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Avatar f tn I also use a lidoderm patch. I find both to be helpful. I first tried the joint-ritis years ago. I didn't know it had been discontinued. I didn't get much, if any, relief from it. A nurse friend gave me a sample of Voltaren gel and it worked great. I asked my surgeon about it and they gave me some samples and a prescription. (It' expensive, around $200 a tube. Now I use a compounded cream prescribed by my PM nurse practitioner. It has about seven different things in it.
Avatar m tn Currently maintain a 4 on a good day and a 7 on a bad day. This is of course with the aid of 10mg methadone every 12 hrs, lidoderm patches and baclofen for leg cramps. New samples of lyrica for my c456 pain radiating to my left posterior shoulder area which seems to help. Almost forgot about steriod injections every other month. I alternate between my neck and back but most recently have just been doing my neck. I can live with my current back pain but my neck is another story.
Avatar n tn You can ask for break through meds, they are often prescribed when one is on extended release meds. Lidoderm patches works well and there is some spray called bio med that works well also. it is completely odor free (both). Have you tried meds for nerve pain? Lyrica is said to work well and also neurontin.
Avatar f tn My doctor still gives out samples but he never, ever has gotten voltaren gel samples. He used to get Lidoderm samples but that was before they became generic. It certainly can't hurt to ask. If that doesn't work then get the prescriptions, contact Qualitest Pharmaceuticals for the patches and Novartis for the gel. Most of the companies have programs for those of us who don't have enough income for these kinds of things.
Avatar f tn Hi There! There are a couple of non-opiates which are pretty effective. Lidoderm Patches which were originally designed for people who had shingles. It is comprised of lidocaine, the same medication dentists use to numb the mouth. It is out in generic so relatively inexpensive. The second thing is Voltaren Gel...I'm not sure it is out in generic but I've got my mother using it for her RA and other issues and she loves it. Both of these you would need a prescription for so ask your doctor.
Avatar m tn Two hours later I apply a Lidoderm patch to each shoulder (deadens the nerve endings so reduces pain). If the combination doesn't do the trick (it doesn't always do as much as I need it to) I also have a special shoulder heating conforms to the shape of my shoulders so I put it on a low setting. Usually between those three things I can keep the pain under control. Most times, if I'm very careful I only need one of them.
287246 tn?1318573663 I am only 7 dpo, so it's too early to test. He took blood and gave me some samples of Celebrex. I am just afraid to take it, just in case. I know we timed intercourse at the right time...the day before O and the day of O and I am really fertile, HOWEVER, I am still nursing and I have not been able to get pregnant while nursing. Some women can and some women have too low of hormone levels to sustain a pregnancy while they are nursing.
405614 tn?1329147714 and even with that, the thought of adding a few 'caine shots here and there sounds pretty good! Have you tried Lidoderm patches? They don't work like shots, but put some lidocaine through your skin. I had a wonderful doctor years ago that gave me free samples, and they helped with some nerve pain. Dr. O. is rather old; I don't know if he would be comfortable with giving shots on a regular basis. As it was, he had several people in the O.R. with him, including an anesthesiologist.
405614 tn?1329147714 I don't think my PCP's office does samples, either, and my Sports and Spine Medicine doc just has samples of Celebrex and stuff like that. It will work out, I know it will. I wish you could come to Maui! I'm sure you could fit on the couch. There's a Murphy bed in the living room, but my roommate always takes that because it's right next to the sliding doors that open on the patio overlooking the ocean, and she likes to listen to the sound of the ocean.
Avatar f tn Not sure if this will help but my primary prescribed Lidoderm patches, before she died, for mine. While it does not make it go away, some times it takes the "edge" off the pain enough for me to bear it........... I know they have found that this works for Fibro patients (if you believe in fibro, which I do not) also and many primaries will prescribe it for that. They used to have "samples" for it, which is what I tried first.
335728 tn?1331418012 Another thing is get some lidoderm patches, the only problem if it is deep down it wont get there, ask for samples. Xanax or valium might help. I take 2400mg of gabapentin a day. its a lot but it gets the burn under control. good luck with this honey, let me know.
4522800 tn?1470329434 I start with swimming and work up and even though it's hard as I'm doing it, it helps in the long run and also helps me mentally. I use a compounding cream and Voltaren gel and sometimes Lidoderm patches. I get very anxious being on narcotics because I feel like it can be a very slippery slope from dependence to addiction. This forum was such a huge help to me when I was trying to come off high doses of Fentanyl, oxycontin, oxycodone, Ativan and more.
1240909 tn?1313715825 Then we're supposed to go from there. But my samples are out. And I have yet to have that test done due to lack of funds. So I'm just taking my head meds, Zofran and Percoset. Thank you folks for the replies. I appreciate it.
Avatar f tn I've been told cymbalta is among the absolute best ad meds(a lot of people don't get them cause no insurance there$150-$225a month depending on pharmacy I get samples from my doctor thank god).They will start releasing seratonin+neurpenphrin back n2ur brain.Opiates LITERALLY use all/most of the seratonin and ur body only produces so much.I hope u have started them.U will feel surprised at how normal u will feel so quickly.
Avatar n tn There are many drugs out there that pregnant women cannot take. This was the first. It used to be given out for morning sickness in samples in doctors offices. Now when there is a real use for it primarily BRP and Leprosy, no one can get it. I think something should be done about this. I am now on Lyrica but the side effects are terrible for me. Sorry that this was so long but I have been suffering from this for over ten years and it is only getting worse.