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Avatar n tn 3 days ago, I woke up to an ulcer like big hump in my lip (raising my bottom lip a good quarter inch) and redness. over the next 3 days, it has cracked my lips and caused the top layer of skin to break. The skin break is right where the wet inside of your mouth meets the inside of your lips, right in the middle. I am a hypochondriac and I am freaking out as expected.
Avatar n tn I used teeth whitening strips and I think i developed a blister on my lower lip from it. The blister is very painful and has a white puss layer on top of it. my lip is also a little swollen where the blister is. I have had this blister for a week now and it shows no sign of improvements. what should I do?
Avatar f tn i've had a small white "blister" on my bottom lip for about a month. i've had a cold sore in the past--plenty actually--but this is different; it's not oozing, it's not inflamed, it didn't start out as tiny blisters. what could this be? shamefully, i smoke (less than a pack a week, but still) and i was wondering if this could be related to that? while we're on the topic, i've also developed a rather noticeable growth between my leg and my genitals, and it's not symmetrical.
Avatar n tn I am now 41 and the past 6 mos have had tiny blister recurrance on my bottom lip. It comes and goes in the same spot a couple of times a month. I do not get cold sores, although do get canker sores. This is NOT a cold sore, it is a small blister, it heals and it keeps coming back. I am concerned about lip cancer?
Avatar n tn I was putting Neosporin on the bottom lip a while ago twice a day, which seemed to help a little in making the blister recede, but didn't know if that was a good thing to continue. And, I'm pregnant (32 weeks); probably has nothing to do with it? What should I do?
Avatar m tn Woke up this morning with a blister on the edge of my lover lip near the corner. It's a single slightly raised blister with a kind of dimple in the middle and looks to have clear fluid inside. It doesn't exactly hurt, even when I touch it, but I can tell it's there. There was no warning, no tingle, it just appeared sometime while I was sleeping last night. Over the last week it's been getting cold and my lips are slightly chapped. What could it be?
Avatar f tn Okay, so i have this blister on the center of my upper lip. Its not on top but in the middle of my lip. I woke up like this and im not sure what it is. It seemed to form over night? its not huge but its big enough to notice and keep me from leaving the house. it looks like a blister and its red around the surrounds of it. theres actually two when i look close. a bigger one and a smaller one located just about that. Its not itchy or anything but annoying. It looks like there is water in it.
Avatar n tn I have a single blister on my bottom lip curious to what it could be
Avatar n tn I've been pretty stressed out lately so I'm hoping the bump/blister is just a result of stress, and not cold sores or herpes. Hope you can help, thanks.
1758222 tn?1312816600 i work in the sun all day everyday, my lip got a blister on it, so i tried chapstick, then my whole lip got blisted, i thought i was alergic, but it is just the bottom lip, it is very painful and will not get better on its own, i went to the er they said maybe it was some sort of staph infection, they gave me acyclovir antibiotics and mupirocin cream, but the cream burns to badly to apply ... please help!!
Avatar m tn I have had a "blood blister" on my bottom lip for more than a year now. It sort of gets better in the winter time. I remember going to a dermatologist once when I was younger and him giving me steroids for it and it kind of went away, but not all the way. My bottom lip is very sensitive to foods that are acidic and spicy. Toothpaste kills! I do have Polymorphous light eruption and I am wondering if it has anything to do with it? Or maybe if it's Bullous Pemphigoid?
Avatar f tn What can i do to help this? I have never had a fever blister until yesterday one popped up and now my lip is swollen very bad. It is annoying and i want it gone. Please help with any ideas!!!
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, However my fiancee has a blister on his lip ( blister is about 2 cm long and skinny) which most likely was caused by sun damage, the blister is on his lower lip and is a yellowish/puss colour on top. It doesn't hurt him at all but it hasn't healed itself and it been about 10months now! - Does anyone know what this could be? I'm worried it could be cancer as it doesn't heal!
Avatar f tn I got a big blister in the corner of the lip. Is really swollen. It has like some clear fluid in it. I'm worried with all the research I have done and it says that all cold sores are herpes which have me freaking out. I have only 2 sex partners until now and with the current one, we have been together 4 years and nothing like this ever happened before. We are in a committed relationship so I don't go also kissing around other people. Please enlighten me because I'm freaking out.
Avatar f tn My 14 week old baby has a red looking blister on his top lip. He wasnt born with it and it looks like a strawberry mark. its the size of a small pea, should i seek professional help?
Avatar n tn I have a blister inside my upper lip and it has blistered, burst, healed, blistered, burst, healed etc. for a year and a half now. The healing only lasts for a single day. In one week it will have gone through two cycles. It is painful to brush my teeth and sometimes to eat and I have to avoid drinks that are citric. I have been to the doctor several times and three months ago he finally took a good look with a light and saw it. He promised to refer me to a specialist but nothing has happened.
Avatar n tn I bit my lip and shortly after went outside to help my husban paint our house I was outside for no longer than 2 hours, after inside i realized i had a white spot on bottom lip its a little to the right but more in the middle of lip i squeezed it twice it did nothen but within the hour it turned into a white blister and also has a small white spot on the left side of bottom lip it hurts and stings i have no idea what it is if theres anyone who can help me in finding out what it is and how do i
Avatar f tn Hello I had an unprotected oral sex with a csw last night, next day morning I had burning sensation in my lower lip and now I see there is a small blister in the middle of my lower lip. Does herpes blister show up in less than 24 hrs?
Avatar n tn Hello, Blood blister is a type of blister that forms when subdermal tissues and blood vessels are damaged without piercing the skin.Give rest to the part,apply cold compresses,soak the blister in Epsom sale and keep a check on the child so as to avoid its rupture. If the blister breaks, quickly rinse the area and apply an antiseptic such as neosporin. It is not recommended to break a blister because it may often lead to infection.
Avatar f tn I have a small fluid filled blister on the inside of my bottom lip. It has been there for over a month now. I am not sure what it could be. It gets really big and I pop it because I can barely chew my food without biting it. It has a clear, gooey liquid in it and sometimes a little bit of blood. After I pop it, it is small for a day or so then it puffs up again. My mother in law suggested I use allum on it.
Avatar n tn Hi I am so sorry your are going through this, like you I am looking for help for a problem I am having, tiny blister near the urethra very tiny, if the pain hadn't been so bad I would never have found it. It is amazing that something so small can hurt so bad. I am going to the doctor. p.s.
Avatar f tn I have ONE vaginal "blister" on my upper vaginal skin fold. Ive been faithfully sexual with my husband for 3 years now. There is only one, and it's not that painful. It is painful to touch and if urine gets on it as well. I've only had it for about 2 days and have never had anything like it before. It's skin color just a little red, and hard to see just looking. It doesnt look like a zit or pimple, it's kinda like an ulcer looking thing i guess.