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458090 tn?1256324762 Anyway, the show was great, the drags all looked so good and were dancing and lip syncing(sp?). It was a full fledged show. People were giving them dollar bills and everything. The cigarette smoke realy got to me after awhile though. These men had bodies like you would not believe. They looked awsome in G Strings. Hard butts and made me sick!!!! The MC is a freind of my sis and he looked the best. She told me he is 37 and I almost cried....LOL. Nice flat tummy, great legs, and cute little butt.
Avatar n tn Hi -I'm so appreciative you wrote back - thank you. I'm glad to see you heard from the docter and you seem pleased yourself with the photos. I don't really care about the measurements - it's the pictures that tell the story. I will be getting in touch with the docter tomorrow about my own situation; his solution for you sounded reasonable and responsive. I wonder if I can email you and you could send me your pictures??