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Avatar n tn In the last couple of years I thought I was getting cold sores from using lip balms that my grandchildren had used. But Tuesday after getting back from Florida my lips became extremely chapped and I used new Blistex and Bert Bee Wax lip balm. Well, you know the rest. My lips became swollen like a bad job of Restylane injections with tiny bumps that occasionally seeped. I've been applying Vasoline, taking Valtrex (thought it was cold sores) and Lysine.
Avatar n tn To treat chicken pox scars skin specialists first reduce underlying fibrous adhesions and later either perform a dermal filler or stimulate new collagen growth with Non Ablative Laser Rejuvenation. It will be difficult to recommend a particular treatment to you but there are many options and medicinal products available. The best would be to talk to your doctor and then decide which treatment works best.
Avatar f tn Still, I think in this case, it's because of his severe lack of growth hormone, due to it's affect on collagen and connective tissue. Maybe they will want to wait until after he starts growth hormone shots to test for a genetic defect. I know Nick grew a lot in a very short span of time, and I know rapid growth can deplete cortisol very fast. Casey may need to up his Dexamethasone dose when he starts the shots.
Avatar f tn [continued from previous message] So now what to do, given the negative test result your doc reported to you? Here's the problem: the standard tests are notoriously inaccurate, but docs who are not Lyme specialists don't understand that.
Avatar m tn “G-spot” in genetics is a sequence of four or more guanines! In 2007, Spike, a bioethicist at Florida State University's College of Medicine, considered that doctors who allegedly enhance women's G-spots are profiting from their [women's] insecurities and “they are engaging in something more like medical fraud.” He also wrote that the G-spot is “like a folk tale. You can prove that something exists if you find it, but if you don't find it, that doesn't prove that it doesn't exist.
Avatar f tn It is essential to rule out the presence of serious illnesses of which recurring hives can be a symptom. Examples are hepatitis, hyperthyroidism, lymphomas, collagen vascular diseases, and cancers of the rectum, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. I feel that you should find out the cause of your chronic urticaria by ruling out the various conditions causing it.Pls consult a physician/dermatologist for this. I hope it helps.
Avatar f tn however, multiple plaques are relatively common. Usually localized on the chin, cheeks, or neck, involvement of the upper lip is rare. The characteristic lesion is an inflammatory reddish nodule with pustules and draining sinuses on the surface. Hairs are loose or broken, and depilation is easy and painless. Pus-filled whitish masses involve the hair root and follicle. Over time, the surface of the indurated nodule is covered by exudate and crust.