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Avatar n tn With me I have no EBV or other virus like many as I have read on medical forums such as this - although as a child I had viral meningitis. Surgical implant? Possibly the collagen used in a lip augmentation I had, and an implant my daughter has as well? Vaccinations? How to begin there? Medicines? Possible. Lack of {iodine}? Environmental would be difficult (- I have mercury fillings but my daughter does not. Killed that theory).
Avatar n tn Are you putting this on the same level as a nose job, breast augmentation or lip plumping? Given the alternative, I'd readily accept my doctor's removal of my diseased organs anytime. You're right. We have choices in life. I choose to preserve my life for as long as I can. I also choose to help educate other women about ovca, not to terrorize and intimidate them. There's a difference, don't you think?
Avatar n tn My dad is Italian, so I got his darker skin, but the hair came with it- my little sister has it too, lots on her legs, a bit of upper lip, starting on her stomach and back, and she's only 9. But I have a feeling she'll have it worse because she has lighter skin then I do, so it'll be more obvious. I wear a one piece suit, I worry about people seeing the hair on my face, and though there is an awesome guy interested in me, I'm afraid that if he found out, he would be disappointed.
458090 tn?1256324762 Thought Amberlee deserves her own thread. So, now there's 2 new AGP threads. Ok, Im a forum hog, deal with it!
Avatar n tn My husband and I have put a lot of thought into this Lip Dissolve procedure. I would love to have it done but, I am so scared I won't see results. How long before any of you saw any real results?
Avatar n tn This makes me think it is my body's reaction to cold weather that gives me this itch. I have used almost all kinds of medication mentioned in this forum to no avail. I can only try not to scratch it to reduce local infection, as scratching will make your itch spread wider from where it is. And to prevent this, first, I clean up the itchy part of my body, then wet it (not rub) using my palm with food grade hydrogen peroxide. Let it dry, then wet it with apple juice.