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Avatar n tn Then, I started getting the same reaction that I got from the Burt's Bees Lip Balm. That was when I figured I was developing an allergy to lip balm. Over time, I also realized I was getting the same reaction even faster from lipstick and lipgloss. That meant I was allergic to all lip products across the board. I began researching into the symptoms and the ingredients in lip products, especially ones that commonly produced allergic reactions.
Avatar f tn Only things that don't happen now are chest infection type stuff, sunburn like rash (but feeling of burning skin does), lip blister, extremely sore throat seems to have stopped recurring too. But after 4 months I tested negative on herpes blood tests. I am still convinced I have herpes, but looking for other options as it has been mentioned that ebv can cause similar symptoms. So does anyone have any input in my situation? Anything at all would be great. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I’m having trouble differentiating between a cold sore and a pimple. I woke up with a white spot midway between my upper lip and nostril on one side, and a smaller blister right next to it (looked kind of like this picture, along with a lot of angry (red) normal looking pimples all over my face. No pain or itching that I recall with the white spot or blister, though I frequently get pimples that itch.
Avatar n tn / I only had a blister on my lip inside my mouth not outside and didn't hurt like others say it does.
Avatar f tn But as it finished my mouth had an OB,burning tingling mouth but no sores other than just under the skin, then itchy nose, then itching and burning eyes, once one sensation subsides the other would start all while taking acyclovir. This lasted a month and just had another lip OB a few days ago and now no more pain. But like everything else now I have a burning sensation on my back, like a sunburn.
Avatar m tn On the 8th days after the exposure I had my first cold sore outbreak over my upper lip, however a couple weeks later I had another outbreak at 3 seperate spots on my lower lip, and this has made me more anxious that there is something wrong going on. The lesions healed relatively quickly over 3 days when I applied Acyclovir ointment. 8 days later (yesterday), I woke up on another outbreak over my upper lip that are now healing.
Avatar m tn This often occurs after oral sex as your skins PH changes from the act. If she did not have a lip sore at the time, really slim chances you contracted herpes from the oral sex as shedding does not occur that often. Also the sores would be on the shaft not the head. But if you concerned have a doc check you out as if its fungal (yeast) you might need some cream.
Avatar m tn His oldest child (they are 1 year apart) has had a blister on his lip since he was born. The second child doesn't seem to have any symptoms. My brother is convinced that he and his wife and child all have some sort of a STD but no doctor has been able to confirm that to him he told me. He asked that I try to find out what he has on the internet so am posting here for any help - I greatly appreciate it.
Avatar f tn I’m having trouble differentiating between a cold sore and a pimple. I woke up with a white spot midway between my upper lip and nostril on one side, and a smaller blister right next to it (looked kind of like this picture, along with a lot of angry (red) normal looking pimples all over my face. No pain or itching that I recall with the white spot or blister, though I frequently get pimples that itch.
Avatar n tn I have kiss my kid last week in the lips just a smack and didn't recognize that she has a sore in her lip now she has a blister rash popping up in her legs, arms and body i'm so scared that in case i'm infected i also infected her. by the way she has a lowgrade fever last last night and subsided in an hour cause we gave her a paracetamol. I'm really afraid that i'm infected. Please help. Thanks a lot.
Avatar n tn Background: mid-20s, about 6 partners lifetime. I do get coldsores, but have never had a genital herpes outbreak. I had unprotected sex once with someone I was seeing for about 3 months. As far as I know it was exclusive, but I can't be totally sure. This event occured about 4 weeks ago. I would think that she was "clean" as I didn't ever notice anything of concern. I never actually inspected her genitals to know if there was anything there.
Avatar n tn Hey Doc Well I had plans to not post but ran into a slight issue. I developed what appears to be a blister inside my lower lip. It just like grew out of nowhere does this change your thoughts or is it just coincided? I promise no more posts.
Avatar f tn He attempted to hypnotize me one time, although I'm not sure that I was actually under hypnosis and I'm certain that it had no effect on my compulsion to pick, I eventually did stop (the lip picking) when finally I decided to get out of my marriage and away from his controlling personality. Even though I've never started the lip picking again, it's safe to say that I my compulsion to pick never completely went away.
Avatar n tn So far I am negative for all except herpes they are running blood test for ONE AND TWO but I was told to my surprise that no condom in the world can protect one from herpes because it is not pass by fluid but genital to genital contact and even though I have no sign on my genital or pubic area since I have rash at the base of my spine that is a perfect sign for herpes two. So is it true that condom give no protection?
Avatar m tn This encounter happened in the fall of 2009. Afterwards I had penile discomfort and a mark on my lip line that was a cut. I went to the uro and they put me on doxy for two weeks. That cleared up my penile irritation to a degree. Many threads here have the same complaint burnig sensation, tingling, a moist/wet feeling in anus, groin which actually feels like it burns. Went to nuero said nothing was wrong, went to derm just some irritated skin prescribed topical steroid.
