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Avatar n tn I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and am undergoing biopsies, etc, for lung cancer, and will most likely have doctors wanting to use lidocaine again. Does this sound like a lidocaine reaction to you? Someone suggested atypical panic attacks, but I've had high anxiety and a couple panic attacks in the past, and these did not feel like panic attacks at all, despite some of the similarities in symptoms. (plus, I wasn't anxious).
Avatar f tn I had cavities filled with a local before and a root canal about 6 years ago no problems. I need another cavity filled and afraid of having a bad reaction to the local which I never ever had before. What are the chances of having no problems like I did before?
Avatar f tn My question is, has anyone ever had a bad SVT type reaction to lidocaine while having dental work done? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Because I once had a reaction to anesthetic with epinephrine at my previous dentist's office (racing heart, twitching arms & legs), I asked the new dentist to use an alternative anesthetic. He used carbocaine to which I had a really strong negative reaction (this did not happen at my old dentist's after she stopped using epinephrine). I started feeling funny after one shot, but then he needed to administer a second shot because I was not going numb quickly enough.
Avatar m tn In a simple dental procedure, I had what I can only describe as a seizure after getting what was supposed to be lidocaine and epinephrine injection. The area never got numb, and the pain from the point of the needle each time they attempted to inject me was painful. I was taken to the ER and released after 8 hours with no explanation. I read that lidocaine can cause a seizure. I have had injections many times with no problem. What could have gone wrong?
Avatar n tn my mom had a reaction to lidocaine at her dentist. the left side of her face went numb and tingly as did her lips, tongue and throat. her dentist figured it was a reaction to the injection. she went to her allergist who tested here for it. right away she had a systemic reaction to it! they told her to avoid all caines. any suggestions as to what can be done at the dentist instead, her dentist has no suggestions. keep in mind my mom has chemical sensitivies and has MANY allergies!
383138 tn?1314171373 thinks it would be OK. I had previous severe heart reaction to the dental injection containing lidocaine in the past, so bad that my heart beat so fast I started blacking out and they had to immediately put me on oxygen. dentist & cardio said no lidocaine ever again, cardiologist said if it happened gain, my heart may not be able to handle it or recover from it. I have tachy., brady., PSVT, PACs, PVCs, SVEs (all previously diagnosed on holter monitors, etc.
Avatar n tn I am a 25 year old female and I had a seizure while having dental work done about 3 weeks ago. I had been given lidocaine and nitrous oxide. Following the appointment, I went to a neurologist and had a CT scan and an MRI done. Both showed no brain abnormalities. I had eclampsia 4 years ago and had seizures which resulted in the early delivery of my child. Aside from my seizures 4 years ago, I had no previous history of seizure disorder.
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Avatar f tn I have what is called central pain syndrome, which has been difficult to treat, no luck anywhere. Has anyone had this hellish reaction to lidocaine infusion, and if so, how long has it lasted? I doubt I'll try this again....just hope this damned new additional pain disappears. Thanks. Also, is anyone else recently on this forum also dealing with refractory central pain syndrome (from brain surgery) Any miraculous results with any type of treatment? Thanks, again.
Avatar m tn I go to this weird Korean skin care place for my bacne. A few months ago, they injected triamcinolone+lidocaine into a few specific acne spots. I started itching like crazy, breathing was difficult, and they let me go home after injecting me with an antihistamine (I imagine). Rash went away after my 3 hour nap.
383138 tn?1314171373 I'm curious about your comment "I had severe heart reaction to lidocaine" What was your experience when you last received this? Lidocaine is probably the most frequently used antiarrhythmic agent in the treatment of life-threatening cardiac emergencies. It has been shown to be effective in suppressing PVC's and treating V-Tach. Lidocaine depresses depolarization and automaticity in the ventricles. It has very little effect on the atrial tissues.
Avatar n tn used cocaine for the first time two weeks ago got allergic reaction,dry throat,dry mouth ,clogged nose,mucus stuck in throat ,hard time swollowing,]acid reflux,went to doctor didnt say i took drugs ,doctor perscribed reflux meds,didnt take them due to side affects ,i am a type 2 diabetic,tighting of stomach as if it may seem like anxiety attack,what should i do please.
Avatar m tn Possible allergens from dental office include latex glove, eugenol, and anesthetic solution.You may ask your dentist to give you lidocaine for anesthesia. Lidocaine is probably least allergic.
Avatar n tn This product should be taken off the shelves NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!! 70 % of women have a bad reaction to it like a intense burning vagina it is horrible. You will want to die!!! Trust me!!! Do not take !!!!! The makers of this evil product are Jhonson and Johnson and I have talked with them several times and they give me the run around and basically tell me in a nice way that they do not care and to call your doctor and lawyer. So I did. But, good news for me is that I am a lawyer...
