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Avatar m tn Lidoderm Patch 5% Stephanie....tore a disc Sunday its herniated today is Wed.... and I have zero pain with the patch and no narcotics........... please try it for yourself my co-pay was $40 my blue cross picked up $196.99 of the script...... I guess the best cost $$$$$$$$ I would pay triple ..........
Avatar f tn Hi:) Yes I have also used the lidoderm patch and still do sometimes. I do get relief from them and they do work well! I have used them for a long time now though and they have lost some of their effect on me they don't work like they used too but they still do provide some relief. I am so glad you found something that helps your pain! That is really great.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm prescribed a lidoderm 5% patch, which is basically a patch infused with lidocaine. It helps with the nerve/muscle type pain I have in the lower left leg facing outward. By itself, for bad pain it wouldn't be worth the money, but I'm prescribed Lortab 10/650's ( a narcotic ) and the two used together seem to help lower this pain better than either one treatment alone.
Avatar f tn I take the Lidoderm Patch 5% (Prescription Only) I get a box every month and share it with my mom. I use it for spinal issues and she uses it for Neuropathy. The Lidoderm patches help her a great deal and me a little. Its worth a try. I guess the cost all depends on your insurance. They are worth a try.
Avatar f tn I use the Lidoderm patch and love it. It really helps take the edge off. I cut it for my hand. It was prescribed for "desensitization" of my scar on my hand, but I use it on my hip for really bad arthritis there. I have trouble with the stairs, getting up from a chair or out of car, and the patch really works well. (My dad also has a really bad back; herniated disks, past surgeries, and arthritis, and I put it on him, nad it helped. The nice thing is it's not another narcotic.
669241 tn?1236267944 I have fentanal patches which is a opiod i change it every 72 hrs it realease some each hour i am on 100 they give these too terminal cancer patients norm or when they cant control the pain by any other means, they are not popular in some countrys as people have died of an overdose by mistake due to if they get over heated by a bath hot water bottle sun it can burn the skin and heat the patch to relaease the dose all at once.
82861 tn?1333457511 I love them. JayBay, see if you can try lidoderm patches. Heat helps me most but I got the lidoderm patches for my hand. They're pretty large and I cut them for my hand. But I've tried them on my hips. I hear you on the not being able to sleep because of the hips. My arthritis is flaring up with this cold weather. In general, I've found exercising on an elliptical machine can help a lot. I've tried walking outside and on a treadmill and, for me, it's made my hip pain worse.
287246 tn?1318573663 I have an arthritic condition and I am pregnant I have found relief from Rx lidoderm which comes in both a patch and gel, warm baths with Epsom salts and I take vicodein daily for pain.
Avatar f tn I do feel value from taking the medication, but like I was telling other's I take about nine other medications besides pain medication every day so 80.00 for 2 prescriptions is a little out of my league. I also take the lidoderm patch which is 25.00 forr 30 so that's not a cheap prescription either. I just have no idea how to bring it up, I doubt I qualify for any discounts because I do have prescription coverage, I just couldn't beive how much it ws.
Avatar n tn I got a prescription for the Lidoderm (Lidocaine Patch 5%) which cost $125 for 30 patched but are very large so I cut it in half, placed it on my shaven arm and within 3-4 minutes had relief! I just woke up from a 45-minute nap and have not been bothered one bit!
1412606 tn?1282885729 That's WHY I was concerned about you starting the patch at this point in time. At sometime you WILL have to be on the patch as there will be NO other choice as you become immune to the meds. That's why you need to try the other things FIRST so that you will have something left when everything else has been exhausted. HOPEFULLY, you will have options for several more years!!
3203727 tn?1345469440 In the meantime, can you try acupuncture. The Lidoderm patch or even biofeedback? I hope you receive the help you need soon.
Avatar f tn , the heating pad, occasionally using the Biofreeze, or Lidoderm patch. I just feel like something has gotten (shifted around in there, out of whack, etc.). Any ideas?
Avatar f tn ) I also use lidoderm patches. They don't work so great for my hand but do help the arthritis in the hip. I take Clonidine .1 mg. 2 times a day. (Was used as a blood pressure pill years ago but is now used for nerve pain.) I think this one actually helps a bit more than I thought.) Then there's the ibuprofen, large doses, 800 mg. 3 to 4 times a day. I took a brief reprieve from this when my blood pressure was rising and they thought it might be that.
Avatar f tn Celebrex is an anti-inflammatory med. It does help, although some ppl can't take it due to stomach issues such as ulcers etc. The patch is Lidoderm. It's lidocaine based and does work pretty well from what I've heard. I say give them a try! Can't hurt right?
