Light pink discharge between periods

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Avatar f tn Hi, after my last two periods I have experienced a light pink discharge, it's quite thick and a lot of it, it lasts for about two days then it goes back to a normal discharge colour. It also has a horrible smell like rotting meat smell, the smell makes me feel sick. I also get a achey pain around the overies area which started while I was pregnant with my first child, but didn't change with having a second child. I have this pain on and off through the day, through out the month.
Avatar n tn After I gave birth i got my peroiod after 2 months later in October. A month after my period i noticed some light pink blood after i wiped. This happened on the 14 day after my period. This happened a couple of time only on the 14th day and then nothing. I had seen my doctor and he told me that it could be my hormones. I also had blood work done and everything came ou normal.Well now my baby is 7 months and 2 months ago i didn't spot.
Avatar f tn Hi! I'm wondering if you can help me. My name's Sian. I'm 18 and underweight - so my periods are irregular, however I have the same app as the my cycles on my phone and my next periods not due until the end of the month (28th), I was high fertility 7 - 11 and ovulating on the 12th. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the 11th and now I've noticed light pink spotting when I wipe after going to the toilet. What could this mean?
Avatar f tn from super heavy flow to really light as your body starts to regulate itself. The length of time in between periods can vary as well, not everyone has a 28 day cycle. It can take up to a year for your periods to become"regular". In the meantime, track your periods to help you see a clearer picture of what is normal for you.
1679244 tn?1375241559 Hey everyone! i was wondering if a light light pink and light light brown discharge is a good sign or a bad saign in early pregnancy? My AF was due on the 20th. It only happened once when i wiped this after noon and since i have gone to the bathroom after that I haven't had it. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
Avatar n tn We had intercourse four times during the week, each time lasting longer than an hour. Late in the evening I noticed a bit of a light pink discharge that seemed very much like I was getting a very light period, but it was a different color than normal. Yesterday there was a bit more throughout the day, with a bit of brown. This morning there was some, but not since then. Then, today, I noticed some slight pain in my abdomen.
Avatar f tn Some background information: I'm on birth control and we used a condom which did not break. I did start a Sulfa antibiotic on December 2nd for acne. Okay so I had sex the morning of January 5th then started my period that night. My period lasted till December 8. My cycle runs as an averange 28 day cycle. Last night January 20 when I went to the bathroom I noticed a really light pink discharge and 2 streaks of bright red blood. I have not had it happen again since.
Avatar f tn Its been 4 months since i had a c-secrion and today i went for a walk and when i used the restroom and wiped and had lots of discharge with some light pink blood. No pain but im in between my periods im not on birth vontrol so i know its not. What can it be?
Avatar f tn ladies my AF is about 7 days late and I'm having brownish light pink discharge only when I wipe not enough to actually be on the pad could I actually be pregnant? I'm having mild cramping and feel bloated.
Avatar f tn then on the 26 of November 2 days before around the time i would expect my next Af i had one pink spot and had food aversions. the greens were a red light and at thanks giving its usally a go im throwing down on greens.the spotting stopped just one pink spot. Then On December 15 i woke up and i saw pink Cm mucous like. the spotting was there only when i wiped and it changed colors from pink, to peach, to light brown and had lasted for about 4 days didnt have to use a panty liner.
Avatar n tn I also have not had to wear a tampon or even a pantry liner I have light pink blood only when I wipe myself that shows on the toilet paper or when I shower I put my finger inside to church for blood and it's very little I also went to the spa 2 days ago and felt heat flashes and almost fainted twice and I've been a bit tired lately I have small headaches and increase hunger I am very fit and healthy so I'm pretty worried help please
452571 tn?1311156476 it can be the sign of your periods are going to start anytime.
582761 tn?1218096431 Alright, for about two days now I have been having very light pink discharge and today cramping along with it. I'm currently taking Lybrel (birth control with no periods) and wouldn't assume I was pregnant if I hadn't missed my pill the same day I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I've also thought maybe it is some sort of an infection? I've never experienced any problems before now so I don't know what to look for. I'm hoping some of you here could help me.
Avatar m tn I am a 20 year old female. I began experiencing mild itching around the vaginal area, mostly external, a few days ago. I've also had a pink/brownish discharge, which began a day after the itching did. There isn't much - just enough to require a panty liner. *I've had extremely irregular periods my entire life, and almost always there's at least a two-month gap between periods. I just ended my period three weeks ago. *I've never seen discharge this color before.
Avatar n tn i have light pink stuff when i wipe but my period already came and went on December 1st -7th its the 15th now...whats going on??
Avatar f tn I always get my period on the 29th of every month. In February I didn't get it because there is no I got my period March 4th it was a little heavy but no big deal. Then in April I got my period on the 19th and it was a "normal" period. I had sex every month and then the following week after I got my period in April. On May 2nd I woke up with a dark brown discharge that smelled like blood. I've been having it on and off since then.
Avatar f tn I haven't had my period since July, I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. It's now September and this morning I started having light pink discharge, my breast hurt but not my nipples and I'm having lower cramps. Somebody please help.
Avatar n tn I always have discharge in between periods, but today it was slightly and orangish pink color. Very, very very light though, and not that noticeable. Do you think I might be getting my period soon?
Avatar f tn Hi for my last 3 periods i have had light spotting of pink and brown discharge just before my period. I was concerned as i had taken EllaOne and since that this has happened. I was just wondering if this is normal? Does the discharge constitute as part of my period cycle now as it has become consistent?
Avatar f tn Did you find out what was wrong? I am in the same exact boat. I've missed two periods and have light pink discharge that's on and off.
24288 tn?1390176604 All of my life, I get pink discharge days before my periods start. Sometimes I will have this pink discharge up to 3 or 4 days before my period starts. Sometimes I will have the discharge for a couple of days, then it will disappear for another couple of days, only to reappear right up until my period starts. I was supposed to start my period on May 13th. The next day, I had medium pink discharge (only when I wipe) which told me my period was right around the corner.
Avatar n tn A couple days or so before i had this gooey discharge, you could like play with it. Last month i had a very light pink discharge & when i googled what that meant all i could find is early signs of pregnancy. Could I be pregnant.?
Avatar f tn It went from brown to pink to red to pink and it was off and on. It would stop for a while and come back. When I laid down to sleep it would stop and come back a little while after I woke up and moved around. Then it would stop during the day to it was off and on. And it only was there when I whipped. When I noticed it I put on a panty liner. I wore a panty liner all of those days all day and night long and not a spec on the liner. Even at night etc.
Avatar f tn 11 days after my 3 day period I began with discharge which I have never had between periods before. The discharge was brown/pink/ browny pink/ browny red and it only occurred when I wiped at the toilet. Was very light but lasted 8 days! Then 4 days after I started with discharge again but this time it started brown and then went bright pink and was kind of stretchy and thicker than before.
Avatar n tn Irregular periods and spotting in between can be a sign of a hormone imbalance. If you are not eating properly and may be anaemic that too can throw your menstrual cycle off balance as too can stress. It was wise of you to do a pregnancy test, because sometimes you can get a light show of spotting. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn I have never had any spotting between periods until last week at 6dpo I had a small amount of pink creamy discharge once on wiping and for the last 6 days have had intermittent light brown creamy discharge...pretty much what I get within 12 hours of my period starting. I'm due my period in 3/4 days. I have no unusual symptoms apart from the discharge...