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Avatar f tn I asked my hubby to use Tiger Balm, BioFreeze, or any other deep tissue balm on me after loosening up the shoulder blades and socket. I didn't find a topical numbing patch....or heat or ice type patch to benefit me as it was deep, muscular, and nerve related. I still carry a lot of stress in my neck and shoulds and would "die for" a daily neck and shoulder massage....but that ain't happenin...haha...but at least the specific limiting pain is now gone. Hope that helps you....
1036535 tn?1278506199 Can anyone tell me how much the hospital portion of the LP as an outpatient normally is (I will keep in mind prices obviously vary by region, but I thought I was in a lower cost area)? I'm going to call and get an itemized bill, but while waiting I was curious...
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm prescribed a lidoderm 5% patch, which is basically a patch infused with lidocaine. It helps with the nerve/muscle type pain I have in the lower left leg facing outward. By itself, for bad pain it wouldn't be worth the money, but I'm prescribed Lortab 10/650's ( a narcotic ) and the two used together seem to help lower this pain better than either one treatment alone.
Avatar f tn Ask your physician to prescribe a transdermal lidocaine patch which you should wear for no longer than 12 hours a day. Keep well hydrated and avoid any lifting. Sleep with a pillow between your legs. Also, to relieve the pain, have your physician prescribe a TENS device.
655875 tn?1295698707 The Voltaren gel is supposed to help small joint areas but who knows, it may help other things, like abdominal pain. I'm using the other compounding gel I have now in conjunction with the lidocaine patch. The lidocaine doesn't work alone for me much but with the gel it helps a bit. RunningMom, my Voltaren was paid for by my worker's comp so I didn't have to pay anything, and I also got some samples from the surgeon and from an NP friend of mine who originally suggested it.
478811 tn?1208478560 Me too.....when i saw patch i was worried...
Avatar f tn most likely due to the fact I ran low on medication due to my script not coming in the mail. Now it's a question of which medication??? The NP mentioned the Fentanyl patch, oxycontin, MS contin or methadone. I've pretty much ruled out methadone. And I think I've ruled out the Fentanyl patch as well, though it seems like a lot of people get get some great relief with this. But I think that, for me, that may be for a later time if the pain won't come under control.
Avatar f tn It's basically the same medicine as the lidoderm patch, but in gel form. I used it for my muscle spasms on my shoulders. Muscle relaxers work best for my shoulders, but I'm so sensitive to them and we are trying to find one that I can tolerate. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I've been a chronic daily migraine sufferer for 10 years and a lifelong sufferer for 35 years. The first two days after I put the patch on, I didn't have a headache, but it returned on the third day.
Avatar f tn Went to a pain clinic and got several injections of multiple things, did not help. Lidocaine patch did not help. One surgeon said I need surgery and was quite arrogant about it. I went for a 2nd opinion 2 months ago and the surgeon thought PT could help. Almost 2 months of PT at a different place and I am still in pain. THe pain is not like a 9 or 10, but always there...ranging from maybe a 4-6. It is affecting my entire life.
1737348 tn?1312916526 PT is covered, but the copays make it in what it would cost to go the frequency I would start on my own program and comfortable with what exercises I would need to do properly so I don't hurt myself further, would take about half my income (I was already on SSDI when this all happened....) So what do the other RSD'ers out there do? Oh-it's affected pretty much my entire right leg, foot, and now is spreading into my fingers and forearm on my right side as well. Ideas?
Avatar f tn I am aware that I probably won't be able to make it until Sept. At my next appt I am going to ask for a lidocaine patch or something if refer to pain management.
620923 tn?1452919248 So all in all- nothing that can be used at home on a regular basis. Even the Fentanyl as the patch they give use is useless.
Avatar n tn He wanted to stop the pain pills because of my addiction so he went and got the shots in his back..1 shot in each area..It does cost a alot but it did work for awhile..Have you considered Physical Therapy? This is what they want him to do too!! I wish you all the Luck and I sure can feel your pain..
567677 tn?1246771376 Stronger than MS Contin but unsure of benefit. 3. Pain Patch-- did not elaborate on that 4 Opana ER-- Opiate just as MS Contin and OxyContin supposed to be twice as strong as OxyC. Really recommended this one with Opana quick release for break through. So prescribed Opana ER 10 MG and Opana 5 mg for break through. Too early to tell if it will suffice but so far pain intensity is lower most of the time.
3203727 tn?1345469440 my doctor dose those shots in his office unfortunately i only had county insurance pain managment doctors are not covered and the neurosurgeon office hasn't made my appt yet even thou i've had the referal since febuary.... so the shot will cost me $600... has anyone with ACM had this done and did it work???? I read alot about it and it sounds like i would have no pain for 6months and it helps with bipolar disorder too....
