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Avatar f tn There were anorectal events in 29% of subjects treated with Incivek™ combination treatment (compared to 7% being treated with just peginterferon alfa and ribavirin). The majority of these anorectal events included hemorrhoids, anorectal discomfort, anal pruritus and rectal burning which were mild to moderate in severity. Less than 1% of these events led to treatment discontinuation and all resolved during or after Incivek™ dosing.” http://www.hepatitis-central.
1722607 tn?1335751458 Huggies baby wipes with aloe Preparation H supp. Preparation H cream Tylenol Benadryl caps. Loperimide tabs. Hydrocortisone cream Zyrtec That's my list.
Avatar n tn Can u use aloe gel with lidocaine on my vagina because of itching
Avatar f tn The itching by this point has subsided. So I started applying aloe gel with. 5% lidocaine. This is a miracle as it numbs very nicely. It is now day 7 and I have even more raw spots, and it now really hurts to pee. Like after giving birth. I am 36 yrs old 3 children 15-18 yrs old. I have experienced yeast infections previosly. Also by late in day 3 I had peeling of the exterior vulva skin. On day 2 the itchy was unbearable and I was dumb and tried a home remedy I read all over online.
Avatar f tn (it was already to max pain) The cold water numbed my back but only for about 15 sec max before feelings returned and it hurt again) My roommate ran and got me aloe with pain aid in it.... nope again only increased the pain back to what it was. By this point I was twisting and jolting like if i had turrets. But I had to move because of the pain. Then it got more than i ever thought possible and back into the shower I went.
Avatar f tn Hello, For these dry burns, apply cool compresses on the area and take bath with cool(not very cold) water. Do not scrub your skin or shave your skin and use a soft towel and gently pat your skin dry. Also use a remedy containing aloe vera and a light moisturizer or a dusting powder to relieve chafing. If the symptoms are severe then you may need topical antibiotics. Lidocaine or Benzocaine ointments also prove helpful for the pain.
Avatar m tn I first found that swimming in salt water helped, which around here is limited to two months, otherwise I use aloe to keep the skin moist, sunburn spray (with aloe and lidocaine) for when it itches and a Rx cream from the doc which is Triamcinolone asetonide. I have also used Aveeno lotion in the past. Good luck, hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Is aloe vera gel with lidocaine oki to put on? If not does anyone have any remedies? I didnt think walking around the boardwalk in a tank top without sunscreen would burn me because i normally turn brown not red.
Avatar n tn I can scatch and scratch, rub on Lanacane for numbing, have use Aloe with Lidocaine, nothing helps and this is starting to drive me nuts..I currently take 180mg Armour thyroid(Hashimoto disease), multivitamin, 20mg Prozac, and occasionaly an Aleve...rarely anything else now...used to take Adderal 20 XR x 2 daily and Stratera 40mg but have weaned myself off these with my Dr.'s permission and assistance but this sensation was there before I started to come off these 6 months ago..Dr.
Avatar f tn They make the treatment miserable. I am using Loperimide for diarrhea. If it is okay with your doctor, maybe you could try it and hopefully it will work. (Of course, you may have already tried it and it did not work. In that case, maybe the doctor can order a prescription for you.) Brand name (Huggies) baby wipes (unscented and with aloe) are also great to use after the diarrhea. I hope this problem resolves soon.
Avatar n tn The first time this happened i went to the dr and was told it was a reaction to the after burn cream (lidocaine w/aloe lotion) and was given a shot. The swelling was so bad it took almost a week to look a little closer to myself. I still have the pictures! This year the dr thought maybe a medication reaction. (The pharmacist that I use looked that up and said nothing documented on it.) Again they gave me some Prednisone pills and said feel better! I will feel better when I know what this is.
4592444 tn?1362033303 I've never heard if lidocaine here do you get it?
186166 tn?1385262982 anyone out there in MEDHELP LAND been diagnosed with lichen planus?
Avatar f tn As for the Fire in the Hole, that side effect has been a doozy. I am using unscented baby wipes with aloe after going to the BR (Huggies), hemorrhoid cream, sometimes A&D ointment (for any outer excoriation), prescription Lidocaine 3%/Hydrocortizone 0.5% cream, and hemorrhoid suppositories. The symptoms wax and wane but I think the hemorrhoid cream and the hemorrhoid suppositories have helped the most. Also the Huggies baby wipes. They are essential.
