Light pink discharge before period starts

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Avatar n tn Are you actively trying for a baby? if you have a regulr cycle ie: 28 days, you would ovulate round about your 14 day from the first day AF starts. I've had pink blood/discharge before from 10 days before AF has arrived and i have yet to become pregnant 33 months later. I hope you do get your BFP, but the best way to know is wait until you have missed AF as i know how it feels to get stressed and over excited about every little symptom. Best of luck!!
1907302 tn?1321893649 Some woman experience implantation spotting/bleeding it normally occurs a few days before when you are expecting your period .At this stage it can be a different period this month which starts from spotting and then converts in normal bleeding of period or it could be due to implantation of egg.So now all you can do is to wait till you actually miss your period and do HPT with FMU.i know this waiting is very difficult but thats all can be done.I hope you get BFP.
24288 tn?1390176604 All of my life, I get pink discharge days before my periods start. Sometimes I will have this pink discharge up to 3 or 4 days before my period starts. Sometimes I will have the discharge for a couple of days, then it will disappear for another couple of days, only to reappear right up until my period starts. I was supposed to start my period on May 13th. The next day, I had medium pink discharge (only when I wipe) which told me my period was right around the corner.
Avatar n tn I had sex like a week ago, several times, and it was kind of rough, so i got a vaginitis, and 2 days ago I went to pee and when I wiped there was light pink blood. Like very light. After that, it never happened again. Keep in mind that I'm on the pill, and I take it everyday at the same time, did not take any antibiotics in the past few months, and he also did not ejaculate inside me. Do you think I might be pregnant? My period is due in 4 days.
2016288 tn?1328327309 but i wiped and on the toilet paper is was like light light pink discharge. i know before that has happen that been having discharge like a clear cloudy disharge. i really cant estimate about the three weeks im just guessing. i just know that it happen twice that i had a light light pink discharge but thats it. i know both of my other two kids i did that but i still had to wait a full month.
Avatar n tn I started out with having pink and brown discharge the day before yesterday then yesterday and today i started bleeding lightly. My period is not due for another 2 weeks. Is this implantation bleeding?
Avatar f tn Hi I'm new here so have no idea how all this works! Lol But here goes...I'm due for my period in 5 days and iv been spotting a bright pink today I was wondering why? It's only there when I wipe this is not normal for me I started having periods 11 years ago this is the first time I have been bleeding like this normally I'll have brown discharge in the morning and by the evening it's blood....
Avatar f tn ve read implantation bleeding happens about a week before your period would normally start and varies in color but light pink is one of those colors... I actually am in the same boat as you ... almost identically... my boobs are very tender on the sides and underneath and if you dont mind me asking how long did you have the discharge for? mine only happened once 3 days ago and i dont know what to think.
Avatar f tn m 14, I started my period 4 months ago and last week I was having dark brown discharge but this week I missed my period... Does this mean next month it will be any different or is there any problems ??
Avatar f tn for the past few months Ive been spotting 3-6 days before my period...Like a brown, orange, and light pink discharge...It will be on and off for those days some days ill spot in my underwear and some days I wont...but If i take a q-tip and place it in my vaginal area it will always have discharge I guess up there...What does that mean...It has never active when it happened and Im not that active when it comes to sex....can someone help!!!
Avatar f tn Take a test to know for sure. But, women also can spot a bit BEFORE the period starts. So, it could also be your period on its way.
Avatar f tn Hi for my last 3 periods i have had light spotting of pink and brown discharge just before my period. I was concerned as i had taken EllaOne and since that this has happened. I was just wondering if this is normal? Does the discharge constitute as part of my period cycle now as it has become consistent?
Avatar f tn today i got a light pink/brown discharge when i went to the bathroom, i have been having more discharge than normal before today it was white. i have also frequently been using the bathroom. me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom a couple weeks ago but i didn't know it broke until a piece came out of me the next day. and i hadn't taken my birth control that day.. could i be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Hi. Sunday after having sex I started having pink discharge then it turned to spotting on and off. then after I had a bowel movement, a HUGE CLOB of clear thick discharge came out with a little pink and blood mixed in then it stopped. It only showed when I wiped just a pink tint every now and then. we had sex again last nught and the discharge came back and I am now light light LIGHT spotting again. This is def not a normal period. It's too light and on and off and scanty.
Avatar f tn Well when I got home, nothing was there and then all of a sudden a very light pink discharge appeared. It was pink at first and then turned into a light "tomato soup" kind of color. My breasts are slightly sore and I'm always tired. I've already looked up the symptoms for pregnancy but I just...can't be pregnant. If you think I'm wrong and there's a huge possibility of me being pregnant, please get back to me.
Avatar n tn the only reason i'm worried is because the light pink smearing stopped and now there is a week to go before i'm expecting my period. thanks for the reassurance, though. it's made me feel a lot less stressed out.
8367118 tn?1442605420 Im kind of same boat 9dpo pink cm yesterday im due start tuesday wondering if its my monthly friend or pregnant I never get cramps or dark or light pink cm before my period n I read it could have been the egg implanting
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been trying to conceive for three months. Since my last ovulation things have been totally different....for example: my cravings are different, I have had headaches, bloating, nausea, gas, dizziness, extreme fatigue, cramps, moodiness.....I haven't noticed much in the way of breasts changing, except a little perkier. I've also experienced more sticky discharge than ever before. My period is due today. (I'm normally a very heavy bleeder).
419964 tn?1333301906 that was one of my first clues..i had light pink/brown discharge 2 weeks before my period was due...then no period..then a + HPT!! :) are you trying to have a baby?? if so hopefully it was implantation bleeding!!
Avatar n tn Hello... today during work i went to the restroom and when i i clean my self there was light pink discharge. I'm supposed to get my period in three days. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and last week on Friday 03/09/12 he came inside of me... there was other times that he has came inside of me. I don't know if I'm pregnant or my period is starting... Help please and Thank you.
Avatar f tn sometimes its very light like the end of a period but other times its light but thick, now its like the end of a period how its brown in colour. My next period is due in 2-3 weeks time and im scared and worried because i dont know what is happening :( I am sexually active and had potected sex 3 weeks before this happened. i've been on birth control for 6 months and i've stopped my period for 2 months using the pills..
Avatar f tn 6 right after having sex, I had a very light pink discharge. And havent had it since. Im due to have af on12/23. I just get disappointed after neg. pt. Any suggestion to what could be wrong. I also had a very sharp cramping pain on my right side, felt by my overy, that was the night of 12/4. I had a tubal 2 1/2 yrs ago,which my left overy and tube was removed. Im losing hope in wheather I can concieve.
1274271 tn?1453262165 last night i discovered that my discharge had a pink/light brown tinge to it??? I'm worried because I had a miscarriage back in march at 6 weeks. I am now 12 weeks pregnant, morning sickness has gone, my boobs are still tender though and i don't have cramps, my period wouldn't usually come for another week if i wasn't pregnant and my doc appointment isn't till Tuesday next week, anyone else experienced this????