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3187528 tn?1344809110 About two months ago my 3 year old Jack-a-Bee went into a mild seizure. We rushed him to the vet and he couldn't find anything wrong. Said that it's common for dogs to have seizures and to keep a log if he has anymore. Exactly one month after his first he had his second one in the middle of the night. This is when I decided that maybe his weight had something to do with it. So I cut back on the amount of food I gave him and started walking him for 20 minutes every day.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am hoping someone can help with a very frustrating issue. I have a Pug/Jack Rusell mix (Marley) who is about 4 years old. In November, Marley started having seizures that lasted about 2 min or less. These occured about every 5 weeks (again in early January and then late February). The vet finally decided we should put her on phenabarbitol (16.2 - 1/4gm; 2xs/day).
883201 tn?1240630151 and as adults who can read we should educate ourselves on any med the dr rx's is us//or ourselves that sign the line when we pick up a scrip/stating that we uderstand the drug/ and it is also us who puts the pills in our mouth each day...not the is our responsibility to know what we r taking and to use habit forming drugs sparingly if we do not want to pay the price....gotta take responsibilty for our actions but the dr should help u taper off..
Avatar n tn Honey you aren't alone. A lot of us go through these type of feelings during treatment when it just really seems to overwhelm you and you think is this worth it? Please remember you have FRIENDS, real FRIENDS even though perhaps we've never "met" in person - people who care GREATLY about you and would do anything we can to help you. Just whine, cry, complain WHATEVER you need to do so that you get it out of you. Then...realize...
Avatar f tn well my mom asked me if i can research some questions for her but i cant seem to find the answers she wants she says she knows how she gets with cocaine but this time is diffrent she says this one feels and smells diffrent but yet makes her want it more im only 18 so i dont kno jack about this stuff she said she used 50,idk how much that is but thats all i seemed to get from her. she wanted me to ask if this is cocaine shes on?
Avatar m tn He had two seizures, one on Sunday and one on Monday, at almost exactly the same time in the evening. After the second seizure, the vet put him on phenobarbital (97 mg/2x per day). He's been on it for five days now and is still pretty out of it. He is extremely lethargic (sleeps most of the day), has coordination problems, and weakness in his hind end. He walks veeery slowly. He's also extremely hungry and thirsty. I've read that all of these are possible phenobarbital side effects.
134578 tn?1578161083 The woman screaming was there with three children in the car, a fourth on her hip and a fifth on the ground, who had fallen there after a seizure. The girl who had passed out was age 6, and I think she was the oldest child -- the youngest was still a baby, and was crying, which didn't help things. The mom was really, really panicked, yelling and freaking, which was scaring all the children.
287246 tn?1318573663 I have told you how I feel and I think that this should be the end of it. This is Sergio’s business line and we shouldn’t be taking up space for our talks. Oh, about taking time to call you, my problem is I never know when the right time to call you is, whether you have laid the children down for a nap or what so that is why I wanted to let you call me.
Avatar f tn I had an awful pain/seizure attack last night. i was feeling so good for 2 weeks on the abx and this past week pain just like before i started them. I am sure it is in my brain. Ny whole neck and spine hurt as well as every muscle and joint.. i almost wanted to go to the hospital but I know they do not help me there. Called my llmd at 7 AM left a message and my tests are in and i am going at 1:30. If they come back negative i am going to freak. I have to know what it is that i have.
Avatar m tn they are scared of heart probs over 65. wellbutrin is banned in ENGLAND for seizure scares for depression but can get ZYBAN to stop smoking .. A long time to reach orgasm is a side effect to me , if not for you. At 67 I think I do quite well on the sex side, so long has the wife orgasm through intercourse finishing for me by hand is fine . You are blessed with no sexual side effects read the forum 9 out of 10 suffer and that and weight gain are the main reason people jack in ADs.
1310633 tn?1430227691 After spending a month in solitary confinement in a GEO Group operated Texas prison, 32-year-old Jesus Manuel Galindo allegedly died of an epileptic seizure in December 2008. The cell lacked an operational intercom, which would have allowed Galindo — who needed regular medical attention — to call for help. The neurologist who reviewed Galindo’s autopsy said he was “set up to die.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor but this is such common sense AND every accredited journal I have read says that if you have had success with an anitdeppresant regimen then at least stay with that line of meds first. Why switch to anti-seizure meds????? Is this because a drug rep stopped by this week??? Now, I truly apologize if you asked to be switched or wanted to try topamax. Even so did the neurologist take the time to explain your options?
544292 tn?1268886268 Theres a lot of conflicting information about seizures on the list. I've never seen anYone have a seizure in tramadol WITHDRAWAL. Have seen several people have seizures when TAKING tramadol. AND, every tramadol related seizure I saw did not seem related to how high a dose the person was taking; RATHER was in instances where someone markedly INCREASED their dose. I think the confusion is in that seizures are common when withdrawing from sedatives (alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazapines etc).
