Lip augmentation with fat transfer

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Avatar n tn Use of these injectable products would produce an immediate result that will likely persist from three to six months. A more permanent solution would be fat injections, the fat taken with liposuction somewhere on your body. The risk of using fat is that soem of the injected fat does not survive the transfer. Survival of all of the injected fat is not a certainty, and it is not uncommon for patients to undergo several injection procedures months apart, when loss of fat occurs.
Avatar n tn There was a thread with stlouis1here, but I think we filled the message quota. I'm 1 week in on 2nd treatment, outer thighs. They did more shots, but over a larger section. This one wasnt nearly as red or swollen as the first time. They said I should see something after this treatment, and I'm feeling quite hopeful. I go for 3rd treatment August 4th.
458090 tn?1256324762 Sal - when is your xfer date? Doing 3dt or 5dt? Good Luck to you!!!!