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Avatar m tn One day she had this severe pain episode, she couldn't stand it, I took her to the ER, she was given a GI cocktail ( Maalox + lidocaine + belladonna alkaloids + Phenobarbial) and the pain totally disappeared and she was dismissed. she was appointed for endoscopy and surprisingly the gastroenterologist found nothing : " She was 100% clean "that what he said. I wasn't happy about that coz the pain keep coming and I don't trust anybody anymore.
Avatar m tn One day she had this severe pain episode, she couldn't stand it, I took her to the ER, she was given a GI cocktail ( Maalox + lidocaine + belladonna alkaloids + Phenobarbial) and the pain totally disappeared and she was dismissed. she was appointed for endoscopy and surprisingly the gastroenterologist found nothing : " She was 100% clean "that what he said. I wasn't happy about that coz the pain keep coming and I don't trust anybody anymore.
Avatar f tn Doctor gave me a GI cocktail with lidocaine and it helped. Gave me 5 days of Kapidex and told me to take like prevacid or something could take mylanta also.
Avatar m tn Pylori and was given a referral to a gi guy for an endoscopy. The NP gave me a cocktail of mylanta and lidocaine. Once it started to work, I got relief for over 24 hrs. She didgive me a little lidocaine to bring home. She said use only when severe and to mix just a drop of it with liquid antacid. I started with the horrificpain again and so I mixed literally a tiny drop of the lidocaine.I'm wondering if anyone elsehas used this,and, if so, do you have exact mixture proportions.
Avatar n tn luckily I did end up getting a lidocaine cocktail that quickly relieved my GI pain, but the red flags that got thrown up got me a little curious do i really need to go back to my cardiologist after getting a CT angio so recently?
Avatar m tn So I went to ER, they did blood work and a CT with contrast and said it was GERD with some esophagus pain. At the hospital they gave me a GI cocktail of pepcid/maaylox/viscous lidocaine, as well a an IV of protonix. The doctor also gave me a script for 40mg of generic protonix and sent me on my way. So I've been on the stuff for 5 days now, and I feel nauseous every time I eat (which I was not feeling before) and generally feel like my stomach just refuses to settle.
Avatar n tn I wake up with my thoart burning so bad it brings tears to my eyes. My doctor prescribed me a GI cocktail. It is also called magic mouthwash. It is a combination of mylanta and lidocaine. What is does is numb the pain long enough for me to be able to go back to sleep. Keep your bed elevated to all most a sitting position. If you have been on med's for a month than I would call your doctors office to let them know that you are not getting any relief from your medication.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have the same symptoms you do. Chest pain is always serious, and needs to be evaluate to rule out cardiac issues. However, that being said, you have had 3 EKGs, an echo, and I assume blood test which would be positive for certain enzymes IF you had suffered a heart attack and/or ischemia. Ok, so ruling out heart issues, let me tell you that GERD can absolutely cause chest pain...and it is downright awful. This happens to be whenever I have a bad IBS flare up.
Avatar f tn At first, they could control these spasms by a few pain shots, a GI cocktail which is lidocaine and Maalox I think and IV Tagamet. The spasms and vomiting would stop after 30 minutes. But, I had to start taking increasing amounts of opioids for my complex regional pain syndrome. So pain shots didn't work anymore, GI cocktail stopped working as well as IV Tagamet. They would load me up with anti-emetics such as Reglan.
Avatar f tn They'd probably consider it non-life threatening, give you a GI cocktail and send you home. As soon as you get insurance, find a good GI doc and get it checked into. In the meantime consider a low fat diet to try to see if that keeps the symptoms down.
Avatar n tn When I arrived at the ER, I was then given 12mg of morphine as well as a GI cocktail consisting of Dobutol, Gavison and Lidocaine - yum! I had a chest x-ray which was negative, CBC was negative for infection or other problems, all cardiac markers were negative.
Avatar n tn The doctor has given me a running prescription of GI cocktail and I really do not have a clue what I would do without it. It is USUALLY used in the ER/hospital and not typically given as a running prescription, however, I was having to to the ER so much that thank God above, my doc gave me the prescription. I carry it with me everywhere I go, I have it in each room of my house. It is the only thing that I have found that will calm down the spasm. It has Lidocaine in it.
Avatar f tn He has prescribed me carafate, along with taking anything that helps basically...mylanta, zantac, pepcid ac. First time he gave me a GI cocktail with lidocaine in it and it was amazing to be that pain free!! Wish I could bring it home with me!! Today I went back because this flank pain has gotten pretty bad in the last couple of days. The abdomen pain fluctuates from very bad to knowing it's there type. He took a stool sample for blood but negative.
Avatar n tn I hope your GI does an EGD so he can see exactly what might be going on..If it is acid-reflux or complications of such, he will find them.....Ive never heard of PPIs causing reflux, although I dont think they absolutely stop it either...They arent intended to stop reflux but rather slow or stop the production of acid in your stomache, if no acid then no acid reflux!!!...
1702615 tn?1421815848 Hospital had me follow up with Gastroenterologist. Got in 3 weeks later....still much pain, nausea and loss of appetite. Gastro did endoscopy b/c GI cocktail helped my pain in hospital so they concluded it must be a stomach problem. Endoscopy came back normal. GI doc agreed it sounded like pseudo-gallbladder so order ultrasound to look at ducts, and other organs. Came back normal with slightly enlarged duct apparently expected post-cholecystectomy.
