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Avatar f tn Hi, I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. I get very helpful nerve block injections every 4 weeks for otherwise severe 24/7 migraine pain. The stuff that is used in mine is nothing like yours which didn't even sound like a "nerve block". My neurologist uses bupivacaine which is a local anaesthetic. It is injected into the body where it will either totally stop pain or will cause partial loss of feeling (numbness). It will not put you to sleep.
Avatar f tn It is a great procedure but the nerve does grow back over time. It usually takes a long time but I am due for another nerve block and I trust my orthopedic surgeon and pain management team who have done this procedure. Check with your doctor, you may require more extensive work but get the right doctor to do this. Don't be afraid, do your research and you will get an education equivalent to the doctor about your own health that is related to what is happening to you.
Avatar m tn Due to undiagnosed right upper quadrant pain I have had two right celiac plexus nerve block injection. after the first injection i was pain free but it only lasted for a week and a have. A couple of days ago I had a second injection, and same as the first one the pain was completly gone after the injection, but now I'm experiencing left upper quadrant pain. Does anyone knows if this could be cause by the injection or if it could be unrelated to the nerve block injection? thanks.
Avatar n tn I think my neurosurgeon is going to suggest an epi to block my nerve. I am the biggest baby in the world and am so frightened to have this done. Has anyone had this done for their back? If so, can you tell me a little bit about it. Will I need pain killers after. I want to get off of these and I am afraid if I have surgery I will be taking them for a long time. Can they put you to sleep or give you medication when they do this? Did it help the pain in your back?
Avatar n tn Well yesterday I had my second lumbar nerve block. I told the radiologist that the first one gave me real relief on days five and six following the procedure and now I feel worse than ever. He told me the same thing my neursurgeon said..that was normal and number two should give relief for two to three weeks (starting on day five). if it does, we go on to nerve block number three next month, if it doesn't we look at surgery for pinal stability as an option.
Avatar f tn My husband is having a lidocaine trigeminal nerve block. Of all the info I find on this, there is little to no information regarding possible risks. Any information anyone may have regarding risks for this treatment would be very helpful. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have other areas of shooting pain that a Pedundal nerve block they said might help.. I went to see a neurologist yesterday for all nerve pain issues as I want to get off the 4 oxycodone 10mg I take a day...taking myself down to 3 a day now...but the pain just takes over my whole I am just in a world of hurt but so much less than most! Anyway..she is sending me info on a 5th cranial nerve block that can be help the trigeminal neuralgia.. Hang in there..
Avatar m tn Hi, six months after my left-side thoracotomy I was yesterday told by my surgeon (USA) that I need to get Lidocaine intercostal nerve-block injections for a persistent pain issue I'm having. Here in my country, Cyprus, though, it's impossible to find someone who has experience in injecting Lidocaine on the thorax. So, my second option is UK, but still I would need to find someone specialized on this type of nerve-block. Any recommendations?
Avatar n tn My husband had nerve damage in his stomach area due to surgery. A nerve block has been recommended. I cannot find what type of medication is used, or if it comes with side affects. Thank you for your help.
664365 tn?1225161389 Pain Management) I've seen since have said this appears to be a classic case of nerve damage. I have had one nerve block that gave some relief for a couple of days, and have tried Lyrica (which I couldn't tolerate) and now Cymbalta, which is giving me some side effects at 30 mg a day. I have been taking Meprozine 50/25 mg and Zanaflex 12 mg morning and night just to get through each day. I also use topical Lidocaine ointment on the area around the surgery site.
Avatar n tn There is such a thing as a BAER block, in which the lidocaine is instilled into a vein of the affected extremity, and it is then tourniqueted off for a while to let the lidocaine anesthetize the nerve endings without escaping too quickly to the rest of the body, but no controlled studies exist to the best of my knowledge in using such blocks for the treatment of neuropathy, the number one cause by far of burning sensations in the feet.
1182304 tn?1349309551 As I'm a little concerned considering the diagnostic (injectable block of the nerve) didn't really last very long till my pain came back.
Avatar f tn For treatments beyond medications I have tried a C3 nerve block (cortizone and lidocaine) that had no effects whatsoever. I then tried an occipital nerve block using cortizone and lidocaine again. Magically, it worked! This not only diagnosed where the pain is coming from, but it helped numb it. Unfortunately it only worked for about 4 days, which my doctor said meant the steroid was not working.
Avatar f tn Nerve blocks and ablations are not surgical techniques, but interventional pain treatments. They require no cutting, involve no bleeding or tissue damage. They are similar to injections. Nerve blocks are performed on a specific afferent nerve plexus that carries pain signals to the spinal cord, and from there, up to the brain. Blocks are done with a numbing agent, like Lidocaine, and are temporary solutions. They are used generally to diagnose or treat ligament disease.