Avatar f tn As well as this I had had chapped lips that wouldn't heal that sort of looked like red raw and a bit swollen as if I'd bitten my lip but not massive fluid bubbles which would then become dry skin. Not classic cold sore but never like anything I've had before. Also a sore throat with difficulty swallowing. This is the full list of symptoms which developed. I went to my doctor on day two when I knew something was wrong.
Avatar m tn Hi Terri, I understand from reading posts on the forums that you are pretty much the expert in herpes. I was wonderining if you have ever come across a case like mine. In a nutshell, I had oral sex with another male, who also rubbed his penis on mine. The next day, I felt a sharp sting in my penis which lasted a few seconds. The next day I had penile pain, and the very next day, I had penile discharge. There was a red sore area on the head of my penis.
Avatar f tn I received unprotected oral sex the following day the person had started to feel prodome on their lip. The day after feeling prodome they got a cold sore. What are the chance of getting ghsv1 if I have never had hsv1? After 6 plus weeks should I see a lesion? or could i just have symptoms with out any lesions?
Avatar n tn I am very confused and very worry that i'm going to lose the love of my life and I haven't even cheated! I was in the shower and felt a sting on my labia (right lip). I thought it looked squeezable so i tried several time to do that but nothing came out and I may have irritated it a little. I immediatley made a doctors appointment to get checkout. I was on my period so the dr didn't check my inside, but she did look at the bump, touched it and said that it looked like folliculitis.
Avatar n tn I've had painful patches of skin since I was a teenager. These patches range from a sunburn like sensation to feeling like someone took a cheese grater to my skin with no visual proof. A patch can last from a couple of days to over a week. I've had it appear on my torso anywhere from under the breast down,anywhere on the back, my legs and the back of my upper arms. Patches range from the size of my palm to a size that may wrap around a thigh or half way around my chest.
Avatar f tn Hi. I suffer quite often but not all the time, from hypersensitive skin. It feels as though it's been scalded and it hurts to touch that area. It may be on my face, top of my thigh, waist, calf; seems it strikes one side of my body at one time in different spots. It affected my calf this week, and I could barely walk on that leg. I have had neuro check ups with no results or findings that support any disease in particular. I've suffered from this for about 10 years and it's getting worse.
Avatar n tn I think it might be some kind of infection, since it started when I accidently took a one-quarter inch slice off my thumb. Maybe it spread to the other thumb from my steering wheel, since do alot of driving. I hope someone finds the answer . . .
Avatar m tn I believe I caught this when I was a kid and was abused by an older person who had it. I know they had it because that person had a blister on their lip and as a kid no way for me to know to stop it. Weeks after I thought I scratched my Penis and figured maybe caught my Penis on the zipper. No real symptoms that were obvious for me to go to the Dr. I never reported the abuse and my wife has no clue about it. E don't talk about things like this.
Avatar f tn Next day it was sore to pee and got bad chills and fever and night sweats and was very very sick for 3 days and nights. But I was away from home and it was a weekend so couldn't easily get to a doc. During this time I developed some papercuts down either side of the folds on the outside of my vagina entrance and a raw spot inside. I suffered on for nearly 2 weeks until things cleared up.
Avatar m tn i have to get up and move around bc the pains are like sunburn or bee stings sortof. idk how i could get herpes from wat i did for such a short time. well hopefully they will test me for herpes tomorow bc my last chekup they didnt bc i had no symtoms. please pray for me.
Avatar m tn 2 days later started getting a sore throat, that progressed into what I thought was full blown strep, within a week got small blisters on inside of lip, freaked out! Herpes!? Went to urgent care got penicillin for throat, nurse said blisters were nothing, within another week had dark frequent urine, penis started to burn, went to std (2weeks)clinic got tested for all except Herpes, all negative.
Avatar n tn Rubbing alcohol sprayed on a freshly burst blister also seems to stop the blister from spreading whatever this is. But, the greatest successes I've had in stopping the spread and bringing about early ends to the outbreaks has been to take a simple paper towel, soaked in vinegar which has had salt disolved into it, and *gently* rub the affected areas. The vinegar, for some reason, will slowly expose where the blisters are exactly, as well as retard the spread.
Avatar n tn I dont pop these blister because if i do this clear liquid comes out. I have this one big blister on my palm. its about half an inch in length and quater inch in width. ITS REALLY HUGH. it also sticks out about couple mm from my skin. There are black dots on top of it and it looks all bubbled up inside my skin. sometimes it feels like its beating like a heart. and i can see it slightly move. i dotn want to pop it, but it looks like its ready to burst itself.
Avatar n tn I suggest that you seek consult with a rehabilitation medicine specialist for further evaluation. Aside from a urinalysis and urine culture as well as a prostatic secretion culture, you may benefit from physical therapy. I do not think there is an association between the dermatitis and the burning pain at this point. Unless the previous rash was a herpes zoster or viral infection , then we may be able to find a connection between the two.
Avatar n tn I had an upper resp infection and was told the pain was coming from a torn muscle in my chest from the coughing. It was horrible and I wasSo sent home with allergy medication, and two inhalers, and cough medicine with codine. Still the pain grew worse, a few laters later my husband found me passed out in our hallway and I was taken to the ER.