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Avatar n tn He said that if I didn't use Abreva right away, it could blister and that I was lucky it did not. If you have this dry spot on your lip that feels like a piece of tape is stuck to it, go to your local drugstore right away and get some Abreva. Good luck.
Avatar n tn So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated. About 2-3 weeks after that, I started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes. I could not apply the most mild lotion to those areas because it would burn, but it was so dry I wanted to do something.
Avatar f tn The weird thing is I still have these small bumps on my upper lip and they won't go away. They're really tiny bumps just covering my upper lip. I really have no idea what they can be any help will be appreciated. Is it a possibility it is in fact herpes?
1418230 tn?1282924322 Well I went into my childs room this morning to wake him up and I noticed a red area on and beside his lip. I know its the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 and I am also aware that it is contagious. My husband and I do not have the virus and after some investigating I have discovered that he got it from a significant grand parent :) >:O Now my question is: Is there anything that is safe to put on it to kinda help it heal and and keep it from spreading?
420469 tn?1217650963 These are the feelings I get when my lip is about to break out with a fever blister. Herpes Simplex 1. Very, very common in many people. Have you ever had an outbreak on your lip of a fever blister? The tingling and wanting to scratch is my frist symptom that is coming on. I get out my presciption ointment of Zovirax and treat the area several times a day. Sometime I can stop the outbreak in it's tracks, other times the fever lister wins.
Avatar m tn I've been diagnosedwith genital herpes for 5 months now and the symptoms are getting worse. I constantly itch burn around the outside of the vagina, white/ yellow fluid discharge, headaches and back pain. It hasn't gotten better and right now I don't have enough money for the acyclovir. The doctor gives me the medication once a month and I need it much more! Also I've got little tiny spots on my upper lip and one red small bump toward the coner of my lip.
Avatar n tn Have a fever blister on my lip and would like to know if I can use Fucidin cream on it. It is an antibiotic cream.
Avatar f tn Since returning and being ridden with guilt I noticed a red then white bump on my upper gum and inside of my lip. A second very small bump appeared. It got very sore so I bought a homepathic medicine called cankerx and placed it on there. The pain went away and the sores seemed to have healed. Though it still is red with small grey spots in the middle. I have not had any other symptoms but am in sheer panic. Afraid my children may catch herpes from me.
1168718 tn?1464987135 I was taking famvir and it works better then valtrex for me. The only lip thing I get is my lip will split so I worry I will get a sore, but it never gets past the tingle / pain stage and goes away a day later.
6939574 tn?1390931449 ) And to make matters even more confusing, I noticed a big white blister on my lip today and I said omg, I do have herpes!... Then I looked up pictures of oral herpes and it looked nothing like what I got. Herpes is supposed to be in clusters, pop open, painful blister or blisters, then crust over crust over yellow in a few days. and this was just one single white blister that looked like it would pop at any moment.
Avatar f tn Today I woke up with a bump on my bottom lip, turns out that it was a cold sore. I don't know what to do , I feel so ugly & my boyfriend made me feel like a piece of crap. He even said "hopefully after your pregnancy you don't get them .. That would be bad". & I said "why?" & he replied .. Cause that means you have herpes :'( Now it's so swollen & red .. & just has a blister.
Avatar f tn No test you can take will be as conclusive as anything swabbed from a fresh blister. Make sure to insist that the culture be typed. You could have HSV-1 genitally... and if that's the case, what you're going through right now will be the last big outbreak you will be expected to experience. Then again, perhaps it isn't HSV at all... I'll defer to the moderators here on that. Would also be a good idea to have the IgG tests run for both you and the boyfriend.
Avatar m tn ok...then like two days later i got this white blister under my tongue....on the bottom of that elastic part on one of the little gland type flesh...hurt a bit...but i do remember having that same thing one time with my past relationship which was years ago on the same spot after i thought i was a bacterial infection that i got from giving oral cleared in a day or so....sooo.....we didnt speak about a after that 9 days later it was a hot day i was out....
Avatar m tn I didnt even have a blister at the time, just a black scrap and a swollen lip but now I do have a blister and it is worrying me!! Can you please put my mind at ease one more time then I promise to leave you alone and stop taking over the fourm :P As you can see Im a very paranoid person and really liked this guy who grabbed my drink and I would be mortified If he caught my coldsore! Way to ruin things before they even start!! I am 22 and he is 30 if that makes any difference??
