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Avatar f tn I have applied few type of lipbalm and even petroleum jelly like vaseline and QV cream, but it does not show better effect.Lately, I have got a blister on lip. Then the blister breaks. I neither get kiss from anyone nor doing oral sex.I am afraid that i get oral herpes. i went for a pharmacist and she just advised me to use 'virless cream'.which is the cream for herpes.. I am worried. May I know is there any cure from this? and may i knw wat is the cause of this problem?
Avatar m tn I have a blister inside my lower lip. At first it started out white and small. When I popped it, it went away but reoccurred a few days later, yet it is much bigger than the last. Each time I pop it, will will come back and now it's really hard and dark colored. Does anyone know what it is or how to cure it?
Avatar f tn I about a couple days ago after being outside in the hot weather, the next day I relized that I had a couple blister like bumbs on my lower lip. I thought it had something to do with being out in the sun. After I noticed them I could leaved them alone so i tried to pop them thinking if I did that they would go away. well it didn't clear liquide came out and they became sore like, so i started useing salt water cause it seemed to help but its still looks like a sore on my lip.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure what it is and I'm scared. Is there some kinda treatment, cure? And what is the proper name to call this lip sore or thing what ever it is. Does it go away? And how long does it take?
Avatar m tn I'm 45, my top lip gets dry for a few days then a tiny bump shows up, then my lip swells pretty big, for a few days mostly at night. swelling subsides a little during the day has a tingling in it after several days my lip cracks and drains this happens a few times a year. All together from beginning to end it lasts about 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn I've had a large canker sore on the inside of my bottom lip for several years. Every week or so it will start very small, then grow very large within a few hours. It inevitably pops like a blister every time it appears, from rubbing against my teeth. I've tried leaving it completely alone, but I can't function without touching it with my teeth, because it is so close. I've tried adjustments on my diet, and even a sort of ointment prescrbed by my dentist for mounths at a time, to no avail.
Avatar n tn How can I treat a pimple on my upper lip? I already popped it and it looks infected. It's all red and in the center is white. it now looks like a blister and hurts so bad!!! What can I do? It's so embarrassing!
Avatar m tn Hi I developed this very tiny pimple on my upper lip -it is not completely on the lip, infact on the border of the lip and the skin above lip -so the lip line. It had a white head to it. I have seen pictures of cold sore and it doesn not entirely look like one but I have no idea what it is. A similar occurence has happened in the past but they have never been big like cold sore pictures reflect.
Avatar n tn He said that if I didn't use Abreva right away, it could blister and that I was lucky it did not. If you have this dry spot on your lip that feels like a piece of tape is stuck to it, go to your local drugstore right away and get some Abreva. Good luck.
Avatar n tn If you look at most of the ingredients in your lip glosses/chapsticks/or any other lip product that you are allergic to, you can almost pinpoint what is causing your bad reactions. It's different for everyone, so I can't provide an answer for you guys, but I can tell you that I am allergic to Chapstick, Carmex, MAC lipglasses/glosses soft lips, and other random free chapsticks that I had gotten as gifts, ie rosebud's.
Avatar m tn I would like to know if there is a cure for my discolored lips that I have had since I was teenager. I am now middle aged and I feel so disfigured and it seems that as I become older I am getting more withdrawn from everything and everyone because I am so self conscious now. I had sought out treatment years ago, but when the dermatologist told me there was nothing they could do I just gave up hope and tried to live with it.
4333925 tn?1359106042 Many people who have recurring fever blisters feel itching, tingling or burning in the lip 1 to 3 days before the blister appears. Several factors weaken the body's defenses and trigger an outbreak of herpes. These include emotional stress, fever, illness, injury and exposure to sunlight. Many women have recurrences only during menstruation. One study indicates that susceptibility to herpes recurrences is inherited.
Avatar m tn My doctor gave me pills for fever blister for 5days.. also said that will go away in 14 days... i didn't have any pain or breakout from the day i found symptom, Now i'm in 11th day not taking any pills (prescription was only 1st 5 days) drinking more fluid. when i'm looking inside my lip one side it's making progress ( white dots are turning on to skin color) & other side still it's on yellow/white shaded spots... i do take spicy food never had burning/itchy/sore feeling....
Avatar n tn I have a recurring bubble in the exact same spot everytime on the inside of my lower lip. It appears to be mostly clear. It has a white center and is a near perfect half circle. The bubble looks like it's separated into little oval shaped pods. Imagine a daisy with a solid center and petals in a perfect circle. Same shape anyhow. No pain, swelling or other discoloration around it.
Avatar f tn I have tiny bumps on my upper lip, it doesn't hurt nor itch and it's not that visible unless you look closely at it. What could it be and how can I cure it? Additional info: I have a cold for more than a week and fever for 3 days, I'm currently taking antibiotics for my cold.
