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Avatar f tn Hi, after my last two periods I have experienced a light pink discharge, it's quite thick and a lot of it, it lasts for about two days then it goes back to a normal discharge colour. It also has a horrible smell like rotting meat smell, the smell makes me feel sick. I also get a achey pain around the overies area which started while I was pregnant with my first child, but didn't change with having a second child. I have this pain on and off through the day, through out the month.
Avatar n tn After I gave birth i got my peroiod after 2 months later in October. A month after my period i noticed some light pink blood after i wiped. This happened on the 14 day after my period. This happened a couple of time only on the 14th day and then nothing. I had seen my doctor and he told me that it could be my hormones. I also had blood work done and everything came ou normal.Well now my baby is 7 months and 2 months ago i didn't spot.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had a brown discharge and now today when I whipe I have a light pink discharge. What are the typical causes for this?
Avatar n tn We had intercourse four times during the week, each time lasting longer than an hour. Late in the evening I noticed a bit of a light pink discharge that seemed very much like I was getting a very light period, but it was a different color than normal. Yesterday there was a bit more throughout the day, with a bit of brown. This morning there was some, but not since then. Then, today, I noticed some slight pain in my abdomen.
Avatar n tn i have light pink stuff when i wipe but my period already came and went on December 1st -7th its the 15th now...whats going on??
Avatar f tn Hello, The light pink/brown discharge from the vagina could be due to normal shedding of uterine lining (old menstrual blood) or an oncoming early period. That is the reason perhaps it comes periodically. But you should check up with a gynaecologist to rule out any vaginal infection or abnormality. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn Im now late for my period and i have light pink and very light brown discharge for about 5 days now and still no period..Slight cramping, mild headaches, very tired and having to go potty more..I am regular with my cycles as ive been diagnosed with painful periods so i know when its coming and still not here..Not sure what to think,,Ive taken tests and a couple double lines a couple negatives. Anyone have any thoughts????
1481183 tn?1348974661 I had a very light pink discharge/cm on the 13th , but only when i wiped the one time. Then on the 4th I had a slight streak of blood in the cm when I wiped. Again only when I wiped and only the one time. (I also did not have intercourse so that would not be the cause) On the 18 and 19 I had a lot of ewcm. af has not arrived as yet. Still waiting as it should have started today and still may. What I wanted to know is, has anyone else experienced the same discharge?
Avatar f tn 5 days ago, I noticed some spotting. At first it was light pink, then turned brown and back to light pink. This happened for 3 days, but the bleeding was off and on. Then yesterday, I noticed it got heavy, so I assumed the whole time it was my period. That heavy bleeding only lasted about an hour. It then went to the light pink and then stopped yesterday afternoon. I have not had any bleeding since.
Avatar f tn From personal experience (and what I've read), Plan B can make your period a little wonky. Most likely what you are experiencing was a period, you may or may not get a "heavier" one in a week or so. Implantation bleeding is VERY scanty. It would be light pink or brownish discharge. If it's been 14 days after your pregnancy risk, you can take a test!
Avatar m tn *I've had extremely irregular periods my entire life, and almost always there's at least a two-month gap between periods. I just ended my period three weeks ago. *I've never seen discharge this color before. I doubt it is regular period spotting. *I am sexually active; if it were a STI I wouldn't be surprised. It's unlikely, but possible. *It feels exactly like a yeast infection, itchy-wise. It's just the discharge that's different.
Avatar n tn After ending my period on JUne 27 by july 4th i started bleeding pink and brown discharge and i have been ever since, even when i have sex i bleed real blood but that'll be it, no more that day just back to pink and brown.
Avatar f tn On May 2nd I woke up with a dark brown discharge that smelled like blood. I've been having it on and off since then. One day it was a light pink shade of blood but it has mostly been dark brown. For the past two days it has been a lighter brown and barely any. I had period like cramps the first day but no other pain. I also break out when I get my period and this time I broke out as well. Just to clarify some things...this has never happened to me before.
Avatar n tn Yesteray when i went to the bathroom, there was light pink blood when i WIPED ONLY and today i went to the bathroom again but no blood. i had my period on Sept 15th so it was only 11 days after my period so it couldnt be my period again. i was doing research and it said that women could have light bleeding during implantation? i had sex sept 2nd and expected my period on sept 9th since it was not coming i took 2 pregnancy exams at home and both came out negitive! My period then came sept 15th.
Avatar n tn July 1, 07- July 31, 07= 30 day cycle July 31, 07- August 26, 07= 26 day cycle August 26, 07- September 22, 07= 27 day cycle September 22, 07- October 23, 07= 31 day cycle October 23, 07- November 23, 07= 31 day cycle November 23, 07- December 10, 07= 17 day cycle December 10, 07- January 9, 08= 30 day cycle January 9, 08- February 7, 08= 29 day cycle Ok, so here’s the problem… January 9, 08 my cycle started and it was light pink the first day, dry brown the second day, and gone the third
Avatar f tn A couple weeks ago (maybe), I had a very slight, light pink watery discharge that lasted just 1 time (noticed after wiping from using restroom). I can't possibly be pregnant, my husband had vasectomy about 7 years ago (although, he never took back a sample afterwards). I turn 35 Saturday and know that my mom started the menopause process in her 30's. I don't know if this is Thyroid related or perimenopause related. Lately it doesn't seem as though the Armour is working very well if at all.
