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Avatar n tn I saw a family doctor almost three week ago for a small rounded blister on my bottom lip. I've had it now for about 7 weeks. he said it was nothing to worry about unless it was still there in another month. It's clear and has a small dark spot inside the blister itself. It is not painful in any way. I am 45 years old and chew Skoal pouches three to four times a day. Do I need to see a ENT? I've also tried Gly-oxide on it without much success.
Avatar n tn I used teeth whitening strips and I think i developed a blister on my lower lip from it. The blister is very painful and has a white puss layer on top of it. my lip is also a little swollen where the blister is. I have had this blister for a week now and it shows no sign of improvements. what should I do?
Avatar m tn I have a blister inside my lower lip. At first it started out white and small. When I popped it, it went away but reoccurred a few days later, yet it is much bigger than the last. Each time I pop it, will will come back and now it's really hard and dark colored. Does anyone know what it is or how to cure it?
2200744 tn?1338670821 2years ago i had a infection like blister on my stomach near the navel n it got reduced after i took few antibiotics, and once also had a white chancer like thing on my pennis, but it gradually just disappeared.. but now have a blister inside my mouth behind the lower lip n its quite painful! i live down in India n i have no clue how to go about further cause its all taboo here!!!
Avatar n tn I developed a blood blister in the middle of my bottom lip after a severe chapped lip situation in December. It is now mid-Feb, and it is still there. Every 10-14 days, it will pop and bleed, usually receding a little bit, but it's always there. It looks like a blood blister, is not painful even when it bleeds. It has not increased in size since Dec and the color has stayed the same - red. I have always had chronically chapped lips, which peel every couple days.
1758222 tn?1312816600 i work in the sun all day everyday, my lip got a blister on it, so i tried chapstick, then my whole lip got blisted, i thought i was alergic, but it is just the bottom lip, it is very painful and will not get better on its own, i went to the er they said maybe it was some sort of staph infection, they gave me acyclovir antibiotics and mupirocin cream, but the cream burns to badly to apply ... please help!!
Avatar n tn I have a blister like bump on my lower lip, right in the centre. It is not weeping or *****, or painful. It is just annoying, as I can feel it there and it is visible when holding my mouth in a relaxed position. I can't pop it by squeezing it. I have only ever had the one partner (my husband) and likewise. Does anyone know what it could be?
Avatar n tn im 14 and i have a white blister on my top lip and i know this isnt std or herpies etc my mum says its the cold but it wont go away what is it?
Avatar f tn The blood has disappeared and it now just looks like a weird bump on my lip, I can feel its full of fluid. Its not painful but does feel a bit like a bruise. All the doctor gave me was hydrocortisone cream to use for a week which hasn't worked. And now she says there's nothing else she can do! I work in the performing arts so its very insightly and is affecting my confidence. Any suggestions?!
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, However my fiancee has a blister on his lip ( blister is about 2 cm long and skinny) which most likely was caused by sun damage, the blister is on his lower lip and is a yellowish/puss colour on top. It doesn't hurt him at all but it hasn't healed itself and it been about 10months now! - Does anyone know what this could be? I'm worried it could be cancer as it doesn't heal!
Avatar n tn I have a red area, about 1 cm in diameter just below my lower lip (crossing over onto the lip itself), it's irritated and painful and also my lips are quite chapped. I've had this for about a day already, and the red area is also chapped, but there are no blisters formed, no pus, etc. -- none of the nasty things you see in all the herpes photos. But I've read that sometimes redness and irritation proceeds the actual blisters?
Avatar n tn I have a blister inside my upper lip and it has blistered, burst, healed, blistered, burst, healed etc. for a year and a half now. The healing only lasts for a single day. In one week it will have gone through two cycles. It is painful to brush my teeth and sometimes to eat and I have to avoid drinks that are citric. I have been to the doctor several times and three months ago he finally took a good look with a light and saw it. He promised to refer me to a specialist but nothing has happened.
Avatar f tn Dear Doc, I woke up one day and found some blisters (one big and two small ones) on my lower lip. They dont hurt at all. It's not painful or even itchy. After a few days they went away. what they left were some scars. I don't think they are oral herpes. I received protected oral sex most of the time and have never done oral sex on a woman(found it disgusting). The thing is, these blisters dont match the profile of the oral herpes signs and symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hello I had an unprotected oral sex with a csw last night, next day morning I had burning sensation in my lower lip and now I see there is a small blister in the middle of my lower lip. Does herpes blister show up in less than 24 hrs?
Avatar f tn Ive been faithfully sexual with my husband for 3 years now. There is only one, and it's not that painful. It is painful to touch and if urine gets on it as well. I've only had it for about 2 days and have never had anything like it before. It's skin color just a little red, and hard to see just looking. It doesnt look like a zit or pimple, it's kinda like an ulcer looking thing i guess.
Avatar n tn For atleast the past month, I have one reoccuring water blister that occurs in the same exact spot. It is in the back of my mouth diagonal from my tonsil on the side/roof of mouth. Initially I would pop it to let the water out, but two days later it always came back. So I left it alone. It starts small, grows and grows as it fills with water, and eventually minimizes on its own, but if I remove the skin once it has minimized it bleeds very minorly. Then within days it is back again.
Avatar n tn I have a small blister on the inside of my lip. I've had it for a few weeks now. It doesn't hurt but it always gets in the way when I eat and sometimes I accidentally bite it. I'm also in band and when i close down on my mouthpiece, it gets in the way. I don't know what it is or what to do... Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I noticed my gums are receding and making it very painful to eat, brush my teeth, etc. I also have a blister on my bottom lip, which I've never had before so could i possibly have an std? Or is this all caused by the strep and should go away with the antibiotics?
Avatar n tn I have a small red, sometimes raw, blister in the middle of my upper lip, except for some initially burning (when it was at its most irated state) it does not hurt and does not itch. As a was of background, I remember having what appeared to be a very small cut in the middle of my upper lip a few months ago. I was thinking it may have been from shaving and it seemed to scab over then go away, then open again. I would apply chapstick or some other lip protection and that seemed to help.
Avatar n tn About 2 months ago I got a red blood blister on my bottom lip, a month went by and I didnt really think too much about it and left it.....after that it was annoying me and I decided that my best option would be to pop the blister to get rid of it. I know now that this was a very bad decision!! The blister formed into a scab which bled a couple more times when I caught the looked very unsightly and my friend advised the best thing to do is put on some blistex.
Avatar n tn I have a pimple like clear round blister inside my lower lip. I'm concerned that it is herpes, a cold sore. It heals but it is still there, it comes out again. Should I be concerned or could it just be a mucocele?
Avatar m tn Months later her bottom lip still looks bad and it has spread across her entire lower lip. It is painful and it scabs up and falls off over and over. She has been to the dermatologist several times, been on several antibiotics and has used lots of creams still nothing has helped!! Any advice would be very helpful!!!
Avatar f tn Greetings everyone, Late last week I noticed I had a small blister on my bottom lip that was somewhat painful. I thought that after a couple days that it would heal itself but now it has actually gotten worse. I've developed other smaller blisters around my bottom lip and it seems that the infection has spread. I was using a medicated chapstick and I'm assuming it made my lips worse and spread the infection across my bottom lip. They are white little blisters with reddish marks in middle.
Avatar f tn i wore tight work slacks the other day, i also have a ring in the nether region. that evening when i took a shower my outter lip was swollen where my ring was hitting, in the morning there was a painful pimple. i ended up popping it and pus and blood came out and then i put witches hazel on it. the next morning it wasnt painful or very swollen. my question is does this resemble a type of herpes since it was just one lump and lots of blood and puss came out.