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Avatar n tn I just about got home and the doctor called me. He asked me if he could e-mail my before and after pictures to me. He told me to call him after I looked at the pictures. I could not believe the pictures. I am smaller, just ask cali58, I emailed them to her. I tried to post them here, but it wouldn't work. The only explanation the doctor could give me about my measurements was that I was measured by two different people and maybe not in the exact same spot.
458090 tn?1256324762 Hey ladies!! Savanah, I'm next after Jenea! Please, give me some good news! Sal I'm so excited for you? How many you transferring? Kele, Can't wait to see Phin's pic!! Congrats again!!
Avatar f tn Finally I started using a timed-release sudafed a few hours before bedtime to keep the nasal passages open. After the sudafed I need to take a sleeping pill, but it is worth it. I always thought sleep apnea was for the obese and big men who snore. It is embarrassing I have to wear a mask and drag around a machine like an old sick person you see at the airport. Life is weird....., but I shouldn't have complained!
Avatar n tn I ma not sure if this is the same as what everyone else is talking about, but I started itching after tanning in a tanning bed. I have tanned multiple times before but it had been a while since my last tanning experience before I this specific occasion occurred. I have been on a lot of different medicines. I was on Remicade when it happened the first time in Dec 06. I went tanning for ten minutes and didn't get any color. The next day my legs were itching.