Avatar f tn Was supposed to have my period on May 13, 2010 (Thursday)...instead i got very light pink discharge that wouldn't even stain or seep through a pad/tampon. I figured i may be a couple of days late (which is normal) and went on with my days. By the time May 16, 2010 (Sunday) came around i noticed that the light pink discharge completely stopped so of course i worry that i may be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test on May 18, 2010 (Tuesday) and it was negative.
Avatar n tn Then today, wednesday 2/11, I saw some light pink and then it turned to brown within a few hours....Im on birth control and havent missed any pills so Im not sure what this is. Could someone please help out with this, any ideas would be great. Im not hoping to be pregnant, I just want to know if this is okay/normal since it was only about a week since the start of my period. My period was normal and like clockwork like always but this just worried me some.
Avatar n tn everyone's Implantation bleeding is different it can be thick , stringy or a spot the colour is usually red or pink but if its brown blood it can be also but i would say brown blood is old blood. I had Implantation bleeding mine was in my discharge pink and stringy it was nothing like a period. only happened once in a day it scared the life out of me. 2 weeks later I get a period so I can't be pregnant.
228053 tn?1189759424 For the last 3 weeks I have had light brown/pink discharge. It is enough that at times it shows up on a panty liner, and sometimes it only shows up on the toilet paper when I wipe. There is no oder, no itching. My breasts aren't sore, but they are sensitive. Also, AF is late. I have not had cramping or anything. What is going on with my body, could I be pregnant? I know it's not an STD. Huummmm, someone please offer some suggestions.
Avatar n tn hi, a few months ago i started having a dark bloody discharge that lasts for about 2 weeks in between my periods, ive only had sex once a long time ago, and i gave a guy head once, so i thought mayb i had something. i went to the gyno and all my tests came back negative. Recently i started dating this guy again and i noticed that after he fingers me this discharge comes back, it came back today. how did all my tests ocme back negative, and this keeps happening? help!
Avatar f tn However, unlike most of you I do not have heavy periods. In fact, this month my period is was pretty light - normal to light on days 1,2,3 and light spotting on days 4 on. I am severe anemic,6.8 hemoglobin. Could this be the reason for the "watery" fluid? Just curious ... How many of you are anemic?
Avatar n tn i am the same period came started light then got a bit heavier 2nd day but after that it was like spoting kind of and on the 2nd fron last day i had discharge with pink in it and light brow discharge after that but was nly when i wiped now an not sure if its jus in my head but my areolas look darker and bigger and my breasts are tender but not sore and my back is sore and feel kind of nauseus x x
Avatar n tn today i went to the bathroom there was first light pink. then alittle later there is mucusy brownish alittle light blood. now there is no blood but still alittle mucus brown. i have slight cramping. (i also have been urinating more) we have not had sex for about 3-4 days. have had some fatigue and mood swings. this would be our 3rd child. have never had any miscarriages and never had a problem getting pregnant. please share some advice with me ...cramping is not constant its off and on....
1493223 tn?1288628698 Today I had a little check down there and noticed some VERY faint pink in my discharge and also a tiny amount of brown mucus again....I am presuming AF is on her way...but Im having no symptoms of it, no bad cramps etc like I would normally get before AF. Yes I agree they would love it and would be over the moon (they have no grand children) . Im going to go and have a nice relaxing bath now....hopefully I will get to sleep tonight as I was so sleepy this afternoon and had a 3hr nap !!
Avatar n tn do you have a lot of it for many days? i know my period usually lasts a grand total of 4-5 days and about 2 days of the brown discharge but the brown discharge is light. i just use a "light" tampon or a "light days pad". i personally dont know of any way to get rid of it as i would think its just part of the process. im happy when i see it get brownish because it means my period is ending!
Avatar n tn Anyway, I recently read about a surgical outpatient procedure called NOVASURE that can kill the inside linning of the uterus causing a women to have very light periods or none at all. This procedure can only be done if your done having kids. I AM JUST WONDERING IF ANY OTHER WOMEN OUT THERE HAS HAD HEAVY/PAINFUL PERIODS AND IF THEY HAD THIS PROCEDURE DONE TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM. I have tried the nuvaring, and the pill to combat this problem, to no avail.
Avatar n tn I was told the bleeding would continue for up to 2 weeks which it did then it stopped i was also told to take my pill straight away which i did however i never have periods wen on my pill however 3 days ago i had this thick dark discharge along with a bit of bright red blood and i was wondering if this was normal or if my body is just trying to get back into some state of normality and cleaning its self out, i have been rather stressed and hormonal since all this has gone on and was obviously d
Avatar n tn I've had spotting between periods discharge before periods and everything else unusual. It's all due to hormone fluctuations. On occasion that is due to pregnancy but not normally... stress, life changes, foods such as soy, physical activity and much much more contribute to women having hormonal changes. It's ***** to hear but you can never really put a finger on the problem (I've learned the hard way) until you see a doctor. Self diagnosis causes further stress and more body changes.