Avatar f tn You might also consider use of a transdermal lidocaine patch (wear for no more than 12 hours). I wouldn't worry about insurance. The units are not that expensive. It is the pads that have to be periodically replaced that run the bills up over the long term. Ask your physician about filling out a form called a "certificate of necessity", which is usually required for insurance reimbursement.
Avatar f tn I suggest you obtain a prescription for a 5% transdermal lidocaine patch, and place it over the spinal area causing the problem for no more than 12 hours a day. There are other alternatives to dealing with gloial cell inflammation including third generation tetracycline. Scientific American had a good issue on new alternatives to chronic pain a year or so ago. Opiates are not very effective because the problem is with glial cell inflammation - and the glial cells do not respond to opiates.
135691 tn?1271100723 I worked with a breast cancer patient and she had back pain and used (I think) a lidocaine patch? I used to put it on her back at work when she needed it. If you are interested, I'll give her a call and see exactly what she wore.
Avatar f tn The stronger drugs are the ones I worry about. The Duragesic Fentanyl patch is at 75 mcg and I change it every 48 hours. I feel it makes me emotional and a little weepy. Even with that, I still have to take oxycodone, 30 to 45 mg. every 4 hours pretty much round the lock as I don't sleep well with the pain (even though I alternate melatonin and 10 mg. ambien.) I told the NP I'd like to wean down a bit to see where I really am with my pain.
1737348 tn?1312916526 I get mixed results and none help for long. I've also had 3 lidocaine infusions. Last week I had one and was amazed at how much it brought my pain down. I went in at around a 9 and came out at a 4. (Four on the pain scale, while unpleasant, is manageable for me.) Now they're talking to doing one every week to see if it will settle things down. I am glad I've cut back on my medications. The pain is tough but I was on much too much.
82861 tn?1333457511 If I had insurance I'd ask for my annual hip shot now, but that's out of the question at $360 per hip. If they lasted more than a couple months I might consider it, but the cost-benefit ratio doesn't compute with my pocketbook. I'm open to any ideas. If you got 'em, let's hear 'em. Please!
1700643 tn?1464850282 Hi Overopiates, Just saw this and Vic I do have something that I use that I think really helps. It is called a flector patch and it is a Rx. I can even wear it while playing tennis as it adheres to the skin. Another ointment that is a life saver is a product called Badgers Sore Muscle Rub, cayenne and ginger. It can be found at the health food store. Thats all I have for the day to day remedies. Hope it helps.
Avatar f tn I still am not sleeping right and already had bad anxiety and panic attacks before I detoxed off the fentanyl patch over 100 days ago. I suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis and cannot do anything. 800 motrin, naproxen, zanaflex,flexaril,lyrica,etc...doesn't work. I am desperate. I am also worried about the prices of these vitamins and if they interact with my regular meds.
Avatar f tn Celebrex is an anti-inflammatory med. It does help, although some ppl can't take it due to stomach issues such as ulcers etc. The patch is Lidoderm. It's lidocaine based and does work pretty well from what I've heard. I say give them a try! Can't hurt right?
Avatar f tn We had the big long eval appointment. He wrote me scripts for Votram cream, lidocaine patches, and vitamins and told me to consider a trial of Suboxone for pm to be discussed at my next appointment. I take two Norco's a day now, which I usually break in half now because they only last four hours and I hate picking two times of the day to be comfortable and functioning. We talked about switching to a longer acting med and this is what he was suggesting. I have mentioned this in previous threads.
Avatar n tn I got a prescription for the Lidoderm (Lidocaine Patch 5%) which cost $125 for 30 patched but are very large so I cut it in half, placed it on my shaven arm and within 3-4 minutes had relief! I just woke up from a 45-minute nap and have not been bothered one bit!
Avatar f tn All are at my cost because for some reason this injury isn't considered serious since I have no disc or herniation in my upper neck C5, C6 area. I have lower back pain as well. I cannot lye down to sleep in bed. I must sleep in a chair and I very seldom go into a deep sleep. I get over tired which causes my actual muscle pain to get more intense. I am taking 10 mg of Opana every 12 hours and may take 3 Loritab 750 mg when I experience breakthrough pain.
174945 tn?1201601354 None of the surgical wounds have ever been shaved, stitched or stapled, simply allowed to crust with blood and dry for 2 days before washing. The Lidocaine was the worst part, and if a "T" incision is made, the cyst will pop out quickly without alot of pressure. You might talk to your Dr regarding a "T" incision and the wound will seal itself.
Avatar f tn ) Please help spread the message - My Motto: always avoid pharmasuticals at all cost - there's always a natural solution :) I am now growing tons of chilli peppers in my garden too - of course cause I love to eat them too :) Good luck!!!