of the L4-L5 disk.
589816 tn?1332980371 0 cm mass in the suprasellar cistern which demonstrates intense increased signal on T1-weighted images and intermediate signal on FLAIR and T2-weighted images and no significant enhancement. The mass appears to be separate from the pituitary gland, and anterior and separate from the hypothalamus. The mass extends towards the right orbital apex and appears to partially encase the right supraclinoid carotid artery.
551343 tn?1506834118 I think stress is something we are all placed under far too much now, either at home or work. We are expected to bring up a family with little support, the cost of living is huge and children are subjected to bullying before they even start life. My grandson for example has post traumatic stress syndrome after enduring 3 years of bullying at school, started to cut himself and constantly talked about suicide. My daughter has M.E. I wonder why. Stress at work.