349465 tn?1289085364 I have a few mild, red places on the palms of my hands that could be caused from the Doxil. I am using a triple antiobiotic ointment and a lotion with aloe in it, but NO alcohol in it's contents. It's amazing how many of the burn ointments have alcohol in them. That's just plain stupid to put them on a burn and have it burn like fire from the treatment! The people who are stupid are the manufacturers of such products. Look at the contents before you buy anything to treat your Doxil burns.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you have a terrible sunburn and a water blister on your forehead related to the burn. I will agree with the previous poster that aloe vera lotion or gel is best for sunburns. Give your skin some time to recover.
1080181 tn?1425398466 Short of going to the pharmacy as a Florida girl the remedy I've always used is drink as much cool water as you can handle, take lukewarm baths, and once you CAN use dove white soap (it stings if used too early, but will help the healing process once you can use it without discomfort) and I've always used the sprays with lidocaine and aloe...and usually I'll take an ibuprofen but I would say take some tylenol to help with the swelling. Other than that..
Avatar n tn I've read up on it an it appears to be a very minor procedure that can be done in the office with just some lidocaine gel. My Dr is a wonderful surgeon, but he likes General Anesthesia for EVERYTHING no matter how minor a procedure which drives me crazy. I'd prefer to be awake, I hate being sedated and have had some terrible reactions to the drug bad that it's left me partially disabled with PTSD. I list it as an allergy on everything.
Avatar n tn the only thing I can think of that has soothed me is 100% pure Aloe. It is now available even at WalMart the problem is,it is a lotion/gel type thing, so if you can, you need to apply it and give it a minute or two to get into your skin. Have not seen it in a spray but will look and let you know. Good luck BigTBird!.
Avatar n tn Thanks for all the support and prayers. And remember that Benedryl and Aloe w/Lidocaine can ease the symptoms, there is no cure like a little time.
Avatar n tn Is it something I should go to the doctor for? I've been using Aloe Vera with Lidocaine to soothe the itching, but it only helps for five minutes tops. Does anyone know of anything else to help the itching? When does it typically go away and does it go away on its own?
Avatar f tn I used aloe (directly from the plant), vitamin e (I'd mix it with the aloe). There's aloe gel with lidocaine, which helps numb the area and bring more relief from the pain (got mine at Wal-Greens for a few bucks and set it in the fridge to let it chill then used it). Also, milk helps.
199882 tn?1310188142 That must really hurt but it will remind you for next time eh?? If you have any vitamin E kicking around or better yet some aloe vera, they are the best for sunburn and will take the burn out fairly quick. If you use aloe vera though make sure you use some moisturizing lotion after as it will dry the skin somewhat. You shouldn't peel much after either using either one of them. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn Looks like a type of psoriasis, but the doctors called it a dermatitis. I Have applied the steroid cream Triamicinalone Acetone and Aloe jells with lidocaine, but lately I notice it breaks out much more when I get overly hot and sweat. I am not for sure what is causing this reaction, but the doctors don't seem to want to help. They just keep giving me the same creams over and over. Obviously it is not helping. I am low income and really don't know where else to turn for help.........
Avatar f tn Currently I have tried taking Benadryl which didn't help. I also have tried putting on aloe, aloe with lidocaine, Eucerin lotion for itch relief, and anti itch lotion. Please help, I don't know what else to try.
Avatar n tn I'm in the same situation, I went to the doctor and they told me I had strep throat, a week later my tonsils were still huge and with a white substance on them. Went to a different doctor this time. She said she was pretty sure it was mono, but the blood test had to be shipped off today so I won't know for another day or two, so I'm not 100% it's mono. Have you been really tired? Other than a sore throat fatigue is another symptom.
Avatar m tn we have tried everything from prescription creams and all sorts of solutions. Our best success is using a sunburn relief spray with lidocaine and aloe (any brand) and Gold Bond anti-itch medicated lotion.(pump top)It saves time!!!!
Avatar f tn My hands were in so much pain that I could not eat dinner or sleep one night - all I could do was run them under cold water to ease the pain. I tried using a pure aloe vera with lidocaine, but after a few hours it did not work. The slight bit of heat would cause my hands to feel like they were on fire! Days later it began to look more like a rash (it was red, swollen and very itchy - still sensitive to heat).
Avatar n tn They told us just to give him Benadryl, Tylenol, and Motrin. I bought aloe spray with lidocaine in it to help with some of the itching, but it doesn't penetrate the bottom of his feet. It seems that nothing but time can help! Just by looking at the rash they determined it wasn't Kawasaki and since he wasn't on any drugs they said it must be viral. We have a lot of concerns, we were not expecting him to get it again. Will he get it for the rest of his life? Will it continue to get worse?
1986030 tn?1327538959 For me it would come and go. Like other sx - I would never know what other day brings.