Avatar m tn About four days ago I visited a podiatrist to have them look at one of my toes, which was painfully red and swollen around the joint, and was hindering my every stride. The doctor gave me a shot of what they said was a mixture of cortisone, and I think something else; the difficulty being I cannot at the moment recall what the "something else" was. Anyway, that shot was given to me at approx.
1895154 tn?1321300864 2cc of lidocaine,2cc of marcaine, and 80 mg of depo-medrol. within five minutes i could raise my shoulder. i did exercise band work from an exercise sheet everyday till i saw him again after 25 days. my shoulder is much better, but i still have level 1 pain. before the injection it was level 8-9. after reading reports given on the flu vacine and the answeres given by Phillip d parks, my conclusion is that they had to have given me the shot improperly. please dr Parks can you help me.
Avatar f tn i am distraught over this and want to know if anyone has ever heard of a reaction like this to 'bad lidocaine' and what exactly is bad lidocaine.
Avatar f tn he says they may still keep forming and it is a normal reaction to 'bad lidocaine'. exactly what is bad lidocaine and has anyone ever heard of this problem occuring???
Avatar m tn Could it be an allergic reaction to lidocaine? Or possibly the solution (Cidex?) they use to clean the scope? Have you heard of this type of reactions to cystos. This is really bothing me and interrupts my sex life and makes working out painful too. One other issue: I get a lot of false-postive FISH tests, which lead to a biopsy, which eventualy leads to a "no cancer" report. I'm thinking of dropping the FISH test and just relying on cystos and NMP cytology tests. Is this advisable?
Avatar n tn is it an issue to have a mole removed using lidocaine and epinephrine in early pregnancy? i had one removed recently and the doctor said it was fine, but now i'm nervous. also is it possible to have systemic reactions to a local anesthesia if just a tiny bit is used, as for this procedure? i had some nerve pain on my face the day of the removal (from another body location), so was just wondering if that could have been the cause. thanks!
Avatar f tn Another thing I noticed is that lidocaine alone doesn't cause this cause this reaction. So I'm wondering if it's the mixture of the lidocaine and bacitracin.
Avatar m tn caine drugs including Lidocaine which seems to be the favorite agent for Ophthamologists. I never had a skin test for that drug in particular but in the past couple years, eating chocolate has caused itching on my hands. As chocolate and the caine drugs all come from the same plant I presume any derivative from that plant would cause a reaction. I also have severe allergic contact dermatitis to pine sap and tomatoes. That takes a trip to urgent care for a Prednisone shot to get relief.
Avatar n tn Please tell us WHICH caines are safe for heart patients.Please be specific.I too have had a bad reaction to Lidocaine and Meprivacaine, both without any Ephineprine and must find something that I can handle before an extraction which is scheduled in just two weeks.My doctors and allergist are not clear on what would be safe to use since I have a problem with P.V.C.s and such.My allergist said that any of the caines will probably bring on more P.V.C.
Avatar n tn is using too many at one time and causing a medical reaction. You are only supposed to use them 12 hours a day, and there is a risk of some absorption of lidocaine into the bloodstream if you were to use a whole bunch of them at once, which could cause an irregular heart rhythm, but it is very rare.
Avatar n tn I was just reading a question from 7/18/2000 on a allergic reaction from the sun. I just came back from a beach vacation and for the second year in a row I woke up on the last day of our trip with a swollen forehead. The the swelling progresses to my eyes, the bridge of my nose and into my cheeks. The first time this happened i went to the dr and was told it was a reaction to the after burn cream (lidocaine w/aloe lotion) and was given a shot.
Avatar f tn This is only somewhat related to the deep concern you have for your child. I had a lidocaine (?) injection which was one of dozens over the years. One such numbing up caused me heart palpitations and my face went white. The doctor gave me oxygen to breathe while I got over it. I really can't say why that one injection caused that reaction after having so many many over the years.
Avatar n tn -the dentist will accidently let something fall down my windpipe and i will choke (its happened to people) -I will have an irregular heart rate due to the local anesthetic (when they give me epiniphrine my heart races so bad) -if I dont get epinephrine however I fear I will get an allergic reaction and go into anaphalactic shock (because epinephrine reduces likelihood of allergy) -I will get a post op infection that will travel to my brain (but i dont do well with antibiotics either...
Avatar n tn One time I had to go straight to the ER from the ear, nose and throat Dr because he had sprayed lidocaine or zylocaine with epinephrine into my nose, but my reaction came only 20 minutes later because od the way it was ingested. The Dr told me I just had a sensitivity to it. PS. I have never had a reaction like that to Vicodin. I think one of the "caine" drigs is more likely the culprit.