Avatar m tn However if you suffer from a true occipital neuralgia from nerve entrapment of the occipital nerve the results may be different. The occipital nerve block may be of long-term benefit if this is the cause of your migraines. Have you seen a Pain Management Therapist? I think they may also be beneficial in treating your pain. Migraines are a horrible condition. I am so sorry that you have to deal with these debilitating headaches.
Avatar n tn I am suffering from femoral nerve damage following a femoral nerve block (local anesthesia). I have found Dr Mark Conway's website.. Pls see below SOCIETY for Pudendal Neuralgia
572651 tn?1333939396 I'm just wondering if anyone here has experience with a compound prescription for treating nerve pain? I saw a podiatrist yesterday for pain/numbness/on and off discomfort in my great toe, which mainly happens when I am sleeping. I am not diabetic, but I do have peripheral neuropathy in that leg. He did a few exam moves on my foot and thinks that my nerves are misfiring in that foot and causing the problem.
Avatar n tn She has had 2 surgeries for nerve release which helped for a short time. Recently underwent nerve block every other day times 2 weeks without any benefit. Has tried numerous seizure medicatiios without help. Do you have any suggestions? We would appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Sometimes it is a little worse and sometimes it is a little better, but for the most part is is a constant 3 - 4 I have also tried accupuncture, Infra-red treatments, pain management w/ nerve block injections in my eyebrow and forehead areas.
Avatar f tn D Ointment Aloe Preparation H cream and suppositories Loperamide Hydrocortisone Anusol Lidocaine/Nupercainal Analpram HC Drink lots of water Eat high fat foods
Avatar n tn Anticonvulsants can cause low white cell counts, dizziness and lidocaine and mexiletene cause nervousness and double vision. Nerve block with lidocaine into the area surrounding the nerve can cause temporary relief of symptoms by blocking the impulses to nervous system. I hope this helps. Please feel free to post a query again.
Avatar m tn At night after lumbar paravertebral nerve block injection, the lower back skin burning sensation, numbness of the right groin hip hip the next day and radiation to the lower limbs, a heavy sense of her left leg, 5 days double legs pain to the heel, the activity increased after skin hypoesthesia. 8 days later, the abdominal perineal these symptoms, abdominal muscle spasms. The cumulative post double ribs to the armpits. During this period, the persistent symptoms repeats.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, Lidocaine blocks conduction of nerve impulses by decreasing neuronal membrane's permeability of sodium ions, which results in inhibition of depolarization and blockade of conduction. Intranasal administration of lidocaine drops requires specific and, for many patients, difficult technique. The dose is 4%solution intranasally.
Avatar f tn I have seen 13 doctors for extreme vulvodynia (specifically clitoridynia) which is getting worse by the day and have had no relief from every medication imaginable (Elavil, Neurontin,Lyrica, opiods, compounded meds, lidocaine). I need a non-medication approach like nerve block, but every neurologist I've contacted does not treat this disorder. HELP!!
Avatar f tn This could mean losing weight and loose clothing etc. for severe pain, focal nerve block with corticosteroids and lidocaine under untrasound guidance. You could be prescribed neurogenic pain medications like carbamazepine, gabapentin and lastly surgical decompression. I would advise you to consult your neurologist and take nerve block or the medications before your vacation since the sports that you have planned could most likely trigger an episode of pain. Hope this helps. Take care.
14051 tn?1238255332 There are some who complaints of stiffness, hence making it difficult for them to initiate movement. The stiffness can be alleviated with a sympathetic nerve block. How long is this treatment going on for you and what have the doctor's planned? Is there any improvement? The treatment of RSD is difficult. Approximately half of the patients can be managed non-operatively. Desensitization measures include massage, electrical stimulation, and heat and ice treatments.
3112530 tn?1434035633 Let me explain a little. I recently had a nerve block but my hip pain is still active. The doctor tells me it is a different set of muscles causing this. The doctor says I have maxed out on the steroid shots until Dec. Instead, they give me morphine with breakthrough pain medication for now. All that does is dope me up. I am not there for the drugs. I am hoping to get the injections by the end of Nov. I have been walking to start focusing on exercises but the pain is still there. No relief.
Avatar n tn I have been sufering from continuous left-sided retro-orbital and sinus pain for ten years that has now become disabling. The pain is dull and aching in nature, 24 hours a day with no respite (greatly aggravated by eye movement). Every conceivable imaging test has been negative (brain, orbit & sinus MRI's, CT), every kind of diagnostic or therapeutic nerve block has been useless, every type of medication (NSAIDS, anti-depressants, anti-spasicity, anti-convulsant) has been ineffective.