Avatar f tn Through lots and lots of experimentation, I found out I am allergic to almost every brand of lip balm including Burt's Bees, Carmex, Blistex, etc. After that happened all hell just broke loose, my lips began getting tiny tiny red bumps which also had this yellow liquid seeping out. I would put Aquaphor (one thing I was not allergic to at the time) on it but it looked like it'd only get worse. so I just let it dry out and that seemed to help.
Avatar n tn So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated. About 2-3 weeks after that, I started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes. I could not apply the most mild lotion to those areas because it would burn, but it was so dry I wanted to do something.
Avatar n tn I have two queries, lately i've found that i had some little blister like bumps on my lower inside lip, and one or two on my inside cheeks. they come and go from time to time and at first i thought this could be blocked saliva glands. They appear to be filled with fluid, and are transparent or pink in color.
Avatar n tn I have two queries, lately i've found that i had some little blister like bumps on my lower inside lip, and one or two on my inside cheeks. they come and go from time to time and at first i thought this could be blocked saliva glands. They appear to be filled with fluid, and are transparent or pink in color.
Avatar f tn hey, I recentley had blister on my upper lip, under though, so was wondering if its herpes.. This the link to a picture,: Ps. Is it curable ? I hear lectrojet a machine applies patches of acclyvoir, and promised 85% cure rate .. Links below Any and all help appreciated.
Avatar n tn Posted this on patient to doctor forum and i wanted a broader range of opinion so i'll post it here too. I have two queries, lately i've found that i had some little blister like bumps on my lower inside lip, and one or two on my inside cheeks. they come and go from time to time and at first i thought this could be blocked saliva glands. They appear to be filled with fluid, and are transparent or pink in color.
Avatar n tn UNprotected sex with a girl then two days later same girl and another girl.Ive had every ars symptom and also big blister on lip now the big blister is back have also had blisters on inside of mouth and my mouth is very sore.But is this the same as genital herpes??
Avatar f tn The only thing I've found on the inside of my lip was a tiny blister or bubble. 2)If this could be syphillis can clarithromycin cure it? I'm taking it for bronchitis. 500mg Every 12 hours for 10 days 3)if it does cure it, will I be able to find out if I did in fact have syphillis?
Avatar f tn It started 5 days ago with a fever and sore throat and today remains as a red and watery eye, sore throat, canker sores, and a 'almost' fever blister (not quite on the lip but right above on my skin). Can viral conjunctivitis also be the cause of canker sores? Also, if I touched my eye with the infection, then touch the open sore on my lip, could the open sore become infected, causing it to not heal as quickly as it would have? Or until the virus has left my body?
Avatar n tn I have had a lip piercing for about 4 years. It got infected about a week and a half ago. I have been taking care of it when all of a sudden I went to the emergency room last night with a fever of 102.5 I was shaking so badly that they couldnt even get my blood pressure to work... They took me to a room, gave me IV fluids, and morephine to calm me. I now have more white, what looks to be like water blisters, coming up on my lips and they are spreading. but they are mostly on my bottom lip.
Avatar n tn Looks little like a swollen lip and the blister is flat and white and soft. Wife gets them and docs tell her its stress related. But I have never had one. Being the blister is right above the lump on my neck could this be an STD that has been in my body and is now coming out. Could this be a swollen limph node. Could I have had a std fro over a year and had no symptoms at all ? I thought I read that most std except HIV and HEP cure themselves or show symptoms soon enough.
Avatar n tn and started to get them on her upper lip...but not on the actual lip.. she got them after performing oral sex on a guy..
Avatar f tn My eyes are clear (no discharge) but the area around the left eye hurts a bit when I blink. I have a blister on my inside lower lip for a couple of days (not sure if it is related). Is there anything I can do to cure this or if I can get anything from the pharmacy or is this something more serious that I have to see a doctor (if yes, will a general doctor help or a specialist eye doctor)? Many thanks.
Avatar m tn Then I looked in the mirror I see something I never saw on my lips before very small needle point dots not a lot but a few on my upper lip. I'm like what the heck is this herpes? I haven't had a sexual encounter for about 2 months. I do have pearly penile papules had them for awhile on head of penis think the things I see on my lip might be fordyce condition or Cheilitis I hope. As for my groin jock itch I hope. Do you think I have herpes?
420469 tn?1217650963 These are the feelings I get when my lip is about to break out with a fever blister. Herpes Simplex 1. Very, very common in many people. Have you ever had an outbreak on your lip of a fever blister? The tingling and wanting to scratch is my frist symptom that is coming on. I get out my presciption ointment of Zovirax and treat the area several times a day. Sometime I can stop the outbreak in it's tracks, other times the fever lister wins.