Avatar f tn My pulmonary doctor suggested I try Mylanta to see if helped with chest pains. This gave me terrible diarreaha and stomach cramps. Then tried GI cocktail (Mylanta, Lidocaine, and Donnatal). This worked a little but again diarreaha and stomach cramps. He also suggested GI do another scope in a few months to be acid is not hurting esophagus. So now I am taking Donnatal extend tabs, Gaviscon and Valium. Gaviscon actually helps some and the first night I took the Donnatal, it totally worked!
221913 tn?1372280261 for a time i had it so bad i had to go to er for a shot to stop the vomiting from nausea and taking the meds for it throughout the rest of my tx. i can say that the meds ( promethazine hcl 25mg when prn ), ( gi cocktail,mgoh es/vis lidocaine/diphen 2 tblsp prn ) helped me tremendously through the remainder of my tx.
1066198 tn?1333312628 But pain persisted-- they gave him a GI cocktail (stomach meds-a liquid antacid[maalox which contains magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide and simethicone.] + Donnatal [antispasmodic]: Each 5 mL Donnatal Elixir contains: Phenobarbital 15,0 mg HyoscyamineSulphate 0,1037 mg AtropineSulphate 0,0194 mg HyoscineHydrobromide 0,0065 mg Alcohol (100%) 23,6% v/v -------------------- it also contains Tartrazine.+ viscous lidocaine[numbing agent]... this did nothing for his pain.
Avatar n tn Manometry is a good test to document esophageal spasms. I use a cocktail of bentyl, 2% lidocaine and mylanta. A problem with a GI cocktail is it has been my experience that during one I can't possibly swallow so I have to wait for it to pass to even drink the thing..Not much help by that time..Going to see a GI spec. is a good start..
Avatar n tn I had chest pains that would take my breathe away, make me break out in a sweat, doubled me over, and make my heart race. My local PCP was having me mix my own GI cocktail (lidocaine, bentyl, mylanta) for them, certain they were esophageal spasms...I have no idea what they were except that since surgery they are gone, but I also started the toprol in the same time frame as the surgery...No more palps either....
Avatar m tn They likely gave you something they gave me before when my acid reflux was out of control one night- a GI cocktail, to drink? If so, it has a mixture of medications, which I think includes lidocaine to numb the pain. In answer to your question, yes, anxiety can cause skin rashes (see private message for more info). Hormonal imbalances, for instance of the thyroid, can cause a person to have emotional disturbances- have you had any endocrinological testing?
Avatar m tn A few days later, the pain was unbearable so I went back to the ER. They did the same things, but gave me a GI Cocktail and it felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach. I was sent home and was scheduled with a primary care physician. I've had X-Rays, CT scans and even a PET scan...along with a colonoscopy and a down my throat scope. At first, the found lymph-nodes that were swollen in my body. They did a biopsy on one from my collar bone and everything came back normal.
Avatar f tn my faith has kept me going and knowing at the end of week 4 my viral load dropped to zero, so that was encouraging news. so hang in their, keep the faith, never give up!! your in my prayers!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I am afraid to take them right now. I do have 2 large bottles of the infamous GI cocktail that they give you at the ER. You are right, all is does is numb your mouth and as soon as it wears off the reflux comes back even worse. I haven't even used them at all. Thanks for the advice about the crackers. I have been nibbling on them whenever I feel the burning and it does help. Got a pack by my bedside right now.
Avatar n tn The couging has subsided, but there's still phelm in my throat. Yesterday I noticed that my tongue was coated in an yellowy/orange color!! I scraped it, and brushed it, but to no avail. Is this a common ailment? Anybody??? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I've already tried biofeedback and lidocaine injections. The injections are painful (15 injections in the temples, jaw, neck, and shoulders)and the pain relief is only temporary. Can any physician prescribe buprenex or must you go to an Addiction Medicine specialist? Can my local pharmacy fill this prescription or do you have to get it from a clinic?
Avatar f tn I have been strange tightening sensations in this area and not sure what is going on. My doc just thinks it is allergies but I think it is a spasm or some sort?
Avatar f tn Five months after the implant I elected to have the swine flu vaccination which resulted in a numb feeling and tingling in the extremities along with diarrhea and dizziness that subsided after a few days. Since then the tingling has combined with the aching in the lower extremities and progressed upward to include the thighs. Exercise makes all of the symptoms worse, as I experience severe aching and muscle twitching after any kind of physical activity.
Avatar n tn that I can see, unless I give in and scratch. I take cranberry supplements to keep me flushed out for a UTI, which I was treated for last year. My doctor is unsupportive, and unhelpful-told me was due to regrowth from not getting waxed. I just want some facts to arm myself with before trying the doc (new doc) office again. Any suggestions?? All you cooch experts feel free to speculate.
Avatar n tn My itchiness has been getting progessively worse for the past few years. I'd say almost 3 yrs now. It's to the point where I can't even engage in intercourse with my partner, go shopping or even go out in the sun. I keep hearing and reading how Urticaria, usually has signs on the skin surface but I don't, except for the really bad itchy feeling.