Avatar n tn Is that " Fever Blister " ?- Check out some pics... i got tiny pimples all around my top lip line , few yellow/white spots on inner top lip. & few of them b/w top & bottom lip joining area.....taking pills as per doctor. i never had any pain or itching..
2065676 tn?1331426040 I have seen many people on here with mouth and/or lip problems. It is part of tx for some. I did end up getting the magic mouthwash with nystatin and numbing agents as it really hurt. I also tried every thing I could think of and some days it did not matter what I did. Biotene is also good.
Avatar f tn faith~~Blister? Um, where? Are you talkin about a fever blister, like a cold sore? THEY'RE CONTAGIOUS!!! DH gave me one by just giving me a peck on the lips kiss... Reposted what I wrote in the last thread~~~ gilianl~~LOL, my sex life just got better, it was fun before, but now that I have something and can actually reach the big "O", DH is in some trouble now!!! LOL. Good luck BTW, I hope you get your BFP in 2 weeks!
Avatar n tn When the swelling dissipates on my feet and fingers I actually shed the top layer of skin around the swollen area over a period of days, like a blister on the mend. The lip and neck swelling don't itch, but the finger and feet swelling becomes an insane itch without any relief from over the counter anti- itch products. Taking an anti-histamine slows down the whole process. I'm worn out from this process..........
Avatar n tn its in a green square tin) In extreme cases, apply hydrocortisone ointment under the lip balm. Avoid frequent lip licking. Change lipstick to rule out allergies. Apply lip balm with sunscreen before venturing into the sun. Use a humidifier indoors whenever possible. Increase water intake in the winter months to further hydrate the skin.
Avatar n tn A couple of days I had severe itching on the left lip of my vagina. Now there is something like a pimple but larger. The left lip is hard and has swelled to twice the size of the right. I have tried hot washcloth and also ice. I have gotten some pus to drain out but is still hard and VERY painful. I can haredly walk. I don't have insurance and just had a minor surgery (May 7) to remove a kidney stone. I had a stent in but it has been removed. The area is also very red.
Avatar f tn I had a very sore throat that seemed to respond to antibiotics but not Acyclovir, and brief/slight tingling and a small bump on my INNER lip (nowhere near the lip/regular skin border) that appeared AFTER starting Acyclovir and went away within 36 hours of applying tea tree oil (never became a blister), PLUS a positive blood test for mono. In doing further research today, I came across a post in which Dr.
Avatar n tn Yes, nygirl - really AWSOME that you are almost done!!! Way to go!! stangshelly - yeah I have the rash all over - some days I just feel like an aniomal with the constant shifting around and scratching to relive the itch. All the remedies and hints "help" , but it's still there and it still itches. I always associated mine with the riba, maybe your rash is different from mine since your rash gets better or worse around your shots. I sure hope you get some good advice about this.
Avatar n tn By the time you've had your first itch or first blister, it is too late. No OTC remedies, or even prescription hydrocortisone will work, and in my opinion only prolongs the agony. So save your money. Calamine, Hydrocortisone, Benadryl...none of that stuff works. I say agony because if you get a full blown break-out, you will know what I mean. I'm going through it now. I have noticed that it is somehow related to contact with something.
Avatar n tn One interesting point is about the herpes fever blister correlation that has been mentioned. I also get fever blisters and had an outbreak a few months ago. Does anybody else suffer from both problems? I have been able to keep it under control if I get it to completely go away, which is VERY difficult. I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula as a moisterizer. I almost made it through the winter this year without an outbreak, but I was staying for 10 days in a hotel and didn't have my lotion.
Avatar n tn I agree with sunshine...I just returned from the ENT specialist this week with the same problem. DX: cryptic tonsillitis, which means I have the funky smelling stink balls flying out of my tonsils, too. Since I have had numerous sinus infections, throat infections, bronchitis, etc., he suggested I have my tonsils removed (March). Google this: tonsilliths - you will find a LOT of info on it. It's a pretty common problem, which I had not heard of but have suffered with it for over 30 years!
Avatar n tn it worked for me today and i have all the same symptoms as above for the past month. tried the lip glass and found relief so far today. hope this cures it... we'll see.
Avatar m tn This is the 3rd outbreak in one year, but most of the time the symptoms aren't as visible. I'm concerned it's hsv2 and is generally shedding, but the blisters don't always form all the way. Multiple doctors (primary, dermatologist, infectious disease specialist, urologist) have informed me it's not herpes at all, but the symptoms match impeccably and they refuse to do swab tests or any further tests.