Avatar f tn Re-homing a dog of 10 yr. Here I assume "Re-homing" carries the right snapshot issue. If you make such a post I think it would be fine to simply cut-and-past you replay above. You raise a complex subject but one I suspect is all too common/normal. There may be some experience out here in blog-land that will help put your mind at rest.
544292 tn?1268886268 It is always advised to talk with your doctor before and while discontinuing this medication. _______________________________________________________________ Yeah. Not my fault that I had to snicker at the last line there because every time I talked to my Doctors (plural) about medications and side effects they told me that Tramadol was NOT the problem. Then there was usually another drug put on top of that Tramadol. And they told me to take more.
183202 tn?1219857259 about 30 or so minutes into taking the pill, and then again later in the day after taking my second pill (I only took the pill twice but stopped it abruptly after the horrid incident which occurred while visiting the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in DC).
Avatar n tn I have been dealing with anxiety disorder for 30 yrs. now. If I'm under alot of stress then I can run a whole line of symptoms, everything from numbness in my hands, legs, face, and even sometimes my teeth tingle. I went from one doctor to another trying to find out what was going on and I kept getting the same answer, ITS ANXIETY. Over the years I have tried therapy, bio-feedback and it helped. They gave me antidepressants and thats when I hit the brick wall.
Avatar n tn The kicker is that in 1996 at the age of 23 I had a seizure while I was driving - noone was hurt thank God - but it was from trying to come off of Esgic Plus (Butalbital) cold turkey. It is NO JOKE that you can have a seizure from trying to come off of these medications cold turkey. But this did not end my story. In 1998 I discovered F#3 - and it became my BEST FRIEND.
Avatar m tn Ashley, does she eat the Bil Jack frozen or bagged dry (If so, which one)? Has she eaten this her whole life? Has she also had the Bil Jack treats her whole life? What's the brand name of the sweet potato treats? Do you have access to shop online and shipped somewhere else since your moving? If not, I'll have to change my plan of attack! :) Let me know....Karla P.S. If I had to move right now, I'd shoot myself! I understand completely!!!!!
361662 tn?1204239310 She advised me it was too dangerous to do alone, due to possibilty of seizure, stroke, neurological issues and more.She said I should be very closely monitiored.. It seems hard to understand why the tapering down from the 3mgs to 2mgs was not that bad, which I also did in.5 mg increments and stepping down a bit more was so awful. Actually I tried this about 6 months ago with similar symptoms , but for only 3 or 4 days as I felt horrible..
Avatar n tn There's nothing like living in terror for 4 or 5 days and then blacking out into a seizure. It's even sadder when you realize that most of this danger can be avoided by first switching to the very long half benzo, Valium, and then slowly tapering over several months. That takes discipline, but it's necessary. Sugarbeens, it bothers me that you've stopped the Xanax so abruptly and are now just waiting for the misery to stop.
1481418 tn?1287881514 I stay up late at night watching him breath I'm so scared if hes mixed the METHADONE with an O that he may have a seizure cause a few months ago he had taken 12 Demerol and starting twitching and then went in to the seizure... Oh my I'm so lost please tell me what I should do, like as I sit here writhing this I try to call his name and he don't respond back and it looks like hes dead but hes ok cause I flicked a pillow at him...
Avatar n tn Yes. I do. They were not positive experiences, and I too had good insurance. Perhaps I wasn't "ready." In fact I know I wasnt. I felt they ran junkies thru rehab like cattle w/ a prod. It was dehumanhizing: IE : no Pert shampoo (as in--> I might drink it) (instead I was "sold" their shampoos) turned out to be verrrry expensive. Additionally, all perfumes were "confiscated," and I had to "ask" for a spray of mine.
Avatar n tn It is true that opiate withdraw rarely includes seizing, UNLESS, you already have a low seizure threshhold. So, if you have a seizure disorder and you are detoxing at home from opiates it is a good idea to have some anti seizure medication around. Take it as soon as you start to feel 'strange'.
Avatar f tn This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with. My beloved Gypsy is dying of kidney failure. Gypsy is a Jack Russell Terrier and she turned 18...yes 18...on Christmas Day. It's just so hard to know when it is "time." I prayed and prayed that she would give us one final parting gift and die on her own in her sleep...but she is SUCH a fighter and refused to surrender to this thing.
Avatar n tn I know I'm glad I've discovered these posts. I'm sure someone will offer my Ultram somewhere down the line for my Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Avatar n tn I am new here, but does Jesse work for medhelp? I sure hope this is not a on-line lovers chat room. I know I am still not out of the woods yet, and from what I am reading,many others are not either. I wondered what all that language stuff was to suze. If they have a thing going..why talk about it here?
Avatar f tn but if he cant manage his life sober then he may need drugs. bottom line is, you have to remember that it is his choice, in my hatered of drugs i didnt like my best friend on concerta, but again, he needed it seriously. just keep an eye on him/her... and comunicate. if he handles his life then it may be just what he/she needs.