Lip blister from breastfeeding

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Avatar n tn He said that if I didn't use Abreva right away, it could blister and that I was lucky it did not. If you have this dry spot on your lip that feels like a piece of tape is stuck to it, go to your local drugstore right away and get some Abreva. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Then, I started getting the same reaction that I got from the Burt's Bees Lip Balm. That was when I figured I was developing an allergy to lip balm. Over time, I also realized I was getting the same reaction even faster from lipstick and lipgloss. That meant I was allergic to all lip products across the board. I began researching into the symptoms and the ingredients in lip products, especially ones that commonly produced allergic reactions.
Avatar m tn His upper lip would curl under his gums - he even got a blister on his lip. I met with a lactation consultant and she suggested even after he's latched on pulling his lip out to get his mouth positioned correctly. When my son was few months older - maybe 6 mos or so - he was starting to chomp down on me and a LC I spoke to on the phone suggested giving something to chew on before breast feeding or switching from side to side when he did that.
702084 tn?1230060462 I have had a very hard week and I am prone to getting cold sores while I'm under stress. This morning when I came home at 8 am from my night shift I cuddled my 10 week old for two hours. During that time I gave him many kisses on the face and mouth. Usually when I get cold sores I get some type of warning -- the pain, tenderness, tingling... I did NOT have any warnings. When I got up I felt a slight pain on the top left of my lip and noticed that it felt a little bumpy.
702084 tn?1230060462 Sorry, HSV can be transmitted from normal appearing skin, a "bump" before it becomes a blister or from an open HSV sore. So the possiblity of being contagious is essentially always present. Fortunately, the vast majority of exposures do not lead to transmission (in the same way that most of the time that you meet someone with the flu you do not get it),.
Avatar f tn He attempted to hypnotize me one time, although I'm not sure that I was actually under hypnosis and I'm certain that it had no effect on my compulsion to pick, I eventually did stop (the lip picking) when finally I decided to get out of my marriage and away from his controlling personality. Even though I've never started the lip picking again, it's safe to say that I my compulsion to pick never completely went away.
Avatar n tn I cut my upper lit a tiny bit with my pinky nail yesterday, and woke up with this today. It's already spread from my top lip to a tiny bit on my bottom lip, and I'm keeping my hands away from my mouth now. I've also recently had a cold and was blowing my nose a TON, so it might even be related to the kleenex? Who knows for sure, but it normally goes away in a few days for me and no one can notice it but me anyway, so it's just an obnoxious thing for me.
Avatar n tn I never know when the swelling will be triggered and once it's triggered, it takes a matter of minutes to form a huge bump which then expands rapidly in whatever course it decides to take. The swelling has moved from the top lip to the bottom lip, down my neck and back up. I have had by tongue swell, finger tips swell and feet swell! The feet have been the most painful, because the swelling becomes rock hard. All of the swelling is tingly and warm to touch.
725941 tn?1297885809 He was able to latch on with the use of a nipple shield, but it leaves a HUGE blister all across his bottom lip. He only nursed for about 10 min so i can only imagine if he stays on longer. The blister did go away after about 2 hours but I don't think it's normal. The nurse had no idea why it had developed. I wonder if it's a reaction to the nipple shield? I'll call the office tomorrow to see what they say.
148691 tn?1260198503 lol Another petpeeve I have..... women wearing real tight pants.... so tight that you can see where their babies came from!!!! shape and all!!!!! YUCK! I can't stand when I get something for dh, that I know he needs (socks, underwear, etc) and come home only to get his 'WTF!' face and a 'Vanessa, you need to stop buying #$@#%'... yet he is always complaining about the humongous, vietnam-war-like holes in his stuff!
Avatar n tn I too have had nerve pain--spine--from Herpes simplex. Recently I was changed from Acylovir to Valtrex with MUCH better results. Also Valtrex is a twice a day dose--easier to handle. Since both drugs are antivirals for herpes you might ask your doctor to try it?
Avatar f tn The itchies would last about a week and when they're gone the skin pigment is slightly darker. We spent 2 weeks away from home in another state and I still received them there. Shortly after they seemed to stop. There was about a 1-2 month period where I did not receive any. I became pregnant in early April and have since started getting these itchy red bumps on a much greater scale.
Avatar n tn My condition seems a lower intensity than yours but could have the same cause. I was following the reports from someone under the name bbally who was having his skin cultured to check for possible fungus or bacteria. The comment thread was unexpectedly closed and I have not seen any comment from him since. Myself I am trying an antibiotic cream and see if it works. I know that water makes it worse, but not so sure about sea water.
530191 tn?1214166411 Do you get hives all over your body and do you get them everyday?
Avatar n tn Me too. I just increased my Lexapro dose from 15mg to 20mg, but can find no correlation between the two. The more I scratch my hands the more they itch. I wondering if peri-menopause is a factor? When my hands are engaged in activity they are fine, but when I stop--the itching is intense. Yesterday I kept holding ice cubes to calm them down. What the heck is this?
Avatar n tn but then i have some cracks in my skin down below and some reddness, i sometimes have gotten cracks before, and thought it was maybe from stretching the skin from sex or something. after reading these post i researched a little more about cracks and what they could mean to ease my mind in hopes i dont' have herpes(which i dont htink i do because i dont have any blisters or anything like that, just itchy and reddness and the cracks-the discharge went away).
Avatar n tn For the last few weeks I have been suffering from incredibly sensitive eyes/eyelids which are red, dry and sore, similar to sunburn. I initially thought it was because of some cheap make-up remover wipes that I used to take off my mascara. Although I had been using them for a while, they soon started to sting and burn the area around my eyes whenever I used them. The use of any eye make-up other than mascara would result in a stinging sensation, which varied in terms of severity.
Avatar n tn it's better than what i originally had but my eyelids (and under my eyes) have aged 10 years in the last 2 months from this...anybody know a good wrinkle cream?! i never found out what was wrong...possibly an allergy to something..!? good luck.....
Avatar n tn My doctor is unsupportive, and unhelpful-told me was due to regrowth from not getting waxed. I just want some facts to arm myself with before trying the doc (new doc) office again. Any suggestions?? All you cooch experts feel free to speculate.
Avatar f tn ----------------------- Recently,I had an x-ray to check if I had any nerve impingement in my cervical spine - one of the possible causes but nothing showed so I continue to search for answers. I did get confirmation of the brachioradial pruritus from a great dermatologist who has only seen 3 cases in his 15 years on the job. He did a biopsy that he sent to UC Davis for confirmation. The diagnosis was actually a relief as I have been told that it is so many other things.
Avatar n tn i cant answer whether or not you are tearing in the vaginal area. where is the blood coming from? on the outside, or from inside? if he's being really rough and you are "small" that may cause a little blood. however, if its a lot and often, you should see a dr.
Avatar n tn My labia gets sore from the scratching and I break skin often from scratching. I have tried everthing, but it doesn't go away. I know it's not an STD because I went to the doctor's and have been tested. However they haven't helped me none. The labia skin is thickened from the scratching, is very dry (white-like) and flaky (at times). So are my inner thighs at the crease yet they do not itch that often. There are no bumps but my skin is raised, and I don't know what it is.
Avatar n tn my 11 year old son had a virus on Thanksgiving 5 days later he started itching from head to toe no rash no hives nothing. we started him on benadryl and calamine lotiong, not relief so the Doctor gave him allegra and cortisone, no relief. Then the dermatologist gave him a shot of kenalog, and prescription cortisone. still no relief after two emergency room visits they gave him hydroxine and blood workups for kidney, liver, and thyroid came back normal.