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Avatar n tn I have already had my period for this month now im having light pink discharge and a negative pregnancy test so far but it was taken in the night
Avatar f tn I suspect that it is implantation bleeding because its before your period. Ovulating does not produce a pink discharge. Ovulating is more of a clear, watery stringy discharge.
Avatar f tn I don't know what's going on but I guess I'm on my period.. its light light pink an spotting and then nothing but when I went to the bathroom I wipped and it was orange (the same way you would have blood when u wipe its orange) with a clear discharge (eggwhite).. so I waited a lil while and went to the bathroom again and it was light light pink again, all of this happen jan 12 this past sat.
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old. I do NOT have regular cycles at all. they're all over the place. this month I started on October 22-27th. Its now Nov 1st and when I use the bathroom and wipe, its a SUPER light pink.. and sometimes a pale brown. However, it looks kinda "slimy" like ovulation.. could this be ovulation ? Or why is this happening.
Avatar f tn I'm having light pink stringy discharge. My period ended on Oct.1 on the 4th I had light bleeding. This has happened many times over the past few weeks. I thought my period came on the 18th it was a brighter red but it lasted a few hours and was not much at all. Again only when I wiped I saw this going on. It's light very light pink with stringy discharge like ovulation. I'm very sexually active, unprotected. I've had sex everyday this month. Help? Is this a weird cycle?
Avatar n tn Did you take a test ?
Avatar m tn i had a miscarriage last month my husband and i have been having sex after i stop bleeding I started today with the brownish discharge and when i go to the restroom I see a very light pink what does that mean
Avatar f tn First off, let me apologize for any of this being TMI. I'm embarrassed with posting this but due to not having insurance at the moment, I can't afford seeing an OBGYN. Here's my issue.. The last few days (Tuesday), I've been experience pink discharge. Not like a period or yeast infection discharge. More like, the discharge a woman gets when our lady bits are cleaning themselves out and it's kinda clear but not quite? I don't know how to explain it!
967190 tn?1257856476 I have experienced light pink spotting today Sept.7 but only when I wipe. My breasts have been sore for almost two weeks. (longer than they have ever been) I am also getting heartburn and I never get heartburn,a little nausea and bloating and cramps. Should I wait a couple more days to see if my period comes. It feels like it but I have been feeling like I am going to start for about 5 days now.
2016288 tn?1328327309 but i wiped and on the toilet paper is was like light light pink discharge. i know before that has happen that been having discharge like a clear cloudy disharge. i really cant estimate about the three weeks im just guessing. i just know that it happen twice that i had a light light pink discharge but thats it. i know both of my other two kids i did that but i still had to wait a full month.
Avatar f tn so I waited a lil while and went to the bathroom again and it was light light pink again. I had sex dec 30 and my ovulation day was the 31st so I was hoping that I would be pregnant this time around. My period was suppose to come on the 15th of jan so if this my period its early... just help me someone I want to know what's the reason for the orange..
Avatar n tn My husband and I just started trying to conceive, and I started charting in February to be more in tune with my cycles. I am ovulating monthly (around CD 15-17). The last three months, I have spotted around ovulation. It begins with pink eggwhite cervical mucus, goes to red, and then back to pink. It's very stretchy discharge, not like normal period-type blood. It's basically pink/red EWCM. Is this midcycle spotting a cause for concern and can it affect my chances of getting pregnant?
Avatar f tn I have since had unprotected sex at least twice, and for the past 6 days I have had a brown/sometimes light pink discharge. I did have slight cramping, and my breasts (around nipples) hurt so bad sometimes that it feels like they have been scraped with a cheese grater. I only feel nausea in the morning, and it usually goes away if I eat something. I have never been pregnant before, so I am not sure what signs would set pregnancy apart from my period.
505857 tn?1329681517 I took an OPK on sunday 7th and it was just a bit darker than the control line so i knew i had almost passed ovulation, but with the days we bedded i should have caught it. I am still having brown discharge which then went a light pink and is back to brown today.
794399 tn?1237815905 The discharge was very light pink, not brown, would that mean anything?
1535233 tn?1292441022 Had a light period after 4 days of light pink bleeding, lower back pain, mood swings etc. Now 2 wks after having light period I'm experiencing White milky discharge..What's this mean?
Avatar n tn But, we were hanging out a few days ago, and she mentioned a slight light pink discharge after she wiped after going to the bathroom, which was on the toilet paper. It is very minimal and as she claims, hard to even see sometimes, but it keeps continuing the last few days, without pain she says. This has never happened to her before, and I'm a little worried. If these two events are connected, what could this mean?
Avatar f tn This month I was expected to get my period two days earlier than last month (Oct. 11-) but no red. I ended up being four days late with just pink liquidy discharge for two days then it is brown and it's been brown for almost 6-7 days. The brown is a tanish color with no strong smell and only when I wipe. I haven't used a pad yet because it's very little. Light cramps and really sore boobs and very emotional.
Avatar f tn I missed my period on April 15 and now April 19 Im experiencing a light pink tinged discharge. Should I wait a bit longer to take another pregnancy test or should I go on and contact my health provider.
725941 tn?1297882209 When I went to the bathroom and wiped, I saw some light pink discharge. Any ideas on what it would be on day 16? We BD'd just in case and there was a bit of brown spotting/discharge afterwards as well. I invite anyone who's interested to check out my chart and let me know your thoughts? Your input is greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn O the day of ovulation and the day after, he did ejaculate both times, 3 days later I decided to take a plan b, the next day I had pink spotting on my tissue when I wiped, later that day I had light brown discharge and then I had a white-ish creamy discharge. Then after, for the next to days I had pink spotting during the first pee of the day when I wiped only. Could this be from the plan b or pregnancy spotting ?
332156 tn?1266843139 m not actually sure when I ovulated, but according to online calendars I used I knew when I was ovulating. Then about 5 days later, I had a light pink cervical mucus. The consistency was definitely like an egg white, but it was pink. I too am wondering if that's implantation. Someone needs to make a pregnancy test that can detect as soon as conception occurs.
Avatar f tn I started my monthly syckle early at the beginning of the month it lasted the 7 days than stopped by the middle of the month i had pink discharge with cramps that lasted just that day now its the end of the month and i have started my syckle again
Avatar n tn Hello... today during work i went to the restroom and when i i clean my self there was light pink discharge. I'm supposed to get my period in three days. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and last week on Friday 03/09/12 he came inside of me... there was other times that he has came inside of me. I don't know if I'm pregnant or my period is starting... Help please and Thank you.
Avatar f tn I'm 7w3d along. Today when I went to the bathroom I noticed a light pink discharge. No bleeding, no cramping, no pain. Is this normal?
2087711 tn?1354908175 Today my boyfriend and i had intercourse and i went to the bathroom after and noticed some light pink discharge it freaked me out but calmed down as to the fact it was kind of rough and it felt as tho in a certain position he hit my cervix or sumthng bc it hurt bad and it was only that one time. Now idk if it was from having sex or from the benadryl. Im worried that my baby isnt alive anymore bc of the symptoms disappearing. Was it from sex or the meds!!!???