620923 tn?1452919248 So all in all- nothing that can be used at home on a regular basis. Even the Fentanyl as the patch they give use is useless.
Avatar m tn given that you need your brain at the moment, the best solution would be to get off all opiates(so perhaps the Lidoderm patch might be worth thinking about). I'm very sorry you lost your best friend. I've lost 2 in the last year and one of them was my best friend. It *****. always will. I still get the feeling he's sitting next to me all the time. It is perhaps a good idea to start looking for a dr that you can see long term. It isn't a good idea to goto so many doc's.
Avatar f tn I have chronic stones and the only thing that helps me cause I have them so often is actually a non narcotic Lidoderm Patch that helps numb the area so that the pain is not so bad. you can use up to 3 patch every 12 hours for the days that the pain starts and seems to help me a lot. My stone are the tiny fisher stones so they always pass on there own but I know that they do hurt when they are in my kidney cause mine are like little pieces of glass.
Avatar f tn Hi LLWB I hope that you're well and that you're back into the swing of things now that a little more time has passed since your surgery. Let me know what's going on with you these days. I'm writing an update for you to let you know what's up on this end. I tried writing one last week but this pc was acting up or something else was wrong and I couldn't post. My Dad was laid to rest on Wednesday of the previous week and one that I didn't know how I was going to get through but somehow I managed.
1187071 tn?1279373298 I, like Tuck, have had a lot of luck with the ThermaCare patches. They are fantastic. (Though I also have a Lidoderm patch which I also find helpful.) For the pain from your fall, some advil and soaking in the tub should help a bit. I'm trying to see a pain psychiatrist but they won't agree on a fee with WC; I'm desperate to see one because I think it will help along with the other stuff. I also agree you need to see your records.
Avatar f tn I dont know if i should pack my lidoderm patches and compounded creams. Or should i bring all meds. Ya know anti depressants blood pressure meds and so forth. Or can they access my pharmacy chart.? And if they take away my patch and creams will they give them back? This is all non narc meds. Im a little confused because i dont want them to.threw away my patches and creams. They cost alot of money and i only have a little cream left and a box of patches.
407198 tn?1202201161 I take anti-convulsants (for nerve pain), methadone, valium, ritalin (for pain actually), wellbutrin (for nerve pain), reglan (to relieve the extremely painful constipation), use lidoderm patches (nerve pain), and about once every two months (used to be weekly)...end up in the ER with uncontrollable pain that needs a very large dose of meds to stop the flare.
Avatar n tn 5 years and have better control now. Narcotics have not helped. Neurontin and Lidoderm patch helped the most. Acupuncture did not help. I am back to work but in the past 3 months I have missed about 10 days due to pain. You mentioned that you were on Ultram at 6 weeks after surgery. I was taking oral morphine and a morphine patch for almost 6 months after surgery so perhaps you will have less pain soon. I hope this information helps. Good luck.
Avatar f tn pills became my focus in life and have cost me so much material wise but im slowly realizing that things don't and living it with and for my children # 5 without day at a time.
Avatar f tn I promise to give my pain two more weeks before I make a judgement call. I promise. I'll put my Lidoderm patch on. And take my motrin. Please accept my stupidity and my sincere apology.
Avatar f tn ) Please help spread the message - My Motto: always avoid pharmasuticals at all cost - there's always a natural solution :) I am now growing tons of chilli peppers in my garden too - of course cause I love to eat them too :) Good luck!!!
Avatar n tn I then was able to rest for a couple of hours. I did see my dr. over a week ago. He felt it was a muscle inflamtion and prescribed a patch to wear on the injection site. It provided no relief and I am now worse than when I went to the dr. I also went to my chiropractor and he feels it is a nerve issue. I got an adjustment and I hoped it would help with the neck pain but it did not. Today I am going to call my dr. back and request an MRI be done and ask for some pain medication.
Avatar n tn Three excellent sites located below. This may really help you out. Cost means little when you consider your health for the rest of your life, even if you have to take out a loan or second mortgage. I hope you get this message. Take care, Geoff www.alphaklinik.
Avatar n tn Ironically, I mainly decided to quit tramadol b/c it was starting to cost too much...As I keep saying, how then is it a good thing to trade tramadol for a more expensive opiate that the doctor's would rather condone? I'm a 34 year old Ivy League grad with a life a head of me...What pill should that life depend on I wonder? What a joke. Any advice?